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Thou Shalt Die
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They Reached the End
The writers who most sought to win--
The final four that never gave in--
These are the stories they chose to scribe,
The souls whose lives we now imbibe:
The Devil's Daughter
Forever abandoned, eternally lone,
So often adopted, but never quite known,
An orphan of sin, masquerading as sweet,
Broken hearts paving the ground at her feet.
The Fallen Deceiver
Once god of tricks, as man, he lies.
On gullible fools, his trade, he plies.
So don't ask his name, unless prepared
For property lost and mind ensnared.
The Weapons for Hire
Angry soldiers never die--
Vengeance burns too hot to try--
Boil instead alongside scum,
Trading pride for fiscal sum.
The Hosts of the Night
He drinks blood while she eats bone.
His face grins though hers is stone.
He crafts pranks, and she seals deals,
But mostly they just serve great meals.
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 4 4
Switch Around Meme by Voice-of-Levity Switch Around Meme :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 3 0
Wear Boots
Our ants are meaner than your ants are mean;
Mini volcanoes scar every lawn's green,
Each mound of dirt spewing six-legged fires,
Red and black armies of acid and ire.
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 3
Who is the Reaper?
Some would give comfort,
Others, just death;
Which one will sort
Through those lacking in breath?
Choose your answers,
Name the names,
Be a winner,
Don't shift blame.
His roles conflict, the needs cut deep,
But surgeons have no time for sleep,
And even in your final rest,
This saint will strive to serve you best.
This nurse, she seeks to do you ill,
Injects your death with proper skill
As, bedside smile upon her face,
She works to end the human race.
Born a plague that like man walks,
Comes too close, and ceaseless talks.
He's tiny lives that can't stay dead,
And so he lets you die instead.
Killing sister
Casts a spell,
Seeking power,
Making hell.
As pretty face to make men pause,
The perfect lady brooks no flaws;
She lends her voice and eyes to charm,
And lifts no hands to dole out harm.
Burnt, discarded, and cast out like dirt,
Her name tells a story, and the story did hurt.
But hardy and stubborn, refusing to bend,
Her name says her story ain't ready to end.
This hunte
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 3 14
Secret Agents Santa for CoffeeDiPencer by Voice-of-Levity Secret Agents Santa for CoffeeDiPencer :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 4 2 Secret of Scribbleykins by Voice-of-Levity Secret of Scribbleykins :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 2 11
Poem for Ashlin
Within the sword to which she's bound,
Her dancer's soul can still be found
As twirls a blade with grace most fair
To flow through foe as if through air.
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 2
My Eyes are Different
I have one green eye and one brown eye. The green eye sees truth, but the brown eye sees much, much more believable things. Right now the brown eye sees a pudgy man in a white sweater vest. My green eye insists that he's a big, brown glob of slime oozing across the neighboring lawn.
Gloop glorp gloop?
"Just going for a run, Mr. Walker!" I answer.
"You're beginning to sound like Mom. Of course I'll be careful!"
"Now you sound exactly like Mom."
We share a laugh, the sludge monster and I. Dean Walker is a real nice guy. Always friendly. Comes to church every Sunday. Volunteers to clean up the neighborhood trash.
The rest of my evening routine comes naturally. Remember to lock the door. Shout an ironic goodbye to parents that, as usual, aren't home. Bend down to check my sneaker laces. Stretch legs. Pat the iPod in my pocket. Start the warm-up jog. Smile because I love this.
My sunglasses stay in my bedroom this time. It's getting too dark already, and
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 8
Trainee 31 - Kali Mariano by Voice-of-Levity Trainee 31 - Kali Mariano :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 6 5 Mad Science Avatar by Voice-of-Levity Mad Science Avatar :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 0 Voice Meme by Voice-of-Levity Voice Meme :iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 0 13
Six Word Story
Lessons Learned:
*Unicorns? Real.
*Tasty? No.
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 10 9
A6C Rd1: Booze and Shenanigans
After being strong-armed into a joining a criminal gang in an unfamiliar city, Robbie Jones carefully climbed into his unfamiliar, dirty bunk and tried to get some sleep. He found himself wishing for things. Escape. Safety.  One more chance to prove his worth.  A happy life with honest work. Friendship.
Wouldn't it be nice to have even one of these things?
A night soon after.
"...and that's when I saw the scary policeman, except he wasn't really scary, n-not like most of them, I mean..."
Didn't this yank ever shut up?
Edge considered himself a professional in the true British sense. He could take trudging through muddy grass and reeds in what used to be nice shoes, and with his tie loosened, the heat was almost tolerable.  He could even force himself to ignore the constant mosquitoes. Robbie's constant blathering, though, might be pushing things a little.
Not that Edge hadn't listened to annoying sorts before. One time he had endured a complete s
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 3 20
A6C Ref: Robbie Jones
Name: Robbie Jones
Age: 23
Gender: Male
--Physical Details--
Height: 6ft 6in
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Skinny and undernourished but strong, especially when panicked.
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Fair, barely tanned. Freckled.
Defining Features: Robbie's hair is short, red, and curly. His arms are disproportionately long.  Scars and pale blotches decorate his body and are especially prolific on his hands. He moves with the exaggerated care of the accident-prone. His voice and expression are typically pensive yet hopeful.
Clothing: A white button-up shirt with long sleeves, black trousers with suspenders, and brown work shoes. Also wears a grey newsboy hat, assuming he hasn't lost it yet.
--Adventure Preparedness--
Weapons/Gear: Especially dangerous with tools. Usually has at least one red handkerchief.
Fighting Style: Robbie belongs to the hit-it-as-hard-as-you-can-while-yelling schoo
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 6
A6C Audition: New in Town
Get a job. A good, honest job. Robbie could do that. Just had to find one first.
Then he wouldn't have to spend another hungry night out on the streets of New Orleans, desperately trying to stay warm despite having lost his jacket for reasons that he hoped weren't his fault. Nor was he keen to run screaming from yet another misunderstanding, possibly involving the banana in his hands and the money he didn't have. He'd have worked for it, honest! If only they'd stopped yelling threats long enough to give him a chance to explain...
The sound of heavy, clopping boots nearly startled the young man into running again. Robbie forced himself to turn around and squint into the darkness between streetlamps.
"Ho there! Stop in the name of the law!"
Conflicting instincts: obey authority, run from the law, try and act normal. How did normal people act anyway? Surely he couldn't be in trouble already. He'd only been in town for two days! It was supposed to be his fresh start!
In the end, Robbie jus
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 1 0
Thirteen Sanguine Contestants
Fallen lover of quiet verse
Touches the page and shares her curse:
Words torn to pieces, no voice left to weep,
And little black letters to send you to sleep.
Blood is his power;
His power is pain:
Sins become showers
Of deadly red rain.
Silently special, quietly cute,
Gentlest girl and murderous mute.
With not enough friends to banish her fears,
She spins her long hair into sharp yellow spears.
Though steaming hot metal now burns in his flesh,
His outlook on life is surprisingly fresh.
A hero in truth, his motives are pure:
If hate's a disease, he will fight for the cure.
No respecter of persons, of monsters or men,
Her knife is for hire in hell-blighted dens.
Since honor is only for those who can't stab,
You'd best watch your back, or you'll end on a slab.
Elves may be proud, and elves may be few,
But half-blood and purebred, they're deadly as two.
So still your tongues, keep your taunts to yourself,
As few blades
:iconvoice-of-levity:Voice-of-Levity 10 17


Sacrifice by artistmage Sacrifice :iconartistmage:artistmage 2 3
Ex III: Judge Comments - Round Three
7outerelements vs. BlueLibrarian
Votes: 0-2.5 (0-2 judges; 0-1 readers)
Mippins and Vane:7outerelements: commentsBlueLibrarian: commentsMippins' vote: BlueLibrarianVane's vote: BlueLibrarian
Vote: BlueLibrarian
BlueLibrarian: I have so many thoughts about this entry and so few ideas how to put them into words. There are things I do and don’t like about what you have. I think my favorite scene was the confrontation in Satan’s office. If I’m being honest, I don’t quite understand what it’s purpose was, but boy was it ever cool. And then the whole overall arc with Cernun, seemingly siding with Death only to “
:iconmippins:mippins 1 0
Ex III: Judge Comments - Round Two
fancylances vs. BlueLibrarian
Votes: 0.5-2 (0-2 judges; 1-0 readers)
Mippins and Vane:fancylances: commentsBlueLibrarian: commentsMippins' vote: BlueLibrarianVane's vote: BlueLibrarian
Vote: fancylances
Erin clearly spared no effort in this round. It is dense with reference and character development. Once again, characters were split up to avoid the crowding effect of having so many people standing around, this time to greater effect. Each character set got to do something interesting, and most of them got to make me chuckle.
I'm curious what directions Erin is taking this story, and what assumptions she is making behind the scenes to support her plot. T
:iconmippins:mippins 1 8
EXIII R2 - (Incomplete)
“I can walk on my own!” Eira struggled under the angel’s grip
“Good, then walk.” Nadezhda pushed the rogue away from her, causing her to stumble before catching herself. Lori could only lower her gaze, trying to ignore the eventual scuffle. At least they were almost near the city, but at this point their arguing was getting completely ridiculous
“Man, you’re a meanie-face too,” Plum looked up at the angel, “You’re super uptight and you keep attacking things without warning!”
“I do not,” the angel protested
“You nearly put an arrow through me and you still say that?” Eira stormed up to the other character, but stopped when her creator put herself between both of them.
“C-can,” Lori paused, still keeping her gaze towards the ground “Can you just. . .stop arguing? Every time one of you opens your mouth another just finds a way to start an argument and I just. . .” she t
:iconsilvermokona:Silvermokona 2 1
Ex III: Judge Comments - Round One (Matches 3+4)
JaredSol vs. Leucrotta
Votes: 3.5-0.5 (2-0 judges; 3-1 readers)
*Oh boy, starting off with floating dialogue. A lot of floating dialogue. This works in movies, but not in writing, since it just confuses the reader. Who's speaking? What is the voice supposed to sound like? What's the setting? What's happening? Ground your reader, first and foremost. I have to scroll down before I learn that we're in a speakeasy. Up until that point, the reader is floating in the nether with no sense of the setting (beyond like, a table, but a table tells me nothing).
*Still kind of confused about your characters. I'm not sure whose head we're in, so all these descriptors (the tall man, the antique warrior, the giggling one in the mask) are super lost. Referring to them by name and then giving us descriptions would be a more effective way of giving the reader a mental image of your cast. It's als
:iconmippins:mippins 1 0
Mature content
TEXIII R1: Doing The Devil's Work: Treasure Hunt :iconashana-correlli:Ashana-Correlli 2 4
Chinese Zodiac by snowkatt101 Chinese Zodiac :iconsnowkatt101:snowkatt101 580 114 Dark griffin by AlviaAlcedo Dark griffin :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,146 54 Worlds Apart by celesse Worlds Apart :iconcelesse:celesse 5,061 206 ancient science by sigeel ancient science :iconsigeel:sigeel 1,543 245 Almost... by kelc Almost... :iconkelc:kelc 9,535 848 Hamster Wisdom 1 by Nashoba-Hostina Hamster Wisdom 1 :iconnashoba-hostina:Nashoba-Hostina 44 53 - taking shape - by oomizuao - taking shape - :iconoomizuao:oomizuao 3,230 159 I'm fine by lizleeillustration I'm fine :iconlizleeillustration:lizleeillustration 189 86
Show HTML on DA as Text
WARNING: do not copy and paste if you have other html codes not listed here you want to share with others. You have to manually type out the code yourself. dA changed some things in the backend of their site after I wrote this deviation.
(12/5/2014) Edit: I removed the old convoluted code I had before someone introduced me to a cleaner method. Given how old this deviation is, I've deleted the complex version in favor for the easier one for future users to use.

I know there are some deviants that have been having a tough time explaining how to do HTML in comments, journals, or deviations. This short tutorial will teach you how to show HTML format without activating it.
Q: Hey Neo, how do you do bold font?
A: bold</b>
Q: How about underline the font?
A: underline
Q: Wait, can you show me how you show the entire code? I tried to show my online friend how to, but it would just bold/italicized/underlined my text. All they see is bold
:iconneocoolstar:neocoolstar 65 119
The Doctor
When I was seven, I was diagnosed with emotions.
"Poor girl." I heard them say. "She'll never survive this one."
I laid with my face towards the ceiling on the cold examination table, listening to them discuss my fate. I felt something breaking in my chest and something burning inside my throat. A small tear slipped down my cheek.
"Doctor! Look at this!" Shrieked my mother, "Something is coming out of her eye."
The doctor rushed over to me and wiped the tear from my cheek. He touched the top of my head as he whispered, "I am so sorry." And then he turned to my mother. "It's a tear. It means that she is sad."
"Sad?" My mother asked inquisitively.
"It's one of her emotions. This doesn't attack the same way that normal diseases do, there are all sorts of different symptoms. Right now, she is sad and the only way that I know how to explain it is that she is feeling down."
"What do you mean by down?"
"Her emotions can best be described as ones that are up—when she is feeling good, and
:iconxthe-eleanorx:xthe-eleanorx 2,025 844
I did not reach the official 50,000 word goal for NaNoWriMo. Nor did I reach my own, humbler goal of 25,000 words. However, I did end up writing roughly nine times as much as I did the previous November, so I'm going to rate this year's NaNoWriMo attempt as a partial victory.


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