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Commission Status (Late August)[Slots Full]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2018, 9:19 AM

[Updated: August 25th (6:15 PM EST)]

Slots have been filled. Thanks everybody! Some new faces this time as well.

[Updated: August 23rd (2:15 PM EST)]

I'm finished with the coms from early August and ready to take more commissions again.

Prices are from the journal below.

Like always, send a note if you're interested or contact me on Discord. (Note me for that info, as well.)

Commission PricingUpdates (August 23rd, 2018):
Regular commissions open at prices below.

Commission Slots (On Front Page)
Content Rules
Check the gallery. If you see something there, it's what I like to draw.If you don't see something there, ask me and we'll work it out. Willing to try a lot of things!
Commission Prices
Rough Sketch 
Half Body - $5 | 500:points:
Full Body - $10 | 1000:points:

Colored Sketch

Half Body $15 | 1500:points:
Full Body - $25 | 2500:points:

Simple Background Examples

Daily Practice 2018 [Week 3]

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 11, 2017, 10:11 PM

Daily Practice 2018 - Week 3

Daily practice again for 2018. Bit more like weekly practice and not everything will be uploaded. Going to let it be a bit looser and not only just do the square thing. Maybe that'll help consistency this time around. Things will still be as loose and unfinished as ever, so as I get back into the groove of things, perhaps they'll get more interesting and varied again, if they were in the first place:

Jan 2018
Julesta Sketch WIP 01 by Voleno! Daily Practice (2018) - 0002 by VolenoNeph Story Outfits WIP 02 by Voleno
! Daily Practice (2018) - 0001 by Voleno ! Daily Practice (2018) - 0002 by Voleno

Feel free to click each one for comments, etc if you're curious. And if you'd like to pick up the template to do this yourself, here's the .CLIP and PSD along with a preview of the blank template.

And also, just a reminder, anything traced in these studies is purely for practice purposes and not with intent to claim ownership of any other artist's drawing. For the most part, Pixiv artists have been the subjects of study when applicable, but I'd still just like to state it just in case. 

Maybe after being on here for 2 or 3 years, going back to things like tracing might seem odd, but I have always felt like I've had a bit of trouble in terms of determining what shapes and what kind of detail I can show to make my drawings look more interesting. 

I will definitely not be using any of that to try and get credit for other people's work, so I hope that's clear that if I mark something as traced, it won't be part of a published work.

Journal History


The character drawings have slowed down, but this wasn't a time in which I was expecting to keep up daily, seeing as I still needed to work on commissions. 

There will be more of them at least some time this month though. Next, I still have one more commission left and I'll be needing to take more after.

Originally I did want to take a break for awhile from them, but I'd like to keep going. Maybe work on my timing as things go along.

Though there will likely be an unintentional break due to Soul Calibur 6...
[OCT-02] Nephryst in My Clothes by VolenoFavorite Shirt by Voleno
This one was a lot of fun. Prompt was a character in one of my own outfits. Haven't drawn her much in modern clothes. Might do it again sometime.
[OCT-01] Neph Bust by Voleno
Let's give myself more than an hour for the next one. Though rest assured, still working on coms. I'm at the shading phase then it's onto the next.
Favorite Character Drawing Challenge/PromptsFavorite Character Drawing Challenge/Prompts
Born out of boredom and artist’s block, this challenge is a collection of prompts made by me, featuring favorite characters of your choice. Feel free to do this with OCs (or anything else, really) or in any order (or only the ones you like), the only rule is to not repost it as your own, and, instead, link to it.
1. Bust/head shot (or waist-up, if you prefer)
2. Wearing an outfit of yours
3. In an AU setting of your choice
4. Fusion with another character
5. Redesign a canon/default outfit
6. Signature pose or using a special skill
7. As a fantasy/mythical creature
8. Clothing from a time period of your choice
9. Personality swap with another character
10. Doing a mundane activity of your choice
11. As an anatagonist (if normally a protagonist), or vice-versa
12. In an art style of your choice
13. Dancing
14. Clothing swap with another character
15. Set of different facial expr

Not sure if this person is still around, but I'm likely going to be basing some sketch activity on their prompts this coming month (tomorrow.) They said to link it, so I am.

Thanks for making the list and I hope to be able to keep up with it, at least with sketches, probably not full pieces.

This is another list I'll be taking inspiration from too, as the other one only has 26.
OC-tober Prompt ListI couldn't find one I really liked so I made one. ^^ Feel free to use if you're doing this challenge!
1. Your very first character.
2. Your newest character.
3. A fan character (MLP, Gem, etc..).
4. Pick a character and draw them with a pumpkin or two (or more!).
5. Draw two of your characters interacting in some way.
6. Your sweetest character.
7. Your meanest/scariest character.
8. A human character.
9. The character with the cutest nose.
10. Draw a friend's character!
11. A character with red in their palette.
12. Design a new character! (Use up those MYO tickets you've been sitting on, or draw a design to sell!)
13. Your smartest character.
14. Draw a monster version of one of your characters
15. Pick one of your characters to draw as a mermaid/man.
16. Pick one of your characters to draw in the costume you will wear (or would want to wear) for Halloween this year.
17. Draw a character that's your favorite closed species (your own,
Thank you to everybody who started watching recently. And to those who have been watching for awhile. I appreciate that you like my artwork and I hope to keep improving and changing for the better.
[Com] Fox Nephryst by Voleno[Character] Nephryst Miraga by Voleno

The difference between how I actually draw her and what that old reference looks like is becoming painfully clear...

Will be updating that soon on my own time. For now, the next piece I'll be doing is the last commission I have in the batch.

Looking to open up again Sunday or Monday depending on how long the last com takes. I have a rough sketch already and the character's pretty straightforward. 
I know it hasn't resulted in any uploading any time soon, but I've been working on a lot of stuff lately and I'm happy with how it's going.

A lot of character reference-type stuff coming soon. I've been redrawing these two characters:
[Commission] Avaline by Voleno [Commission] Grecia by Voleno
And I even redrew Nephryst with possibly the cutest-looking face I've drawn so far...
Neph Avatar 03 by Voleno
Helped to take a bit more time on it to line things up. I intend to shape this one into an updated character reference, since while the old one is thorough for the clothing, the body type and face style have long-since changed for Neph.
Well never mind. Huge thank you to mb67 for the Core. Happy July, everybody!

Oh and I've still been drawing, but haven't quite figured out what to draw consistently enough that I could post it here. 
I was about to put up a poll when I realized I ran out of Core...

Anybody up for a commission for a Core Membership again?

I forgot that not having it breaks some page features too, so sorry if it looks weird for a bit.
It's only been a year since I've graduated college and already I feel like I've forgotten the concept of summer break. 
Some Design Doll behind the scenes for the most recent piece.
Marron and Kamilah - Behind the Scenes by Voleno Marron Pose by Voleno
[Com] Marron and Kamilah by Voleno
It does help to be able to think of a pose and then set it up to have reference shots of how it would all work. 
No picture for this update, but I've been working with Game Maker Studio 2 again. Last time I used Game Maker was around 13 years ago. Thankfully, it's gotten a lot better since then and I'm enjoying it a lot. 

Rather than launch right into making the big project though, I've been focusing on just making a block breaking game. Working my way up to it and learning different things. After this, I'll probably at least make a platformer, though.
[3D] Neph 0002 by Voleno
The shape's coming together a bit more now. Still a lot of adjusting to do. Arms seem thin and also, I forgot everything about proper edge flow around the shoulders...And neck.

Also forgot if there's a better way to deal with how the legs are on models that will be rigged. Bit more research to do again before I keep going.…

Looks like this folder's about to get a bit more relevant again. I've gotten Maya 2018 for now just to see. Last time I used it was 3 years ago and I was using Maya 2012 for those models. And some Mudbox, a dash of ZBrush 4R6 and some other stuff. 

Now, the UI seems a bit better, though all the old stuff is still around. I still need to declutter some of the buttons there that aren't used much, but I still like it. 

And I've already started remaking Nephryst from a cube, too:
[3D] Neph 0001 by Voleno

This is before adding any extra edge loops to start shaping the body. I think I'll also take the time to draw a model sheet to keep things on track, which is something I didn't do for either of my other human models, since I didn't draw at the time. 
Sometimes it's not enough for me to just redesign a character if I really like what the result was. Gotta get everybody else on the case too. :>
Katsumi by Shen-fn-Woo
By Shen-fn-Woo. Who is also open for commissions.
[Collab] Katsumi Redesign by Voleno Katsumi, Ninja Thief by Ignatz20xx
Art Collab: Katsumi Redesign (My Side) by Ignatz20xxIn case you're interested in what's next, Ignatz20xx and I have been doing a collab from the journal I posted a while back. We agreed on a redesign of their character Katsumi, and above was their part from my sketch.

Here's the original design:
Katsumi  Character Sheet by Ignatz20xx

Later this week, I'll be putting up the part that I drew for the clothing reference. With a front and back view, 'cause I like going overboard and I need the practice. :>

[Collab] Katsumi - WIP 03 by Voleno
Here's a preview!
Nephryst (Commission!) by CorytheCRanna vs Cassanna!! (Commission!) by CorytheCCOMM: Cassanna by Uvodd-AFCass Commission 2 by Shawn-oblivious[CM] Lia by Gehn94
Bellated OC Request pt. 1 by soul-crafter Cassana by soul-crafter
Sharing more commissions done recently for me. Love them all and thanks again everybody!

Also, I've been doing more practice, it just so happens that it's been for some instances where I can't upload the results. Not due to anything bad, but just a character privacy thing. 

For the next things I'll be doing though, they should be able to go up. I do need to plan more pieces for myself, like always, but I did open that request one, so I'll start things from there. Though the collab priority would be first before then. 
Just sharing a livestream where you might see some familiar characters of mine. :>
Forgot to do that count thing. I'm still drawing and I've drawn some other stuff. I did finish this a collab or two, though they're not ones I'd like to post. 

This is one in progress though:
[Commission] Calypso - WIP02 by Voleno

Thanks again for liking my stuff and watching my page, though. It's cool that you're all still caring when I don't post all that frequently.


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