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. needs | Terushima Yuuji
WARNING!! suggestive themes, and terushima
[6:01 pm]
From: Terubrat
To: MaCutie♥
when are you going to be home?
When are you going to be home?
[6:02 pm]
From: MaCutie♥ 
To: Terubrat
i'll be home in a few minutes
stop texting me.
[6:02 pm]

From: Terubrat
To: MaCutie♥

you'd said you be home by 6,
in a few moments it'll be 6:05 pm, you'll be late and i'll be dead -3-
[6:03 pm]
From: MaCutie♥ 
To: Terubrat
why will you be dead?
[6:03 pm]

From: Terubrat
To: MaCutie♥

[6:04 pm]

From: MaCutie♥ 

To: Terubrat

then i won't have to deal with your ass anymore.
[6:05 pm]
From: Terubrat
To: MaCutie♥
baby girl
we both know y
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 168 23
texts. kageyama tobio
kageyama x reader
notes: basically when ur bf is addicted to his position as a setter.
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

I just thought of something interesting
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

What if you changed positions beside a setter?
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

Like a spiker???
From: MyVolleyballHoe
To: MyPartner

I'm a setter
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

But what if you become an ace?
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

From: MyVolleyballHoe
To: MyPartner

I'm a setter
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

I know you're a setter
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

These are just what ifs -_-
From: MyVolleyballHoe
To: MyPartner

I'm a setter
From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe

From: MyPartner
To: MyVolleyballHoe 

From: MyVolleyballHoe 
To: MyPartner
:iconstarrymayflower:starrymayflower 190 38
Facebook Official (Mini Contest Entry)
Spain x Reader
What was this?
You tried to form a coherent thought, but that one word just floated lazily to the surface of your mind.
He had switched his Facebook status to single, only minutes before you'd logged on. The little pink heart next to his name was mocking you. Another sentence bubbled up to join the word. The 'heart' symbol actually represents the plant used by the Romans for birth control. You weren't sure where you'd read that. It didn't really seem relevant at the moment.
You leaned back from the screen, and the leather under your butt groaned in protest. The coffee shop was mostly empty, but for the cute guy behind the counter. His green eyes locked with yours as you glanced around the room. You held his gaze, and he smiled.
"Can I help you with anything else, señorita?" he asked. "More coffee?" You shook your head and gestured to you drink, which you had barely touched.
"I'm good," you said simply. He continued to smile, and y
:iconokamitatsuya:OkamiTatsuya 59 21
Prussia x Shy!Reader: Sitting in the Rain
A/N: This story is long. I lot longer than it should have been. It's actually 15 pages longer than it was supposed to be… Sorry if you don't want to read it now.
Even when I stumbled in reality  and tumbled down right before I reached my dream
And I couldn't arrive at my final destination
I know that the reason always lies within myself
And I'm always searching for a way to break out of that situation

The rain hissed around you, making everything in sight a shade darker. You sat on a bench and let your clothes soak in the current weather, literally, you found it calming. You liked the rain for that reason; it never talked to you or asked you anything. It just did what rain did best, it fell. You let the cold drops plummet to their death, suffocated by their neighbours, off your exposed arms. The drops ran off your fingertips to go join their friends on the pavement. You smiled thinking about what it would be like to join friends.
You had friends, good, kind frien
:iconvictory-peaches:Victory-Peaches 573 268
Garou X Reader - Amateur
“You’re here again?”
The shadow that loomed over your seated form didn’t frighten you since you knew exactly who it was.
“I got in another fight.” Their answer made you roll your eyes and you spun your chair to face them, tilting your head back to lock your [E/C] orbs with theirs.
“Seriously, Garou? Sometimes I think you get hurt on purpose just to see me.” You raised a brow, a hint of amusement glistening in your eyes and the male scoffed in a joking manner.
“Don’t flatter yourself, [F/N]. You know I’m fighting those lame heroes.” His lips formed into a cheeky grin and you couldn’t but return it with a small smile.
You definitely knew since the first time you both met, Garou had caused a scene by your home with a hero.
“Too weak! Do you really think you can beat me?”
Ears perking up, you glanced over the clean blanket you had put over the washing line to dry and interest sparked in your
:iconkhriky:KHRIky 141 9
Drowsy | Genos
[Genos x Reader]
“What kind of music do you listen to, Genos?”
Genos was startled by the question. Over the past four years, he hadn’t put much thought into anything else except training. Thinking back on when he was still human, he tried to remember what he listened to on the long train rides back home from school.
“Um, well, I really can’t remember right now...” Genos mumbled with a hand now placed under his chin. His eyes darted around the room as he continued to delve into his own memories. “Sorry, it’s been so long since I last listened to music on my own accord.”
“That’s okay,” you said as you shifted towards the end of the couch, patting the space beside you. “Come listen to music with me.”
Genos was hesitant at first but complied nonetheless. He sat close to you, his body barely touching yours as you handed him the free earbud. He tried to hide his smile as he placed the bud in his ear.
You pres
:iconkirschteinsparklez:kirschteinsparklez 408 24
Instagram [Saitama x Reader]
Dating Saitama was never easy. He was quite lazy around the house, had a very dry humour (which you loved even if you claimed you hated it), and if you wanted any sort of affection you had to be the one to cuddle up next to him. The most romantic thing he might have ever done was give you a high five after kissing your palm when you said he wasn't a very romantic boyfriend.
But in the end, it was all worth it. Seeing as you loved him. He was your personal hero even if he was always defeted by bugs that you asked him to get rid of. It was quite funny how he could defeat an army of aliens and monsters with one punch, but one little mosquito would be his doom.
But today, you decided to take your relationship to the next level. For you were going to take an selfie with him, and post it on your instagram.
For some reason, you had become quite an “insta fame”. You had no idea how it had happened, seeing as you just posted random things like your coffee or landscapes, sometimes th
:iconnixdex:nixdex 566 111
action || onesided?Reader / Saitama
It was all a distant memory for him, but for her, it was a special event that happened years ago.
"...Are you okay?" A girl asked a focused boy. He didn't reply, and was instead focused on his school desk.
The girl frowned. So much for impressions. "...Um.. I think you should go talk to the homeroom teacher now. I don't think he'll be happy if you're.. Ah.. Not on time."
The boy still didn't move.
The girl's grip on her bag tightened and she hurriedly left the classroom, leaving the boy alone.
Later, on the news, showed a mysterious being with the appearance of a piggy bank with arms and legs. The girl didn't know why, but her concern for the boy she talked to a while ago grew.
The girl's name was (F/N), and after that event, she discovered undescribable feelings for a boy named Saitama.
What's more: it seems like they both live in the same apartment. How convenient.
He never really noticed her, though. Usually, (F/N) would be behind Saitama when they were walking
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 49 12
black eye. | mikoto suoh x reader
a/n: this fic actually has multiple character interactions but is revolved around re and mikoto, enjoy!
The Homra homebase was currently vacant with the exception of Izumo behind the bar, Anna sitting at the bar as you were threading your fingers through her ivory strands while she sipped at her drink that Izumo had prepared for her not too long ago. Feet padded along the hardwood floor as they creaked with every step. Everyone looked up from what they were doing to stare up at the fiery red head clad in a black cotton shirt and plaid pajama pants. His sleepy form silently made his way to the bar stools and plopped on the one beside Anna's as he held a hand over his right eye. Izumo and you exchanged similar looks before approached the situation at hand.
"G'morning, stranger. Here's your breakfast~" Izumo greeted, sliding the mouthwatering plate of pancakes and coffee. Mikoto only grunted in acknowledgement as he struggled to cut his pancakes with merely his for
:iconsobersenpai:sobersenpai 170 16
attention. | kuki urie x reader
"Oh, Urie! You're finally home," you chirped with a small smile. In response, the dark haired individual simply grunted. He didn't seemed to be in a mood that was as delightful as your own. You pouted at this, and sauntered over to him. Urie places down his suitcase, and goes out of his way to avoid you. You watch him in confusion while he sat down on the couch, and lean his head back.
"Urie?" you inquired, and moved around to sit down next to him. Once again, he ignored you, and placed his headphones in place. You were definitely appreciating this silent treatment he was offering you - especially since you hadn't done a thing to make him act so whiney. His stone faced didn't crack the slightest when your dainty pointy finger poked his cheek.
Bits of music blazed from his headphones, and he looked down to his lap. You felt even more irritation growing in your stomach; what the hell as wrong with this guy? Since you just had enough, you decided to pull the headphones from his ears. When
:iconnoeq:Noeq 144 13
quies. | ayato
fingers gently run through blue tresses, brows creased at the occasional tangle of hair you attempt to fix. a smile falls upon roseate lips as you bite back a chuckle, recalling how he always complained whenever you nagged him about taking care of his hair.
the figure before you is nearly on the edge of sleep, despite his efforts to remain awake and spend time with you. no matter how much you told him to rest, he insisted he was fine, though the numerous amount of yawns heard said otherwise.
"i'm not tired." the grumble causes a halt in your actions before you shake your head warily, ignoring his constant protests.
"whatever you say." you reply in a quiet tone, fingers continuing to brush through locks of hair in a comforting manner.
he only lets out a small grunt of irritation, though you choose to ignore it. there's no point in bantering at such a late hour-- you've been trying to get him to fall asleep for the past thirty minutes.  the last thing you wanted was to get him worke
:iconciiren:ciiren 243 24
vinco. | urie
urie has the blankest face you’ve ever seen.
you’re always the first to laugh or look away in these contests. it’s never on purpose; sometimes you just make eye contact and bam, you’ve got a staring contest. it hasn’t been long and he knows that you’ll lose soon. when you lean dangerously close to him, he doesn’t falter, but suspicion arises.
“do you love me?”
and there it is-- his lips are beginning to twitch.
“sure thing, cookie.”
he hates that he likes that stupid nickname.
ten seconds later.
he cracks a smile.
you win for the first time that day.
:iconciiren:ciiren 71 5
Auxilium [Kaneki x Ghoul!Reader]
I love you.
Words so simple, so easy to say, words with such gravitas and power beyond human comprehension; words carelessly thrown about with little thought as to the meaning of each simple syllable; words so cherished, they carry themselves through time, guising themselves in every language to deliver that same power to these simple, terrestrial beings.
Kaneki Ken knew the significance of this seemingly simple sentence; so much so, just the thought of whispering it left his knees to tremble and his heart to race.
You visited the Anteiku, the same time every day: 4:00 PM, on the dot, books in hand, the same cup of coffee every day, and every time, you slaved away until the heavens closed the curtains for the sun to open the stage for the nocturnal celestial beings.
He wondered if it made him voyeuristic, but he enjoyed watching you from behind the counter; the way the warm glow of the lights cast a glow along your cheeks, in your locks, the way your lashes feathered across your
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 151 21
masque | uta x reader
    "So, what sort of mask did you have in mind?"
    Uta's gentle voice resonated through the store as you were seated on a stool. While his slender fingers ran with your hair, you hummed at the question before finally responding.
    "I was thinking of something that could cover my eyes," you began. "Something... mysterious."
    The ghoul then delicately twirled a lock of your hair around his forefinger as he studied your features from behind.
    "Something to cover your eyes..." he repeated. "Something mysterious too? Like a superhero's mask?"
    A grin made its way onto your face as you nodded eagerly. The corners of the his mouth turned upwards while his hands left your hair and grasped your shoulders.
    "I've got the perfect thing for you," he said. "You have to close your eyes first."
    You obliged, closing your eyelids shut. Momentarily did you feel the
:iconchronologize:chronologize 65 12
Exquisite [Amon x Ghoul!Reader]
A beautiful, deep shade of red, like the most luxurious of velvet or the richest of wines ...
A smile tugged at your lips as you gazed into the Investigator’s eyes.
Deep pools of blue doused in hues of green, like the clear waters of a nighttime oasis...
Skin pale like the glow of a full moon, and locks ebony like the midnight sky...
It was strange of you to love someone from afar, especially one out to exterminate your kind.
But, his strength and passion for his work sparked something inside you.
For once, you found a little meaning in your droll life as a ghoul.
Finally, you could dispose of your role as the hunter,
and become the hunted instead.
Running from him sent chills down your spine. Hiding from him gave you the same thrills as a child playing hide and seek in the dark. You adored watching his expression of extreme frustration as he failed to locate you, the clenching of his fists, the bulging veins beneath hi
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 70 6
Even If I Die [Tsukiyama] Prologue
“So, why do you wish to work here at Anteiku?” The elderly man asks her as she sits at the bar of said café. He stands across from her, looking gentle as an old man can.
“I need money to fuel my schooling,” she says calmly.
“Oh?” This seems to gain his interest. He gives her a soft smile and asks, “What kind of schooling are you going through? Or…wish to go through.”
She crosses one thigh over the other and takes a deep breath. She inhales the soft scent of freshly brewed coffee from its source about a foot away. There are no customers in the joint, and the only other soul beside these two is the dark-haired employee female who scrubs a table nearby a little too harshly. The air around this female is dense, but the rest of the café holds a nice tone.
The female in question from the manager continues to take a few deep breaths as she closes her eyes. “I am going into the science field,” she says as she opens her
:iconearthpoem:earthpoem 31 14



:icongignaynay: :iconxxtheavengerxxx:


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