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Great Job, and you take Requests,

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Not really. But you could still give me suggestions

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OK, How About Milan Stilton,

TS Milan Stilton 4

Tied up in the water, like scene from Aladdin,,

pictures, or comic 4 pages?

vodkasosa's avatar

Dude Aladdin is a guy but Milan Stilton. If you have Bondage scenes I could make some.

mattjohn1992's avatar

I don t understand? and oh you mean, my comic Scenes?

vodkasosa's avatar

You asked me to do bondage gifs with Aladdin but I only make bondage and fetish stuff with females. If you have bondage stuff that can be made for Milan Stilton I would make gifs of it.

mattjohn1992's avatar

OK, tell me, you do comic 5 pages, and I will Explain About Milan Stilton, Tied up, 2 man have fun with her, a Bondage stuff,

vodkasosa's avatar

Unfortunately I don't do comic 5 pages

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What happened after? Is there a scene where she struggles underwater?
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Well some bulky dude saves her. I think there wasnt much struggling.
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Den: "There's no way I'm walking around this place with my dork hanging out!"

Then he sees a hot busty human chick bound hand and foot about to be tossed into some nasty liquid or something. And after they fling her helpless body into the water...

Den, close-up and very puzzled: "What did they do that for?"

Ah yes, early Movie Channel memories of 1982! I was 16 when I seen this GAME CHANGING film for me! Animated boobs and rock n roll. A huge influence.

The soundtrack of rockin' cuts did very well. The Elmer Bernstein score was criminally underrated. Get this on blu-ray and get the music.

A live-action version  is long, long overdue. "B-17" and "Taarna" were my favorite segments.
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