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Once more by VocaloidReina13 Once more :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 6 10 404'd by VocaloidReina13 404'd :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 1 10 Your Cape Is Too Long by VocaloidReina13 Your Cape Is Too Long :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 4 10
Gummy Frogs
I'm reaching
Into a small plastic bag
And wrestling a little gummy frog
From it's gummy companions
As my teeth bite
Deep into
It's little froggy head
I wonder,
Why on earth
would anyone create a snack
a child's candy
that encourages biting off
a frog's head?
Even so
I place a distracted hand into the bag
And pull out a second frog
Bringing it to my lips
I decapitate it.
The world is a bizarre place.
:iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 3 24
Happy Halloween TeaTime C : by VocaloidReina13 Happy Halloween TeaTime C : :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 2 10 Popi's Autumn by VocaloidReina13 Popi's Autumn :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 2 6 Romeo+Cinderella by VocaloidReina13 Romeo+Cinderella :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 3 8 Lonely Planet 2 by VocaloidReina13 Lonely Planet 2 :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 2 2 Lonely Planet by VocaloidReina13 Lonely Planet :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 2 0 The Lost Shinigami by VocaloidReina13 The Lost Shinigami :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 1 0
My Little Song
My Little Song
Once, the sweetest perfume
Made it's way
Into my world
Hey, didn't you hear that sound?
The pounding of my all too shy heart
From that first moment where my voice was lost
And all I heard was your voice and my timid heart
Undeserving and Imperfect
Yet you let me in, even though you're hurt
In this perfect twilight, right here in your grasp
Even though it was ending
You helped me up and by your side, everything changed in my life
Making this strange child more beautiful and supporting her
But now, even though all I have is this little song
I won't cry
Instead I'll be singing into the wind so maybe
It'll reach you
You helped me up and by your side, everything changed in my life
Making this strange child more beautiful and supporting her
Once, the sweetest perfume
Made it's way
And that was you.
:iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 0 0
Reina and Popo at the Beach by VocaloidReina13 Reina and Popo at the Beach :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 0 0 My Love is a Stapler by VocaloidReina13 My Love is a Stapler :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 2 0 Toushirou Graffiti by VocaloidReina13 Toushirou Graffiti :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 3 10 a butterfly : 3 by VocaloidReina13 a butterfly : 3 :iconvocaloidreina13:VocaloidReina13 0 2


keep breathing by MewPopotan keep breathing :iconmewpopotan:MewPopotan 24 12 SUNEEEEPUUU by demitasse-lover SUNEEEEPUUU :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 3,377 240 Ocean of Stars by demitasse-lover Ocean of Stars :icondemitasse-lover:demitasse-lover 4,339 340
falling out.
I have no words to desribe how I feel about you.
Nothing I could say, nothing I can do,
even a hello is too much for me to muster up.
I guess it's even been too long to casually ask the trivial
"how have you been?"
so uncomfortable
to say your name in front of others
such a chore
to explain what happened to you and where you are now
such a disaster, such a pain
to think of the way I acted towards you
to think of the way you acted towards me
and the strange feeling of nostalgia I get
everytime I see that freshman that looks a little like you from back then,
constantly exhausted, hard exterior
dragging your feet on the school's dirty corridors each day,
waiting for the summer and the promise of
parties and hookups and
mike's hard lemonade that lies on your counter in anticipation
and even though I'm satisfied where I am now
what a pain it is
to look back and picture you staring down at me
over your bedside, humid air
broken computer and much-too-strong cologne
harmless flirting, simple w
:iconmewpopotan:MewPopotan 3 5
Uiharu kazari by Ritsuka-shiina Uiharu kazari :iconritsuka-shiina:Ritsuka-shiina 46 55 Don't tell me it's a lie by ayasemn Don't tell me it's a lie :iconayasemn:ayasemn 379 32 Sailir Moon S by kaminary-san Sailir Moon S :iconkaminary-san:kaminary-san 2,040 75 For Pineapplelicious by emperpep For Pineapplelicious :iconemperpep:emperpep 6,294 325 Jiburiru Fanart by emperpep Jiburiru Fanart :iconemperpep:emperpep 4,296 244 Madoka Kaname by emperpep Madoka Kaname :iconemperpep:emperpep 7,387 569 Kai and Ai by emperpep Kai and Ai :iconemperpep:emperpep 3,093 219 MARSHMALLOW BUFFET MEME by LifeClicker MARSHMALLOW BUFFET MEME :iconlifeclicker:LifeClicker 15 1 KIBOU by LifeClicker KIBOU :iconlifeclicker:LifeClicker 47 4
from ashes to life
fake jewlery lies cold on my neck
you said you'd be back by now
but my coffee's run cold
and im tired of drawing imaginary animals
over my breath against the windshield
it seems like i'm good at this
i turn around and the night is filled
with people holding hands
strangers who made choices
maybe that is just not for me
i try to let go of everything
that defines me
who says im uncapable of changing?
i cut my bracelets off
and see as pieces of my blonde hair
fall into the ground
"nothing defines me" i whisper
i walk in the street alone
because this is how i raised myself
and it's they way i learned
to fall in love with stranger's eyes
and make stories about that guy's backpack
and my blue shoes
this is the way i create my world
out of what autumn rips from the trees in october
this is how what looks like trash to you
defines me
so maybe I'll go back to braiding my hair
and creating monsters out of aluminum fold
and naming dry leaves and taking them home
to keep them from their fatal dest
:icondeathitself:DeathItself 2 1
my name is not important
my name is brooke
my cheeks are flooded in red
i scratch my own back
and i only know how to be alone
my name is hailey
i like cold water
and warm windy afternoons
sitting in a bench in the park
as i wish i was lying in the grass
my name is erynn
and i broke my ancle
by trying to be someone else
i sucked the pain
and instead of chosing right or left
i made my own way through the pavement
my name is jean
i forget to remember important things
like how many freckles
are tattoed on my back
and i find everything beneath my feet amusing
like the fact that im still standing
my name is selene
i don't blow candles but inhale them
hoping i'll get my year back
i blame the air in my lungs
for making me feel empty
my name is false
i count the number of exit doors
everytime i enter a room
i like to cover people eyes and whisper lies
as i dissappear without leaving a single piece of my heart
:icondeathitself:DeathItself 2 2



United States
Not much to say, except I just joined dA and I'm a big Bleach fan and I love Hatsune Miku's music. ...Even if it's impossible to sing at times. xD

Current Residence: Look under your bed
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: Any : ]
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Yoruichi Shihoin
  • Listening to: One Call, Love Call - Megurine Luka
  • Reading: The Scarlet Letter
  • Watching: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Drinking: Some yummy coffee thingy.


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