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Piapro Studio
Its called Fashion Darling, Look it up by My-Magic-Dream
Rin Kagamine by ValeriaDiStefano
Kagamine Len by Namumi
Miku by chiyaransu
Wonderland by LizzyStarie
KAITO // VOCALOID by IgnacioFeliz2
Reverse Rainbow by AliceLuvsMirai
Morpho Bleu by Kp-sama
Kagamine Len Icon   FREE TO USE! by JeffHarrison02
Seeu by Sofiia-C
[VOCALOID] Sakura IA by Sofiia-C
-MMD Request- The Night is Still Young by RAIN-P
UTAUloid- Happy 8th Anniversary by Namumi
.:[UTAU] - Emil Ito Animation:. by Miyalitea
Kasane Teto by ScarletDestiney
Namine Ritsu by Namumi
Tsukuyomi Ai Imagination-Machinist by CrisisNoi
Yuzuki Yukari- God Eater (Crossover) by Rouss-Black
Tohoku Zunko Fantasy-Sniper by CrisisNoi
She Unites You All With Her Voice by KagamochiLen
Synthesizer V
Hai Yi by LilithBriar
Retro Eleanor Forte by ScarletDestiney
Koharu Rikka by ohmytrancyy
SynthV - Genbu by hitobashira-alice
CeVIO Creative Studio
New Sasara sketch by Caribou-Drive
MMD CeVIO Yuzuki Yukari and Ginsaki Yamato -SIP- by GalletasPrincipe
ONE live by Thorn-Reed
IA and ONE by BunBunHope
Karakuri Pierrot ft. Xiao Meihua (DeepVocal Cover) by MisteryEevee
UTAU/DV Release: Xiao Meihua CHN (Art by KUREiiRO) by MisteryEevee
Star Mate ft. Novallus Moondancer DeepVocal Cover by MisteryEevee
9Bang15 Bianshi ft. Xiao Meihua (DeepVocal Cover) by MisteryEevee
Chipspeech and Alter Ego
Marie Ork by Preuss-492
LEORA by XatuEyes
Alter/Ego Bones Rotating Metal Keychain by MisteryEevee
Re:Lady Parsec Imagination-fusilier by CrisisNoi
The Macne Series
Macne Coco Choco Fest by Aleyra
Jam Band
Dotpict 20150225 124314 by nanashia
FL Studio
Fl-Chan by BurstExceed
Characters Officially Related to a VOCALOID
Daughter of White by AliceLuvsMirai
Other Voice Synthesizers - TTS
Vora Imagination-Priestess by CrisisNoi
Crossover Between Different Voice Synthesizers
ROSA y VFLOWER by IgnacioFeliz2
Len from Vocaloid Stylish Energy 3 by Heatray2009






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Welcome to Voice-Synthesizers!! We're the first fanclub that's for all vocal synthesizers! We're a fanclub for Vocaloid, UTAU, Macloid, Voiceroid, CeVIO, and other TTS (text to speech)/voice programs etc...
We're currently trying to improve the quality of this group. If you have any suggestions please make a comment, we want to make this group better!

Submission Guidlines:
You must join to submit artwork. Submissions are not automatically accepted, however you may submit as many submissions as you want. We will try to get to them shortly. Submissions under the mature filter will be declined. If your submission is declined it may because you didn't follow these rules carefully, we'll leave a comment on the deviation submission process if your work didn't get accepted. Sometimes it's a simple mistake such as submitting to a wrong folder, so please place your submission accordingly!

:bulletblue:Please read the folder's list of accepted characters
or your submission may be declined.

:bulletblue: No stolen artwork. If we find that you've stolen artwork, you will be warned, continuing to submit stolen artwork will result in a ban from the group. We will also report you if you have multiple stolen deviation. Please make your own art, guys. However, Commissioned artwork that was commissioned by you and has the original artists approval to upload may be submitted.

:bulletblue: We do NOT accept OC, fanloids, fan made character, unrecognized derivatives, or gender-bend characters what so ever.

:bulletblue: We DO accept OFFICIALLY recognized derivatives/fan made character if they are recognized and accepted by a official company.
Officially recognized derivatives such as Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Mikudayo, and etc are allowed to be submitted.
Place them in Characters Officially Related to a VOCALOID folder.

:bulletblue: We do not accept artwork featuring non-synthesizer character. No anime character, game, or other copyright may be submitted - even when it features a synthesizer. We want to keep this group voice synth-oriented.

:bulletblue: We only accept synthesizers with at least one original voicebank. For example: If you submit your UTAU that is based on another original UTAU, it will not be submitted. It has to have different recordings and must be it's own voice. If it is based off a current UTAU, it is considered fan made. Please try to record your own original UTAU.

:bulletblue: We no longer accept MMD pictures with no artistic value whatsoever. Fan-fiction submissions goes in to the Fan-fiction folder. Photography submissions of cosplays and figurines go into the Photography folder. Journals and "renders" (stolen artwork, just with transparency as a background), are not allowed.

:bulletblue: We do not accept hate work. Ex. "I hate such-and-such vocaloid blablabla" or "I hate this-and-this pairing"
We are a fan group for ALL voice synthesizer, therefore, we do not promote anything negative toward a specific character,voice synthesizer, or a pairing.

:bulletblue: As for dealing with Macne Nana, please place images about her in the folder The Macne Series Do NOT submit any artwork of her to the UTAU or VOCALOID folders. Other Macne character are only permitted in the Macne folder.

:bulletblue: We no longer accept deviations under the mature filter.
As we reach the end of 2020, people all over the world are finding ways to celebrate. It's been a long and difficult year; there's no doubt about that.
In China, there's always some form of celebration at the end of the year. For 2020, at the bilibili party, Luo Tianyi was invited to perform as a guest vocalist. There, she sang a cover of "夜航星" ("Y Hng Xīng"), but not only that, the song was using her VOCALOID5 version, which was confirmed by Rosary, a developer at Shanghai HENIAN.
In addition, Tianyi was confirmed to have a "Nature" voicebank, but things haven't been quite finalized yet.
Check out the demo here:
Feel free to give out your thoughts!
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256NatLiz Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019
Has anyone heard of or read/seen a Vocaloid musical? I don't mean one where the Vocaloids play different characters: I mean a musical about the Vocaloids, in their world, with dialogue and songs and lasts at least an hour and a half.
If not, would you be interested in having such a musical exist?
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And Haiyi had confirmation, thas she was in fact not meant for Vocaloid, but for a whole new synthesizer itself. :o
MisteryEevee Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018
For Haiyi, it would be more helpful if VNN actually posted a source for it rather than not provide one. :/
CrisisNoi Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, that would be really helpful...
I wonder where they got that from?
MisteryEevee Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2018
The thing about VNN is that sometimes they have inside information or are able to communicate with some of the companies (or people in the fandom in general), but one of the problems with this is that they sometimes just don't provide any source of where they find it. This is a general problem in the Western fandom especially, mainly because we experience too many hoaxes, misinformation, and distrust. Things would simply be way more solid if they actually provide where they get it from in the first place unless it's exclusive (their interviews for instance). :/
RandomKing253 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
heey weird question, is there anyway I can get Chono Masahiloid , or Matsupoid's vers on windows 100?
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