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Yup it's kinda 3D ain't it :)

For all of you out there who know actionscript, maybe I should explain a bit about how i made it. All the stuff on the island is actually inside the rotating surface symbol, but then I've made it so that they always get the negative rotation and height relative to the outer symbol. And then there's some local to global to get their actual y positions to give them the right depths. And then of course there's other stuff too, but anyway, hope you like it.
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GOD, i love how this is not 3D at all! you are awesome, penguin. and i love your name lol
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Hehe thanks a bunch! :3
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*stare……………dizzy………………………*fall…………………owee my head hurts
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Now if only I could get this to work on the 3DS.
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mmmh? sorry i don't know how to do that stuff
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Hehe nah I didn't think you did. ;)

In fact I think it's impossible to get flash stuff to have 3D depth on the 3DS.
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Not sure what was funny hehehe. X3
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You make it seem so simple XD
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Oh but it is. ;)

Ok maybe not. :p
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that horizon's sort of intimidating
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wow that's really cool!
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That is awesome. I want to try that. :+fav:
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That's pretty damn slick and smooth. I like it a lot. :)

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Arrh so spinning so fast
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Well you know you can make it spin slower right? q:
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No I didn't. I'm just a dumb idiot XP. Of causes. Really cool. I hope one day I can make something like that.
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Waaa, pretty good engine, I like your work :XD:!
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Looks awesome!
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cool dude
looking awsm nice work on action sctipt
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Beutiful! i love your surrealist style - :+fav: for you!
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