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chasing a dream
it's not about a fight
between one and other people
between one and other's perception
between one and the world
it's simply a battle
between one and themselves
between one and their ideal self
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Teatime for one by void-contains-all Teatime for one :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 10 1 Freedom of Speech by void-contains-all Freedom of Speech :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 2 0
I'm here
I'm back here again
I thought I have cast away
this kind of feeling
this darkness dwelling up inside
but in the end
It comes back
new and strong
familiar yet different
suffocating and welcoming
I thought I have changed
(was it for the best or worse?)
I thought I have fixed that gruesome part of myself
(have I accepted it or let it suffers in silence?)
Back then I thought this was the best thing
this misery, springing up more story in me
But now that I know it will pass
I can't even conjure a story anymore
What is a storyteller without his story?
(Aah, the world in my head is crumbling apart...)
I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry...
Which way is home? I don't know anymore...

As if the thing I cast away returns
and I'm no longer part of it now
It returns for a visit like it's always been
but I have completely forgotten how to greet it
It must be frustrating
both for me and them
to change yet still the same inside
to not be sure which way is up and down anymore
I'm scared
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Flan Doodle by void-contains-all Flan Doodle :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 11 7 In the meantime by void-contains-all In the meantime :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 3 0 Welcome To Hell by void-contains-all Welcome To Hell :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 15 0
What if
I am someone who is not supposed to [exist]
So sometimes I close my eyes and wonder:
"How would the world be if I was never [born] ?"
Thinking of those possibilities, silently without a word
...I guess I just burst out laughing
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Scarlet Archivist by void-contains-all Scarlet Archivist :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 23 5
Tale of A Pitiful Monster
one day there was a monster
a monster who looks just like a human
and that monster is always alone
it’s not like the monster hate people
perhaps on contrary he loves human
that’s why when his madness come out
he always secluded himself
so that nobody will get hurt
so that only him will get hurt
but is it really alright to do that?
the monster is different from human
so sometimes he saw people
with a hint of pain in his eyes
but then he remembered
“That’s right. I’m not a human.”
and the monster smiled
in reality, what did the monster felt?
he didn’t know himself
perhaps he didn’t feel anything
one day the monster felt strange
the pain kept coming without an end
it hurts… it hurts… it hurts…
but it’s alright, the monster said
I’m alright… I’m alright… I’m alright…
he kept chanting those words
it hurts, but I’m fine
because I’m strong
I’ll heal myself in no time
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Flying Fried Chicken by void-contains-all Flying Fried Chicken :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 10 5 Future by void-contains-all Future :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 6 3
Paradox of Self
I'm weak
And yet,
I'm strong
I'm a coward who live with courage
A pessimist who see the future with hope
I am a person who's filled with sadness,
yet keep smiling through everything
A being of paradox;
the embodiment of love and hate,
the dramatic mix of tragedy and laughter
That's what I am
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Revolving Questions
All this time
I keep asking myself the same things
even after the many knowledge I got,
even after how many experiences I went through,
in the end I keep asking
those very same things
By then, I started to doubt myself
Do everything I've learned until now mean anything?
Is the me of today really better than the me of yesterday?
Do I ever grow up at all?
Behind the hollow praises I heard from people around me,
those questions haunt my deepest mind...
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I want to fit in, yet, at the same time,
I want to be different
While thinking about this I lose sight of myself
Feeling isolated from everything around me, I asked: What am I?
Do 'I' even exist ?
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What is happiness? by void-contains-all What is happiness? :iconvoid-contains-all:void-contains-all 6 7
...swaying here and there in the unknown.

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