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I love your more than words can say

Another non Deponia picture wtf :D Haha.
Nooo...don't be surprised. Just like the previous picture I found this old sketch of my two Dragon Age character Fabriss and Ferendiel and asked myself why I never started coloring it.
So I finally, one year later? Haha.

Well, I'm still in love with these two and really adore their relationship. In my story, both of them join the inquisition lead by my other Dragon Age character Pahanaa. Fabriss joins because she wants to fight for her country and Ferendiel, the elven rogue is more or less forced to join because him and his gang disturbed a speech in Val Royeaux. Ferendiel seems to dislike Fabriss in the beginning, because he loathes humans for what they did to his kind. However, Fabriss, not wanting to accept that he hates her for no reason, tries to gain his trust. They fight together and even end up saving eachothers lives and Ferendiel begins to see that Fabriss isn't one of those humans he loathes.
Well, in the end he can't help falling for the human girl and Fabriss seems to feel the same. Aaaand they end up as a couple :D Fabriss' family is totally against her relationship with an elf, so Fabriss is eventually forced to decide between Ferendiel and her familiy and yes....she will choose Ferendiel and leave her family. :)

I had a reference for the picture when I sketched it, but I can't remember where it was from! So if you happen to have a link to a couple kissing like that, please tell me and I will link it here ^^;

Ar lath ma - Lovers by BeryluneeLovies by Berylunee

Enjoy! :blowkiss:

Fabriss, Ferendiel © Me, Berylunee
Dragon Age © Bioware
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