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old Harbor

oil on canvas
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spellbound indeed. truly you are the best steampunk artist out there!

apdarkness905's avatar
This is nothing short of magnificent, love it. 
Stone-of-Madness's avatar
I am spellbound great pics!
Вы мой герой! Forgive me if Google translate went badly! You are a real life Steampunk Hero!
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
Gawd that's a lot of coal >~>
Medallion2012's avatar
HA! Isn't it though?
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
You cannot even begin to comprehend, the wealth of whoever owns the coal mines XD
Medallion2012's avatar
lol Right yet again. They would make the Koch brothers look like paupers. :D
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
Good golly pipes, can you imagine the smog? The beautiful beautiful smog?~
Medallion2012's avatar
LOL Yeah the bad thing with all that would be that everything would be dead by now.
Drydell-da-Vinci's avatar
True, true :( But hey, sacrifices must be made~
Aereodon's avatar
I want an artbook with all your paintings! *__*Possible?
BlueCoffeeMug's avatar
The aircraft carrier ship to the right looks a bit like the whaling ship from Dishonoured. Amazing painting.
bored4ever123's avatar
your art blows me away
Moogiesgirl77's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, thank you!
herrTevik's avatar
I think this is the first painting in this theme that demonstrates antigravity technology. That smoking construct by the airship mooring tower? 
I love how the textures are worn and weathered. Beautiful.
Camille-Marie's avatar
Very cool! I love the atmosphere. 
Wintersoldier7020's avatar
Very original and very cool.
Scripsi's avatar
So awesome! I love the concept! :D
christiandesimone's avatar
very incredible place
PGwainbenn's avatar
Wow, was für Details! Tolles Bild!
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