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Beginner's Guide
Welcome to Pokemon Township. We're glad to have you! 
image by Riiahime
You must be absolutely dying to get in there and start meeting other members, roleplaying, drawing and befriending Pokemon. But wait! Before you get to it, I would like to tell you about a few important pages you should look at before or right after you join. If you didn't get a chance to join this round, don't worry! We'll open again. For now, give the group a watch so you'll receive updates, as well as check our open/closed status on the upper right side of our front page. 
Now, I know you're excited to get in there and start roleplaying and chatting it up with the other members, but I would like to go ahead and tell you about a few important pages that you should definitely look at before joining or right after you join. If you didn't get the chance to join this time around, be sure to watch the group for updates as well as check our open/closed status located on the right side of our
:iconpokemontownship:PokemonTownship 20 62
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Conversion: Negotiations
"Excuse me?" Princess Celestia asked confused and bewildered at what she heard from the phone (an obvious requirement in this situation, though set up had been difficult at best). "Negotiate what? ... Oh I see. Well, the newspapers said the general who fired the nuclear missile did so without orders, and was mentally ill. Yes, I read the newspapers, why wouldn't I? You believe in freedom of the press after all, so do we.
"...Yes, It's sad how many still think the Veil is a physical wall instead of the edge of the spreading magic like the edge of a flood...or maybe the wall of a hurricane or tornado is a better word, a blast could theoretically blow away the water of a flood. I think even he was surprised when the missile simply went straight through it.
"I'll admit I had to think faster than I have in a long long time. But it's not the first time I had to absorb that type of energy, let me tell you about the time author AK Yearling suffered radiation sickness... Clean up radiation zone
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 13 23


Flag: Jewish State of Cyprus
Another new flag! This time for the oddball of the Western European Trade Union.

Despite the victory of the Central Powers, the British maintained their hold on the island of Cyprus. Greece's attempts at obtaining the island failed due to their neutraity, especially with the loyalty of the Basileus of Greece to the Kaiser. The Ottomans meanwhile made their own attempt, but lost their opportunity at an earlier deal in which the British would pull out of Arabia and thus, leaving the Sauds helpless before the might of the Rashid and their Ottoman allies.

However, time moves on and as the great economies of the world adjusted to the post-war order, many of the Cypriot Greeks and Cypriot Turks would end up leaving for Greece and the Ottoman Empire to seek economic opportunity while joining their countrymen. The only ones who could not go were those who couldn't afford it or did not pass the immigration tests of the nation for various reasons. As Cyprus was organized into a British colony, the remaining groups began intermingling and a new unified identity began being born. Especially as a result of economic hardships.

And then the British got an idea.

After the failure in securing any Jewish homeland from the Ottomans, they decided to make Cyprus into that. Large popuations of Jews began moving into the island, though under the condition of respecting their neighbors and vice versa. It was a mixed bag for the remaining people. On the one hand, they would soon become out-numbered and anti-semitism still lingered even for some of the Jews already present. On the other hand, many of them invested in the island and beyond and brought a miraculous economic recovery for them. While ideas were tossed around for having the island be dividied, a group of Cyriot Turks and Greeks along with some Jews came up with a new idea. Forming a new national identity.

Linguists were invited to create a new Cypriot language, a combination of Cypriot Turkish and Cypriot Greek along with some Jewish words tossed in, with the alphabet being created from the two. Eventually, the new Cypriot language and alphabet would be put into place as the official language.

At the same time though, the Jewish languages would become a more and more common language to be used as anti-semitism faded away over time, to where public buildings and signs would have their messeges in Hebrew along with Cypriot. However, thw Hebrew used was actually New Hebrew, a modernized version of the system which went from an impure abjad to an official alphabet while reading from left to right and with somewhat different looking letters, while the Old Hebrew would still be used on Torahs and Talmuds. New Hebrew would also adopt more than a few words from Cypriot and in English, the latter serving as the unofficial unifying language during this transitional period and indeed is the second most spoken language in Cyprus, after Cypriot, though Cypriot Greek and Turk still exist on the islands.

Despite it being officially designated as the Jewish State of Cyprus upon its release, Judaism is not the official religion of the nation, though it is the majority (as some sought to convert into Judaism in the hopes of giving their children a better networking advantage) with the Orthodox Church still maintaining a stronghold within the nation and co-existing with Judaism on the island.

The flag was the design with the Star of David in the center though the colors were chosen as reflective of the old Byzantine Empire of the past.
Western European Trade Union
Another mini-map! This time showing the Western European Trade Union!

Headed by the British Commonwealth alongside Third French Republic, they were built from the defeated Entente of the Great War, but work together to maintain the strength and economic influence in the world. The WETU remains the dominant power of their global economic bloc though Brazil and Japan are also powerful players.

Some of the nations here will get flags for those I have not added at the time of posting this.

The nations that aren't in either of the AngloFrench or German dominated camps are either neutral or part of the League of Nations. A map for them will be made soon.
Eastern European League
Here's a mini map showing the situation in Europe, dividing amongst various economic blocs.  First one is the Osteuropäische Liga, the German-dominated economic bloc of mainland Europe.

Their long-time ally, the Şafakstan Empire, has a special status, but is technically not considered part of it, if namely to ensure German dominance over in Europe.

It shows alot of the nations I've made flags for along with a few others who will have flags made or already have RL flags.

Yes, the German Empire is quite bic and yeat it does look like a wolf's head if you look at it in the right way.
Flag: The Dinarsche Principality/Kingdom
Another flag, another German quasi-puppet state!

After the collapse of the Austria-Hungary Empire, the lands were divided up. While Austria would join their German brethren and Hungary would end up becoming Carpathia with northern Serbia, Romania and Moldova, the rest of the Southern slavic states would be organized into the Dinarsche Principality. A combination of Bosnia, Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, the six regions were combined and ruled under Prince Oskar Karl Gustav Adolf of Prussia as one of the principalities under the domain of the German Empire. Speaking a variety of languages, German was promoted as a unifying language between them.

Much like the Principality of Windenland and the Grand Duchy of Livonia, the Dinarsche Principality would become the Dinarsche Kingdom in the 1960s with the reformation of the German Empire into its Weltreich system along with the form of the Liga.

The flag is that of Croatia, albeit with the golden German stripe though with six white stars, representing the six key regions of the Dinarsche.
Flag: Kingdom of Carpathia
And here we go, another flag from my alternate history project!

This one is a bit of an odd one.

After the collapse of Austria-Hungary soon after the Great War, the various regions were divided up amongst the conquered areas as well. Hungary was stripped of a good deal of its land, (leaving it OTL size) before being combined with the conquered Romanian areas along with the horthern parts of Serbia to form the Kingdom of Carpathia, named after the Carpathian Mountains defining the area. It is considered to be the successor state of Austria-Hungary, if namely because of the Hasberg rule of the place. While the Habsberg King does have more autonomy than the German-made principalities, it is still heavily under German sway. The regions of Danube and Morava also were added to Carpathia and indeed, many of the Serbs loyal to the Habsbergs were located here, while the southern half of Serbia would be abosrbed by the Kingdom of Great Bulgaria.

Both Hungarian and Romanian are the main lanugages though Serbian was accepted as a regional language in the 1930s and of course, there are plenty of German speakers in the area due to the German hegemony over much of Europe. The House of Habsberg still rules the Kingdom of Carpathia to this day. The flag had the classic red and green of the Hungarian flag with the German gold strope in the center of it.
Is absolutely amazing 
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