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Twilitober 2023 - Mask


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Twilitober 2023 - Mask


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Notre Dame Montreal

Cultural References

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TMNT #150

Best Form of Flattery

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what is real...?


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Land of Dragons II

Finding Elysium

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FREE + Real Papers and Pencils Charcoal Brush PACK

Creative Prompts

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Symbiont World by przemek-duda

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Selling your Adoptables

Adoptables Week By now I hope you’ve learned quite a bit about adoptables. But once you’ve made and priced a design, how do you go about selling them? When selling anything on DeviantArt, it is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with a buyer's market. Most people on DA don’t have a lot of money, and most of them make art. This means that there are a lot of people trying to sell art and designs, and not a lot of people who can afford to buy them. To illustrate: when I search for 'adoptables' now I get 3,668,913 results, and more are added every minute. To stand out from the crowd you will have to make an effort.

Finding Your Own Way Around DA by Iduna-Haya

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Hidden Fractalist Interview - Esherymack

Hello to everyone reading this journal! Before we move on to the interview itself, some of you may ask yourselves questions such as, ‘What is fractal art?’ or ‘Who are ‘fractalists’?’ Let me provide you with a very brief introduction. According to the Oxford Dictionary, fractal is a curve or geometrical figure in which each part shares the same statistical characteristics as the whole. These structures can be found throughout nature, including in plants, minerals, and even in different states of matter such as gas (smoke), liquid (waves), or solid (snowflakes). In simpler terms, Fractal Art refers to fractals presented as an art form, created using fractal-generating software. Term "Fractalist" consists simply of the two words - fractal, and artist. If you would like to know a little bit more, I recommend these brief, yet informative journals by C-91 and tatasz. Finally, welcome to the latest issue of a project called Hidden Fractalist, led by me, @LukasFractalizator. I initiated

Fractals and Spin Art

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Auriel, archangel of Hope


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Daily Eye Drawing 2024

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Reborn in an Endless Cycle

The Legend of Zelda

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