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So i was telling you guys i was going to upload my story. Well, its been a hectic few months since i posted my last journal, and I never got around to actually putting this on here. So without further procrastination, i give you the beginning few chapters of my story: (The Book Of Xzarya: ) Stariandra Shimoshi:

                                                                Part I
                                                      Celestia Incarnum

She was moving through a dense forest and soon got very lost. She felt very alone. Then she felt a pull from one direction. Knowing neither if be friend or foe, she began towards it in hopes that it was at least someone. After about an hour, she found herself at the foot of a small rise. This had been the only clear spot she had seen in a long while. It promised a higher point to look at things, like the way she came and the way ahead. She walked slowly up the hill and crouched at the top. Before her was a small, as far a temples go, temple. To her it looked huge. Knowing that the pull originated from the temple she descended down the other side of the hill and made her way to the front area. The  grounds she was now on were covered will rubble and small pillars. It was then that she saw why the temple was abandoned. The roof had collapsed in and covered most of the back of the building in rubble and pillar. She stood in awe, as the only thing that remained standing was a small pedestal on an altar at the back of the rubble strewn room. Upon this small platform was a book. Normally she didn't just go and pick things up like she owned them, but this was different. She felt as if she had been here before and that the book was hers.

                                                           Chapter 1: The Forgotten Village

Everything that she ever dreamed of, lie in front of her. In the book. She looked around and saw that there was years of history buried in this temple and that none of it would be discovered. She knew many people that would dream for a moment of discovery like this, many of which were her close friends. Her life was different though. She grew up to her family's legacy of secrets and job. Long ago her ancestor protected the goddess as she ascended into goddess-hood. Their families job was to guard the book of knowledge from any who will try and use its powers for evil.  Star always was curious as to why a simple book could contain so much power, so one day she decided to leave her village and proceed into the forbidden woods, in search of the book that was fabled to be there. She remembered the day that she left...


"Stariandra Shimoshi! Get! Up! Now! You're going to be late for your first day!"
Star slowly got out of bed to her mother's shouting, and got dressed. Today was the first day of school and everyone was never late for the first day. The teachers didn't really care about the rest of the days, but the first day was the most important because you get assigned your classes for the year. And because everyone wanted to go to the returner party. The first day wouldn't come for Star because she knew this was the day that she would got into the Forbidden Wood. As she got ready for school she looked over the bag that she packed the night before. Lying under her regular school bag was another bag she stuffed with provisions, a blanket, and some other outdoors gear. Her only chance to get into the woods would be on her way to school. Her village was a small village set on the outskirts of a great forest, and only had about 30 houses. Each house was made to support a family of three to five people and children, and only about half of the houses were filled. The village came together one year about 20 years ago and decided to convert one of the houses into a school so that they could teach their children. Star knew this because that one the subject she adored the most: History. She knew almost all the history of each of the nearby villages and towns, and of the Forbidden Forest as well. Every piece of knowledge she collected over the years lead her to that forest, and its mysteries.


Light Filtered through the overhanging leaves and shone upon the book in front of her. She felt that this was meant to happen, and that this book held all the answers to the questions she had. Everything she wanted right in front of her, but she was wary of the thing she sensed earlier. Even now she could still sense its presence. "Better leave now before it realizes I'm here." She said quietly to herself. With a final glance around she grabbed the book and started running out of the temple. She didn't get two steps when the entire temple shook and she fell. The book slide from her grasp and dragged itself across the floor, until it hit a boulder. As she tried to steady herself, she felt something else stir from beneath her. Star looked down and immediately felt a great darkness reach for her like a wizard reaches for a potion and knew that she should move. When Star tried to get up she found that she couldn't move at all. Like all of her muscles wouldn't respond to her brain's commands. She felt so helpless that everything around her was erased. Only she and the slowly encroaching dark hand. After a few small moments of despair she looked up. The first thing she saw was the the book. Everything she need was there, she could feel the very essence of the book grow within her. The book without any help at all flew into Star's lap, and was opened to a page. Quickly Star's grasped the page's identity and found that she could bend the space around her. This power was foreign to her and she felt a primal instinct into how to use it. The ground underneath her crumbled and she slowly began to float into the air. Slowly but effectively she pulled herself out of the darkness hand's reach, and away from the temple.....

Light. The first thing you see when you come into this world is light, but with Star's case she saw that Light wasn't the very first. The Darkness was there before the Light, and Star knew this because she wasn't born normally. She had to be taken out of her mother because if not they both would have died.  Little did her mother or anyone know, Star was awake in those first moments before the cut her mom open. She saw that Darkness, and knew it would always be there lurking from beyond the light's reach.

As Star slowly awoke, everything seemed different to her. At first she remembered that she was near the temple and had to get away. She bolted upright and then passed out again from the pain that entered her head.

A few hours later she woke up again and this time wasn't as reckless as before. She opened her eyes and saw that she was lying in a small cabin like structure. She gently sat up and took in her surroundings. She was lying in a bed and it was a small cabin. She looked at the two windows divided by a metal framed door. She noticed that a fire was being maintained by someone, and judging by the smoldering embers that this person hadn't been back in a while. Everything was confusing her. Hadn't she been at the temple? Did she escape the dark hand? Where is she now? What is going on? All those questions spilled throughout her head and in the middle of her thoughts a voice pierced through them like ice: "So, I see you're awake now Star."

Star looked up suddenly and found herself staring at a man about six feet tall. Still silhouetted by the light coming in from the door, she could only make out that he was wearing armor, and had a sword strapped to his back. Before she could say anything in response, The man turn around and walked out. A million more questions racked her brain as she sat there in a stupor. How does he know my name? Why do i feel i know him? Where the heck AM I?! She lay back in the bed she was in and that's when she realized she wasn't in her normal clothes. They had been replaced by a dark-brown robe. She decided she needed to find out more about where she was and tried to get up. As soon as she placed her foot on the ground, her head spun and she fell back onto the bed and passed out.

Star awoke again, this time to the man standing over her. Now that he wasn't standing in front of blinding light, she could make out more of his features. He was surprisingly young despite his tall regal appearance, and had forest green eyes. That was the second thing she saw. His eyes. They seemed to draw her in and take her spirit and will away. She was thankful when he glanced away at the other person in the room. She didn't notice the other person at first because she was so drawn in with the first guy. Star followed the green-eyed man's gaze towards an elderly figure sitting against the farthest wall. When this elder noticed Star, he stood up and made his way over to her.
"Welcome Home Star," The elder said, "And It's a pleasure to have finally met you."
Star didn't know what to say so the elder continued on in her silence.  "My Name Is Valemor. I'm am the Elder and leader of Carmina. This here next to you is your warrior slash protector, Draco. You see here, Star, we haven't met before because you haven't been to this place since you were a little child."
Star looked at both of them and then finally got the courage to speak, "" She barely got out the words. her voice was so scratchy and dry that every word felt like sand in her mouth. The elder listen to her words and then said to Draco, "Go now, and get m'lady so water." Then to Star, "Everything will be explained soon enough. You just have to rest now. Rest and regain your strength. I'd expect nothing less for one who had used the book's power." This caught star's attention, and she realized that these people knew more then they let on.

The next day she got up and decided to try standing. This time when she stepped off the bed, nothing happened. Her dizziness was still there but it was far less than what it was the day before. Today she wanted to take a look around where she was before Draco, or the Elder got there. She checked out the remaining parts of the rooms that she couldn't see yesterday. Behind the bed there was a fur of an animal hanging on the wall. to the left of the fur was another window, and to the right was a side-table. On the side table was a glass of water. Star hurried over to it and gulped it down. It wasn't until then that she realized that she was extremely thirsty.
After she finished her drink of water she continued to move around the cabin. She didn't want to try the door yet, if there was a guard outside, she didn't want to let them know she was awake. On the desk next to the water glass she set down was a book. All of a sudden everything came back to her. The forest, the temple, the book! Star snatched up the book and opened it to a random page. All she saw was a blank page. She flipped to another page. Blank. "That can't be right..." Star said to herself. She remembered that the pages were filled with letters and symbols that she couldn't read. Now there was only nothing. She sat down on the bed in defeat. The Book was the only thing that she had to prove what she knew was true. Just then the door opened and in walked Draco. She noticed this time he wasn't wearing his armor. and that his sword was gone as well. This puzzled her. Draco looked like the type of person that carries his sword everywhere, and is always fighting something. In the light of the cabin she could make out that Draco was about 5 foot 9, and had silvery-blue-white hair. he was wearing a dark-brown tunic, and grey pants. Draco came over and sat on the end of the bed. He noticed that Star was holding the book and saw the look of disappointment on her face.
"So the book is empty, isn't it?" Draco asked.
Star didn't even want to reply, so she just nodded. She felt as if there was nothing else for her now.  She couldn't go back to her village because she would be considered an evil person and almost anything but cast out from her village.
"Do you wanna know what happened? …To you I mean." Draco looked into her eyes and saw that she already knew. He didn't say anything after that. They just sat there for what seemed like forever, and then Draco looked out the window and saw the sun was setting again. "I must be going, Star. Please have a good nights rest. You're important to all of us here." With that he got up and walked out the door. Star was still sitting there as the sunset and night fell upon the place she was in. She didn't notice when she actually fell asleep, but not five seconds after she felt she was really asleep, the door slammed open.
In the doorway stood Draco. Blood ran down the side of his arm and his sword was clenched in one hand, and in the other was a cloak, or fabric of sorts. He tossed it over to Star, who was now wide awake, and she caught the cloak. As soon as it left his hands, Draco shouted at her to put on the cloak and that they were leaving. She looked into his eyes and saw a fear that made her not question him. She quickly donned the robe, grabbed a small satchel, and stuffed the book inside. After that she moved over to Draco who grabbed her wrist and dragged her behind him as they made their way to the stables. As soon as she stepped outside she was hit with a combination of heat and the smell of smoke. Fire! Draco pulled her through streets and alleyways so she didn't have time to know where she was staying. everything went by in a blur as they rushed past the buildings. Draco stopped suddenly and she almost ran into him but caught herself just in time. Draco stopped because up ahead was a man, clad in dark armor. He saw them for he was staring right at them, but he looked away and continued on his way down the street. Draco took this chance and dashed forward with star at his heels and they finally made it to the stables. Draco got his horse, and then told her to choose one, and be quick about it. She didn't need to be told twice. Star walked briskly through the barn and found a stallion in the back that was going crazy. She approached it and it saw her. Then a funny thing happened. The horse immediately calmed down and bowed its head at her. She took this as a sign that the horse accepted her. She mounted the horse and quickly made her way back out to Draco. Draco looked at her then the horse and she saw that this horse had never been tamed before written all over his face. After a moment's hesitation, Draco said only two words, "Let's Go." And the sound of hoofs filled the air as they escaped the flames of the now forgotten village.

So comment and let me know what you think. Also, pardon the grammer issues. It's still a rough draft. Thanks ~ Me(Andy)


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Well, I made this so that i could share my artwork. What's more to tell? ;-)


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