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look beyond the horizon 2

oil on canvas
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One of the paintings that gives me a great inspiration!
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Easily one of the best airship designs I've seen in quite a long time. The soft color pallet adds a nice atmosphere, and your use of perspective and lighting are very good as well. A definite +Fave! :)
Now for the kicker; can it mount laser cannons? :sherlock:
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This is what I was trying to imagine in final fantasy VII.
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ME LOVES AIRSHIPS!! Especially of the steampunk variety.
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Pass the goggles! Here Comes The "Thunder Child!" LOL... Magnificent as usual!
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Great design. Beautiful.
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wery impresive. Great design an composition.
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Marvelously done! :)
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o.o Oh wow. That is... absolutely incredible. Both the overall aesthetic, and the sheer level of detail. <3
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Hi ! Your great work features here : [link] :)
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One of the most beautiful airship concepts I've ever seen.
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You've got me hooked into the steampunk genre now! great stuff!
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amazing, steam age at it's best.
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Beautiful work
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Really neat! Like it a lot
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Excellent! Great painting!
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Dude, this is awesome.
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Excellent work.... Wait scratch that... Amazing work!!! P.S. Reminds me of steam punk technology
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