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Alternate History Project: Flags of West Asia by Void-Wolf Alternate History Project: Flags of West Asia :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 14 0 Flag: New Kazakh Khanate by Void-Wolf Flag: New Kazakh Khanate :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 9 0 Flag: Kingdom of Nepal by Void-Wolf Flag: Kingdom of Nepal :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 13 6 Flag: Republic of Maharashtra by Void-Wolf Flag: Republic of Maharashtra :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 9 0 A Globe of Gothic Horror by Void-Wolf A Globe of Gothic Horror :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 40 2 Flag: Republic of Gujurat by Void-Wolf Flag: Republic of Gujurat :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 15 0 Flag: Bengali Rajadom by Void-Wolf Flag: Bengali Rajadom :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 15 2 Flag: Republic of Odisha by Void-Wolf Flag: Republic of Odisha :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 24 1 Flag:The Maharajdom of Gangestan by Void-Wolf Flag:The Maharajdom of Gangestan :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 16 3 Flag: Holy City State of Mecca by Void-Wolf Flag: Holy City State of Mecca :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 16 0 Flag: Holy City State of Medina by Void-Wolf Flag: Holy City State of Medina :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 21 0 Flag: Holy City State of Jerusalem by Void-Wolf Flag: Holy City State of Jerusalem :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 26 0 Flag: Afghan Kingdom by Void-Wolf Flag: Afghan Kingdom :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 20 2 Flag: Shasindhu Confederacy by Void-Wolf Flag: Shasindhu Confederacy :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 14 3 Flag: Dravidian Rasadom by Void-Wolf Flag: Dravidian Rasadom :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 18 2 Flag: The Jegunyar Khanate by Void-Wolf Flag: The Jegunyar Khanate :iconvoid-wolf:Void-Wolf 17 0


Rajan Singh by TheLivingShadow Rajan Singh :iconthelivingshadow:TheLivingShadow 123 16
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What do the Democratic-Socialists Want?
Right now, if you asked the average voter what the DSA or Justice Democrats, or Working Families party stand for, you'll probably get some variation of Socialism. The right will say Communism, the left will say Democratic Socialism, and the middle wont' know who these people are because there are maybe 200,000 from all three groups combined. If you ask them what policies they support, 9/10 they'll just say what they THINK a Democratic-Socialist would want. But I'd like to know... what do these people actually want to do? Where is there manifesto? What specific policies do they want to address and how? If the DSA took 30 seats in the House and formed a coalition government with the Democrats, what would they want to push for?
This is really starting to bother me because the most sophisticated answers I get from Democratic-Socialists are either, "Tax the Rich," "Universal Healthcare," or "Abolish capitalism." That isn't a manifesto, that's petulant whining about issues with no clear plan
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Beginner's Guide
Welcome to Pokemon Township. We're glad to have you! 
image by Riiahime
You must be absolutely dying to get in there and start meeting other members, roleplaying, drawing and befriending Pokemon. But wait! Before you get to it, I would like to tell you about a few important pages you should look at before or right after you join. If you didn't get a chance to join this round, don't worry! We'll open again. For now, give the group a watch so you'll receive updates, as well as check our open/closed status on the upper right side of our front page. 
Now, I know you're excited to get in there and start roleplaying and chatting it up with the other members, but I would like to go ahead and tell you about a few important pages that you should definitely look at before joining or right after you join. If you didn't get the chance to join this time around, be sure to watch the group for updates as well as check our open/closed status located on the right side of our
:iconpokemontownship:PokemonTownship 24 62
18KrillinBegins by tran4of3 18KrillinBegins :icontran4of3:tran4of3 1,411 148 Shaggy and Scooby by NEOmi-triX Shaggy and Scooby :iconneomi-trix:NEOmi-triX 843 36 Heroes, Kings, and Gods by eatalllot Heroes, Kings, and Gods :iconeatalllot:eatalllot 1,520 154


Alternate History Project: Flags of West Asia
This took longer than I thought, but behold! The flags of West Asia!

Most of these I designed though a few are of course the classic flags.

Hopefully East Asia won't take as long!
Flag: New Kazakh Khanate
Almost forgot this guy... something is coming,


While most of former Central Asia sided with either the Mondial Entente or Die Weltbund, the Kazakhs decided to join the neutrality route. Despite being invited to join the Association of Free Nations, they turned the opportunity down. In part, this was due to some remaining bitterness toward the Russians, at least according to rumor (though despite this, they still use Cyrllic as their main writing language, at least before getting the Kazakh Latin alphabet, made from the Turkic Latin alphabet.)

The Kazakh Khanate is a neutral nation, but uses its position to serve as a powerful trade and communications hub between the various nations of three organizations. This along with the constant interaction with various peoples means the Kazakh Khanate has gotten lucrative ventures from serving between them all. Furthermore, the money has been invested in using their natural resources to further sell to everyone around them or use them to grow. All while maintaining most traditions, though they would have to do social reforms, either through progressive ministers or the fears of financial trouble from their neighbors.

The flag contains the Kazakh knot, though changed color into gold while also including the Kazakh koshkar-muiz (ram horn) patterns.
West Asia (Mondial Entente)
EDIT: More edits

The West Asian members of the Mondial Entente.

The Second Great Game reshaped the area forever and while the crown jewel of the British Empire was lost, the people were not. A surprising amount remained loyal to the British in some form or fashion, eve after the Dravidian split. The heart of India would unite under the Ganges while Bengal would unite yet ultimately side with the British in exchange for their recognition of said independence. Meanwhile, a confederacy was formed from five differing states (East and West Punjab, Sindh, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh), serving to stay to Britain's side.

In addition, the confederacy would grant Britain access deeper into the land. The Confederacy and Gangestan would support Bukhara in the conflict between them and Khiva and in return, the successor state would support the Dzungar and Uyghur rebels in China, which would result in the Khanate there (having made an alliance to Japan prior to during the Pacific War), joining the Mondial Entente.
West Asia (Association of Free Nations)
EDIT: Some bit of editing.

In West Asia, there is no real official prominent member that represents them regarding the AFN. However, Iran is considered by most of the League, including West Asia themselves, as the unofficial spokesperson due to their size and prestige.

The AFN  did not involve themselves much in the Second Great Game, especially since they were rebuilding after the Pacific War. However, they did take the oppportunity to go and scout out for new members when the dust was clearing out.. Iran was the first one to do so, being the fifth nation to join (sixth with one counts the Ainu State the USA set up, albeit it was a protectorate at the time.) From the post-British Raj though,  it was Gujurat after (who had given Kutch to their neighbors in exchange for aid down the line.) Maharastrah and Odisha would join soon after and Nepal would end up doing so after a mutual neutrality agreement with Bhutan fell through.
West Asia (Die Weltbund)
Here's a sneak peak of what's coming!

West Asia... formerly known as Central Asia and the Middle East, it would become a hotspot of activity. After the defeat of the Entente, Russia would give land to Khiva and Bukhara, which would soon end up in conflict with one another. Furthermore, Afghanistan would side with the Ottomans in order to help maintian stability during the reforms (as well as annex Baluchistan) and when the British control in India finally fell, the Germans exploited the opportunity to back the Dravidian peoples into forming their own territory along with the island of Ceylon.

The Ottomans are the dominant force of West Asia and through the use of its navy and planes, they help their allies out across West Asia.
Is absolutely amazing 
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