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That's seriously the new logo? o_ö
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1 min read
I mean it's been two years and a lot has happened. But frankly I think I'll wait, bwahahaha. 

Chao bitches. 
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1 min read
I really can't say why I haven't done this sooner. But anywho, now it's done! You can now change the rendering quality in my three finished flash games in case they're lagging in full quality.

Hyper Tennis:

This one didn't really need it that much cause it's not very heavy on the processor, but better safe than sorry!

Loa And The Island Quest:

I've had some comments on this one say I should add the ability to change quality, but I never did until now. Now you can change rendering quality on the title screen as well as on the pause screen.


This is where the option to change quality was most needed, since the game runs in 50 frames per second. The quality changer is in the upper right corner of the title screen.

Hey if you play Vectorus HighScore Mode, post your score! ^^

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1 min read
A long time ago some of the flash stuff on my DeviantArt dissappeared, and I restored most of it but not all. Anyway now I've gone through some old flash stuff I made a long time ago on my mom's computer and so I've restored some stuff.

Penguin Dance: volcanic-penguin.deviantart.co…

Flirty Bunny: volcanic-penguin.deviantart.co…

Interactive Logo: volcanic-penguin.deviantart.co…

Also I found some fairly old stuff that was pretty cool so I'll upload a few new things as well.

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2 min read
So I suppose I should make a new one. So what's happening in my life, you ask with great anticipation and a need to pee. Well, you can rest assure, this journal won't go anywhere while you're gone. Back? Then let's get started! For clarity, I also want to point out that using the word "let's" in the sentence prior to this one, as in "let us", does not mean I am asking for permission from any party, including that of some divine force, as I do not believe in any such thing, it is merely an expression. Nor does it have anything to do with the Great Almighty Salad.

What to write, what to write.. Well, I'm studying again, a bit. I'm going two courses, Web Design and Digital Art. Easy points, in other words. And it's pretty fun. Although this week we have a semester because it's Halloween. "Semester?" you think, scratching your butt in discontent. Yeah, that's what we call it when we're OUT of school here, HAH! BIZARRO WORLD. Well, that's what I thought about YOUR semesters! Ahh, the irony of life, huh. Aaaanyway, I'd go two more courses if I could, but they won't allow that and so I'll start those in the beginning of January. That'll be "Virtual Environments", whatever that is, and.. umm, Religion. Yeesh.. It's mandatory for some reason. Which is the fault of the relatively small political party of Christian Democrats here in Sweden. But that's okay. I accept your attempt at forcing all religions of the world on me in a much less violent way than the settlers of America!

What more... OH! No wait.. what was it. Oh yeah! Nothing.
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