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Wyngro Adult Concepts
Concepts are done on an existing base. Commissioned concepts will be colored. If you are commissioning a concept for an existing wyngro, do provide the most recent ref sheet with all of their current upgrades. No refunds.

You can ask to have a certain upgrade(s) added or kept on the concept.

I will concept current wynglings as adults if desired.

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Thorn by Voidfur

Name: Thorn
Approval date: 02/07/2018
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Thorn by Voidfur

 An Angry Bump by Voidfur


Dig A Dug by Voidfur





Relaxing With Your Boo

Cobalt laughed as Charisma’s face lit up with happiness. They were meant to be. He reached into a makeshift bag he’d brought with him and pulled out the heart bomb he picked a couple days ago. “You never got to try it hon.” He said as he split the fruit in two, handing one piece to Charisma. A delicious, sugary cherry taste burst in his mouth. He looked over and noticed that Charisma was enjoying the fruit much slowly, as he hadn’t grown teeth as a daeling.

After their snack, they talked about life and where they could go from here. It was then that they had agreed that they’d sleep in the clearing, which would be made fit for living. They’d search for food and store it in whatever container Charisma could buy with his small amount of money. They’d live in the clearing until they could afford a place to live in town.
The Kiss

Charisma held Cobalt tightly, muttering happily that he thought he wouldn’t show up. He wouldn’t say that he was hugging him because of a nightmare, he was rather embarrassed about it. But that didn’t stop him from telling his friend just how much he loves and needs him. He didn’t care about the aftermath in the moment, it felt great to get it off his chest, and he was filled with warmth. He didn’t try to make an excuse for what he said and he didn’t try to downplay anything, he meant every word. He loved Cobalt.

As he finished his rant, Charisma braced for Cobalt’s inevitable confusion and discomfort. The warmth he felt was being etched away by anxiety, and tears began falling down his face again. But he heard no disgust or awkward questions like he expected, he only felt the soft kiss on his neck and the sweet confession that followed.
Waited All Day

+Pricked Nubs

Charisma paced on the outcropping. Where was Cobalt? They’d planned to meet here, right? It was nightfall now and the moon brought exhaustion with it. No matter how much he’d tried to stay awake, his eyes always drooped downward. Giving into his tiredness, he curled up and attempted to get as comfortable as he could. He really missed his old bed. He wasn’t ready to be an adult yet.

Charisma dreamt that night that he was trying to scale a mountain, but the rocks under his feet kept giving away. As he slid down, feet becoming cut up by the sharper stones he crossed, he spotted Cobalt. He was at the bottom, just staring with eyes void of any empathy at his struggle. He let out a quiet “pathetic” before breaking into a sprint, effortlessly climbing the mountain. He didn’t look back at his friend.

The mountain began to fall, finally giving out. Stones hit Charisma’s face and neck as it all came crumbling down. He curled up under the pressure, trying to become as small as possible. He could hear Cobalt’s laugh, but it was twisted and cold.

He woke up to a pain in his neck. A rock was thrown at him by someone underneath. Peering down from the edge, he spotted Cobalt, cheerfully waving at him.

“It’s about time you woke up!” He yelled in his happy voice. Charisma lept off the outcropping to hug him. Real world Cobalt wouldn’t treat him like dream Cobalt had. Tears began welling in his eyes, which he hoped his friend wouldn’t notice.
Chubby Bunny

+Flit Tail
+Long Ears

Yeee he’s a rabbit now. ewe
Jump fer joy buddy!

Cobalt’s a pretty heavy guy, must be happy to be an adult.



United States
I'm a furry and proud of it. I'm suffering from self hate a little bit, but Void's optimist personality is helping a bit. I'm a proud member of the Furries of Lioden Clan. Come join us if you'd like, I guarantee everyone is as sweet as sugar!


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