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just deserts (plural only) - (idiomatic) A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved. Deserts here is the plural of desert, meaning "that which one deserves". It is rarely used with this meaning outside this phrase. The spelling "just desserts" is commonly seen but is incorrect. The misspelling is occasionally used deliberately as a play on words in the names of restaurants etc. (Wiktionary)

Frame: ~chulii-stock
Fabric: *Falln-Stock
Paper: *ftourini
Choker: ~elixiumgothic
Hair: ~azreheal
Face: Yours Truly
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Ha! This is nice :)

How are you doing? Following you here and on twitter, I was worried you weren't so fine lately, but then again, it was a bit too cryptic for me to figure out anything :p

In any case, I hope you're fine :heart:
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Had a wonderful time in America, weather-wise and not only. Once back, I enjoyed 6 weeks of mild, sunny, quiet, dry weather and am beginning to enjoy the wetter, still partly cloudy December. Lots of exercise, lots of reading, the remainder of the time I am at work. About to have a wonderful time in India (leaving on 27/12). :tea:
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Wha! Seems like you're having the life then ;)

I switched, too! I left law and now I'm making movies :D I'll upload one soon here :)
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
You know what? That'd be one of the awesome-st things I have heard lately. Go go go! :D
NEOkeitaro's avatar
I know right? :D I shot two since October, and I'm shooting another one next week. Online soon! :D
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
:whisper: Am still waiting on certain two dAvinities to give me the green light to post some of my own (still frame) shooting done while in America. But when I get it ...
NEOkeitaro's avatar
Why didn't you ask me? Here, have an invite ;)
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Oh, silly goose. I was referring to photos, and for permission to post on the internet at all. Thanks anyway! :D
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