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Holocaust image by Vokul-Konahrik
Mature content
Holocaust image :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 2
If you love god... by Vokul-Konahrik If you love god... :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 1 8 punk and destroy #1 by Vokul-Konahrik
Mature content
punk and destroy #1 :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 3 3
Nightmare by Vokul-Konahrik Nightmare :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 2 1 kill a nazi by Vokul-Konahrik
Mature content
kill a nazi :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 1 0
The Boat by Vokul-Konahrik The Boat :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 4 2 rotton goddess by Vokul-Konahrik rotton goddess :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 0 Crust Logo by Vokul-Konahrik Crust Logo :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 1 mountains by Vokul-Konahrik mountains :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 0 Tattered khaki by Vokul-Konahrik Tattered khaki :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 4 1 sootyjareds nightmares #1 by Vokul-Konahrik sootyjareds nightmares #1 :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 1 1 These Scars by Vokul-Konahrik These Scars :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 4 Raining Blood by Vokul-Konahrik Raining Blood :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 1 3 shadow man by Vokul-Konahrik shadow man :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 2 0 cowboy from hell by Vokul-Konahrik cowboy from hell :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 0 got matches? by Vokul-Konahrik got matches? :iconvokul-konahrik:Vokul-Konahrik 0 0


Trollusions of Grandeur by AmericanDreaming Trollusions of Grandeur :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 64 37
Manifesto for normalizing Socialism in the USA.
Manifesto for normalizing Socialism in the USA.  
By Evan Brzostowski
11 / 20 / 17
    After a long time of thinking and talking over with people i’ve devised this list of ideas to help further the socialist and general left wing movement in america. And to help re-organize it.
Don’t use the word “Socialism,” to describe yourself or your ideas. The word is tainted and is a death sentence in the american political system, and few can get far in politics in the US when they label themselves as such.
Use left wing Dog whistles as much as you can. The alt right does this constantly with words such as “States rights” the “Great replacement” and so on and so forth. Replace words like “Proletariat” with “Average American,” “American worker,” “Working class” and so on. Don’t Use “Bourgeoisie,” use “the 1%” and the “Elite.” Left winge
:iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 18 68
Homunculus Pumpkin Head Angled Front View by BassoeG Homunculus Pumpkin Head Angled Front View :iconbassoeg:BassoeG 1 0 Homunculus Pumpkin Front View by BassoeG Homunculus Pumpkin Front View :iconbassoeg:BassoeG 2 0 Anti-Racist Action Logo by ProcrastinatingStill Anti-Racist Action Logo :iconprocrastinatingstill:ProcrastinatingStill 8 24 The truth. by 6panzer6maiden6
Mature content
The truth. :icon6panzer6maiden6:6panzer6maiden6 5 4
Slaves as we always were by OdditiesByErnie Slaves as we always were :iconodditiesbyernie:OdditiesByErnie 55 30
Hail to...the Trump
So it turns out Donald Trump is gonna be our next President of the United States.
What are my thoughts?  Well, it kinda goes something like this:
If you've read on my profile, you'll know that I'm a registered Democrat.  And I know some of you are going to hate me for this, but I have been supporting Hillary Clinton all the way (not just because she's a woman, but because she was in the same political party I was).  Even before we were getting close to Election Day, I've kind of been getting myself worked up that she would win, especially with someone like him running for president.
But for all this time, the one thing I was worried about the most was that I'd break down crying if she turne out not to win (which, evidently, she didn't).  So I had an idea that after I voted, I would automatically assume the worst would happen, so that the chances of that happening would significantly decrease.
:iconthe-psychid:The-Psychid 1 64
America's New Foreign policy by Party9999999
Mature content
America's New Foreign policy :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 25 74
The OddGarfield Rant
If you've been following my page for a while now you'll have known of a few characters I've spoken of in the past. People like FCU, Scath, LordElthibar, and so on. They're all crazy in their own right but none surpass the one and only OddGarfield. I've spoken about this guy in the past, made responses to his posts, hell I even featured him in my top ten stupidest things said in 2015 list at the #2 spot where he blamed rape victims for getting pregnant from rape. But I swear ever since then he's been getting much, much, MUCH worse. More extreme and less sane. Recently he's made a post that really pushed for this post to be made so OddGarfield this one is for you. Let's just give a brief list of the things OddGarfield has said or done or is, kinda like Pyrocynical Keemstar video.  

OddGarfield is a self proclaimed "Historian", I put that in quotes because he is not at all a historian. He's some high school graduate so I wouldn't call him
:iconacommissionreviewer:ACommissionReviewer 8 30
sskammler vol2: Tools wishful thinking...
Yes that's right, another journal entry about RealHistory. A man that is so full of shit, instead of water in his body, its just runny diarrhea. But no! I am not going to talk to him to much, he is a just a basic human being that just blames Jews and immigrants because he's to scared of the real enemy, the elite. 
So yeah, he made a journal entry about me, which is really him accusing me of being paranoid about...something, he never really said what i am supposedly paranoid about, mostly because he doesn't know and was just chatting shit at the time. Most of the entry is just him using big words he got from google and accusing me of being mad. Which is quite funny when you realize that he is a man that has been brainwashed into a ideology that promotes the murder and de-humanization of scapegoats in a false hope of ending problems made aforementioned elite. But that's to complex for thes
:iconsootyjared:sootyjared 1 4
Vote Independent! by RedAmerican1945 Vote Independent! :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 17 44 Atheism Flag. by RedAmerican1945 Atheism Flag. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 19 13 A random demotive by KallyToonsStudios A random demotive :iconkallytoonsstudios:KallyToonsStudios 8 15 Twilight Breath of Satan by 0IZ Twilight Breath of Satan :icon0iz:0IZ 76 15 Reds don't eat fake food by 6panzer6maiden6 Reds don't eat fake food :icon6panzer6maiden6:6panzer6maiden6 3 7
If you are wondering where i was for the best part of a year, i became simply to busy and then forgot my password. I could recover the password but i just couldn't be bothered as i was busy with university and real life. I did make a new account, however i just remembered the password for this one. 
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