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Je contemple l’immensité du ciel. Les étoiles brillent de mille-feux, leur lumière avancent à la plus grande vitesse qui soit jusqu’à nos yeux éphémères, certaines vestiges de temps passés ; leur beauté est trop souvent oubliée et obscurcie par le ciel lumineux des cités. J’ai navigué sur les sables de l’océan du temps à travers l’espace de ma mélancolie, en suivant ses courbes et ses lois et parfois en les confrontant avec mon cœur léger.  
Le temps est comme les sables de ce désert ; il n’est pas prisonnier d’un sablier ; on n’as pas qu’à le retourner pour qu’il coule et s’empile. Le temps est un océan tempétueux et nous voyageurs sommes des navires dans ses ouragans.
Je suis un jeune marin, fils de poète et de capitaine et moi-même un peu des deux à l’occasion. Je n’ai pas sept voyages merveilleux à raconter comme le Sinbad d’autrefois ; je n’ai que celui-là. Oh, j’ai pourtant bien
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Mature content
Ange et Demon :iconvoivoidit:Voivoidit 0 0
Mature content
Death is my mistress :iconvoivoidit:Voivoidit 0 0
Take me away on your big black Bird
Take me away on your big black bird, Grim Reaper.
Take me to another world, a child's dream, may it be a bright one or a nightmare.  
Take me away, to the land beyond, let me see whatever it's like trough the looking glass and if nothing awaits me, if only emptyness and shadows await then it be a darkness still greater that the shadows down here.
Let me me ride on your crow, my life was an adventure, yet a childish one and as Peter Pan once told me, death must be an awefull big adventure.
Fly me away
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Mature content
I long for you. I desire you, :iconvoivoidit:Voivoidit 0 0
Memory is Lost
Memory is Lost
As if a wandering soul in the myst,
I keep forgetting
My mind is a dark fog by the river
And every days the sunlight gets thinner
Memmory is lost and so is paradise
I can only walk away from my past
Always forward, for one day it will be gone
In the abyss of my mind
The strong feelings remain as distant souvenirs
Coreless memories, they are vague and pale
Sometimes I wonder if they are not but
Memories that I have once remembered
If they are not faux-souvenirs and made-up life
By my everdying brain
The processes gets faster everyday
I wish I could remember
I wish it with such strength
All those moment dear to my heart
Those faces, those feelings
All one day will be gone, sooner or latere
and faster everyday
As are these moments now the same will disapear in the fog
And so will I write and write
Never endlessly
Even my tears of tonight will one day be gone and forgotten
By my very self
But to forget is not to forgive
There is hope and no freedom in loss of memory
There is
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Mature content
You approach me as a shadow :iconvoivoidit:Voivoidit 1 0
It starts slowly
has if a switch has been hit in my brain
It is awaken by pain and by violence
I can fight for hours with all of my peace of mind
without loosing my cool, without getting mad a single time
but only one single  unpreapred hit
only one cry of the heart is enough
It does not matter if he is a friend of foe,
All of love and relationship disapear at once,
whoever his that man
A lone punch is enough
to awaken the beast
I stop myself at once and stand tall
it does not take long before I tear up my shirt
It all begins in my eyes
as if a fire was set in my heart
and my gaze wanders somewhere no one can look
From blue, my eyes turn red, full of blood
and of bloodlust
and from red they turn to white
It all is a slow process, in which I stand still
My facial muscles begin to hitch and twist without my control
My lips unveil my fangs
My eyelids are the first to shake
and quite widly
It is at this time that those who best know me
get away from me
My entire face soon follows
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Heathen Prayer
Tyr and Mars,spear berarer
Thor and Hercules, of unbound strenght
Hear my call!
Rulers of the sky,
sons of thunder,
Tuisto the great,
khan of all blue sky!
Lend me you strenght and courage
so that no man can match my raw muscle power
and the mead forever shall be thine,
great spear of virility
manly hero of heavens
Let your great spirits flow trough me
as it has in my ancstor's veins
may the courage of the bearskins be once again mince
So that I can honnour my clan
And I shall I be your
Mars the mnaly,
Tyr the couragous,
thor the wild
and hercules the strong
Come inside of me
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It is upon night of full bright moon
That the beast awaken
a lady of vile
a beast in the upper-city
A thin body
warm and strong
a were-creature
of deadly fangs and claws
with the manners of a lady
the charm of a wild woman
and the heart of a lion
Beyond her racoonesque mask of pitch black darkness
hides her greatest secret
When the web of dark myst is unveiled,
she reveals a wonder of beaty
in the shape of two large eyes of earthly infinity
She is the raw demoness of nature
the wildest beast,
the untamable lioness
the greatest of the huntress!
Run,Run, Run if you like!
You will never catch the wild maiden,
as fast as the wind,
as tempestous as the storm
the beastly demoness
running forever in the forbidden woods of men desires
You will never
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It is I
I am who is
Y the very first
Vulture of humanity
Husband of the iron maiden
Earthly scourge and warth to the heart of humanity
yet lonely figure of nature
primal and older than the world
forever natural, never eveil,
never good, forever neutral
Forever bearer of death
With wings of darkness
covering the wold at night
Angel renegade
Myrkull the rebel,
black dragon burner of heavens,
reaper of life
slave only to the mistres of lust
The greatest of cities have fell before me
for I am all-mighty
the walls of gilgamesh were shattered
just as the breathe of a bird is taken
by the blade of my scythe
Feel I,
the rider of time
black dragon devourer of the sky
I am nor good nor evil
I am all there is,
There was and will be!
The left, forbidden hand
I am in you
i am you
I am who Is
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Mature content
LILITH :iconvoivoidit:Voivoidit 0 0
She has the coulours of fall
and the smell of pumpkin seeds and spices
made with sweet darkness, a pinch of sugar
and an hint of hellfire
She is the lady bat, maiden of colourfull darkness
In the heart of Dracula, the fanged lady rules supreme
A soft and gentle demoness for which every living soul fall,
dreaming of the soft kiss of her fangs
for she is the the lady of darkness
Queen of the pumpkins and kin to every ghouls
The majestic beauty of the queen of the vampires is betwitched for in her eyes flows
an ocean of time and a sea of melancholy
Beware mortal men, if you ever cross her gaze, you will fall for her beauty
and she bites only a few chosen
she is a lady of quality
Mina, queen of Valachia
Bat of sweetness
Vampire of warmth
Lady of melancholy
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The one
on the river bank
Clad in white and in darkness
Singing with her soft voice
the crying screams of a hundread violins
A symphony of strings
A chant of melancholy
She hails from an hell
of steam and fire
a clockwork inferno of iron
set to the time and beat
of a dying heart
A colourfull one
in shades of grey
A fiery dragon
twisting it's dark body
upon the thorns of black rose
She is the one
as old as the earth
as young as the breeze
The singing maiden
Muse of the muses
Queen of the damned
Banshee of the shantees
Behold, the countess of Bathory
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the Beast
The beast
it growls
it howls
deep down inside of me
it speaks to me
in a whisper
of abomination
And with temper must I awenser
Silence your hunger!
For it is not blood thursty
it is violence hungry
The only thrist I have for
is alcohol for it ease my mind
and my anger
for it put the beast to sleep for one more day
The beast inside of me is caged
It growls, it howls
it rages
Often forgotten, it feeds on anger and sorrows
untill the day it will be so bigger, so stronger
that it will break it's chains
and unleash itself
The day the beast will be unleashed
It will swallow the sun
It will sawollow the moon
When I act gently and cooly
it reminds me the power I have
It speaks to me dangerous words
Words of power
The power to break bones and the shatter jaws
The beast is like none other
It does not strive for pain or for domination over others
It does wish to fight in order to injure
Fighting alone is reason enough for the beast
Winning or loosing does not matter to the beast
it rejoice in vio
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Les masques du sourrire
Quand je met mon masque
Le monde m'appartient
Je me sent puissant
Pas sexuellement; physiquement
car ma conscience me quitte
les remords s'en vont
et mes limites disparaissent
Je deviens quelqu'un d'autre
tel un chaman posséder par un animal
tel les grecques d'autrefois
quand le dieu des vignes les enthousiasmaient
Je peux alors frapper
Je peux alors saigner
laisser sortir la violence en moi
tout le sacré refoulé
Le bien et le mal disparaisse
mais le sens de la justice reste
D'ordinaire Apolon, je deviens Bacchus
D'ordinaire Eros, je deviens Mars
D'ordinaire une ange, je deviens un dragon
mais pas un démon
Je suis gentil avec ceux que j'aime
et avec mon masque
je suis vilain avec ceux que je n'aime pas
Mais quand on porte un masque pour trop longtemps
On oublie quel est notre vrai visage
et notre vrai identité
Quelle visage cache le quel?
Le sourire de la vie de tout les jours deviens le masque d'une sombre douleur
et l'on deviens le comédien de sa propre
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De Tout mon Etre
­De Tout mon Être
Je voudrais ben être heureux
Être insouciant, y croire...
J'ai beau faire tout c'que j'peux
Mais vouloir, c'est pas pouvoir!
Faire une digue de mes paupières
Retenir mes rivières
J'te jure que j'fais d'mon mieux
Les larmes coulent pareil de mes yeux!
Je voudrais ben être heureux
Être inconscient, n'y voir
Qu'un instant de désespoir
Et que demain tout ira mieux!
Mon coeur ne bat que de justesse
À force d'être forteresse,
Mais comment le faire fondre
Quand la tristesse est si profonde?
(violon - baisse de tempo)
Mes poings sont lourds comme plomb
La violence est pour moi passion
Je creuserai ma voie dans le béton
Car le sang réveille mes émotions...
J'ai l'art de prendre des coups
Mais aussi de les offrir
Danse mortelle qui efface tout
J'en oublie presque de souffrir...
(violon - hausse de tempo)
Je voudrais ben être vivant
Cesser de n'être qu'une ombre
Chasser toutes mes idées sombres
Arrêter d'me cacher tout l'temps
Ah! Je voudrais ben être content
:iconmaemoryan:Maemoryan 4 1
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