Added A Quality Changer Button To My Flash Games

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I really can't say why I haven't done this sooner. But anywho, now it's done! You can now change the rendering quality in my three finished flash games in case they're lagging in full quality.

Hyper Tennis:…

This one didn't really need it that much cause it's not very heavy on the processor, but better safe than sorry!

Loa And The Island Quest:

I've had some comments on this one say I should add the ability to change quality, but I never did until now. Now you can change rendering quality on the title screen as well as on the pause screen.


This is where the option to change quality was most needed, since the game runs in 50 frames per second. The quality changer is in the upper right corner of the title screen.

Hey if you play Vectorus HighScore Mode, post your score! ^^

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