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Sherlock please stop. by The-Investigators Sherlock please stop. :iconthe-investigators:The-Investigators 126 18 My dog by Devynthegreat My dog :icondevynthegreat:Devynthegreat 2 4
The Wallflower (France X Shy!Reader)
You reluctantly followed you best friend into the auditorium of your school. It was the Valentine's Day dance and no matter how hard you protested, (best friend's name) kept begging you to go and even took you shopping for the dance a couple of weeks ago. You just couldn't say no to them once they had their mind set on making you go to events like this.
Of course they were only trying to get you to open up to people more often, but it was still pretty hard for you to talk to others. Right now you only wished to be back home in the comfort of your room and marathon something on Netflix, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen.
"It'll be fun, (Name)," they repeated for the millionth time since they heard about it as they dragged you into the crowded room with them.
"I don't care..." You said as you shied away from anyone who got too close. "It's too crowded here and I probably don't even look decent enough to be here. Can't I just leave?"
"No way, this dance is just getting star
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Stained Glass: Elsa -Vector- by Akili-Amethyst Stained Glass: Elsa -Vector- :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 1,568 126 Stained Glass: Alice -Vector- by Akili-Amethyst Stained Glass: Alice -Vector- :iconakili-amethyst:Akili-Amethyst 376 7 Russia x China by Lynnnn Russia x China :iconlynnnn:Lynnnn 275 0 Russia x China by Lynnnn Russia x China :iconlynnnn:Lynnnn 151 0 - APPEND - by PeachMilk3D - APPEND - :iconpeachmilk3d:PeachMilk3D 30 8 400 Watchers Gift! Pastel Lolita Skirts [DOWNLOAD] by PeachMilk3D 400 Watchers Gift! Pastel Lolita Skirts [DOWNLOAD] :iconpeachmilk3d:PeachMilk3D 996 53 Momo Kisaragi (Big Smile) [V5] by Jerikuto Momo Kisaragi (Big Smile) [V5] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 282 17 ID 2015 by Miridith ID 2015 :iconmiridith:Miridith 383 65 Marry Kozakura by Miridith Marry Kozakura :iconmiridith:Miridith 271 45 Giselle - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass by reginaac57 Giselle - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass :iconreginaac57:reginaac57 215 11 Jane - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass by reginaac57 Jane - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass :iconreginaac57:reginaac57 210 4 Wendy - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass by reginaac57 Wendy - Kingdom Hearts Stain Glass :iconreginaac57:reginaac57 229 11 The Boy Who Rocked by FunkBlast The Boy Who Rocked :iconfunkblast:FunkBlast 98 15

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Adventure Time: The woman made out of fire by vocaloidcat456 Adventure Time: The woman made out of fire :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 3 0 I drew Miku in my agenda by vocaloidcat456 I drew Miku in my agenda :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 1 0 Hey look! Another OC! by vocaloidcat456 Hey look! Another OC! :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 2 2 Drew an O.C... by vocaloidcat456 Drew an O.C... :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 1 0 I GOT RUSSIA!!!! by vocaloidcat456 I GOT RUSSIA!!!! :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 1 6
The hrc
Me and a couple of friends made this awesome group called The HRC (hetalia roleplaying group.
Here is the link to the rules and how to join
Have fun you guys!!! :D
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Once Bully!AmericaxDead!Reader Guilt
7:05 am
Alfred woke up with a groan. Ever since he graduated high school, he has been working at a McDonalds instead of some fancy job like his friends had. He sat up and gave a good stretch before making his way downstairs. After he makes his breakfast (cereal) he turns on the TV. After flipping threw some channels, he decides to stop at a news channel.
"Another reported suicide from a teenager. When will these bull-" Alfred clicked off the TV. 'Its all your fault for her actions' he thought. His guilt has been pilling up since graduation. If he only knew how serious things got.
8:31 am
Alfred walked through the doors of the McDonalds he worked at. 'Just another long day at work. Maybe after i will stop by the cemetery' he thought as he put on his uniform.
6:30 pm
Alfred got out of his work clothes and collected his pay check before heading off to a Stop and Shop. He picked up a bouquet of your favorite flowers, ____________. He then puts the flowers in the
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A Russian surprise~~~~~~~~~~~
A Russian surprise
~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING SWEARS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The girl-scout rang the door bell and squealed with delight. Finally, she will get the cookie master badge she had been dreaming of! But, when the door opened, a tall man wearing a long, tan coat and a scarf.
"Hello Mister! Would you like any of our wonderful girl-scout cookies? There verry scrumdillyumsious cookies!!!" the girl said
The man paused for a moment and said sweetly...
"No. I would not like any of your factory made, fake, horrible cookie li
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A smexy tale of RinxKaito part one
A smexy tale of RinxKaito Part one
~~~~~~~~~WARNING: CONTAINS SOME SWEARS THAT ARE BLEEPED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(Rin wakes up in bed. She checks her room for any unhidden weaponry before heading down the hall for breakfast. When she comes down, she hears Kaito downstairs asleep with the tv on. The channel is currently on the news.)
TV: This story is quite unexpected to all anime and manga fans. Akaito Shion and Len Kagamine have been reported killed by a fire. Field reporter Josef McBrosef is th-
(Rin shuts the TV off and runs to the upstairs bathroom. She covers her mouth and tries to hold back the laughter. Although it is extremely hard to, she does stop with the "laugh attack". She turns on the faucet and sprinkles a bit of water on her face before loosely drying it. This will make it look like she has been crying, but dried the tears. Then, she slowly walks out of the bathroom and makes a bagel. As she is eating, Kaito suddenly wakes up and walks to the kitchen.)
Kaito: Morn
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A smexy tale of RinxKaito Intro
A smexy tale of RinxKaito
Since Len and Akaito's death, the vocaloids family has never been the same.
Meiko started going to more bars and coming home drunk. Kaito  sat around and ate more ice cream than usual, and THATS saying something. Miku tried to get more involved with her music as a thing to distract her from the thought. No one has seen Gakupo since the day after the fire. Since the house burnt down, they all had to share a crampt apartment with 2 bedrooms. Kaito and Gakupo (before he left)shared one room while Meiko, Miku, and Rin slept in the other. Barely anyone talked to another and they pushed each other away. While Kaito was moping all the time, Rin was more afficient with her time. She didn't
even act like he was gone. But at the mention of his name, Rin just ran to the bathroom
and didn't come out for a while. People thought she was crying. But, she was actually, trying to keep back the laughter. Why? You will find out soon...
:iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 1 3
A smexy tale of rinxlen
Len: "rin...rin wake up...rin...RIN!!!"
Rin: "IM UP! IM UP! Shut the hell up!"
Len: "oh...sorry..."
(Rin hates it when Len tries to wake her up. It makes her very violent.)
Rin: *sighs* "I gonna make some toast."
Len: "Can you make me some?"
Rin: "Are your arms broken?"
Len: "No..."
Rin: "They will be unless you make the toast."
Len: *sighs* "Okay, fine."
(Len follows Rin downstairs to the kitchen. As Len gets out the bread, Rin pulls out her favorite video game and starts playing. Len is slightly annoyed.)
Len: "Hey Rin, do you mind putting that away when we eat?"
Rin: "Do you like your neck the way it is?"
Len: *sighs* "Never mind then..."
(The toast is done and Len sets it on the table. Then Rin gets out her jar of Nutella and spreads some on. Len then takes a knife full. As he is just about to spread it, Rin
grabs his wrist and starts twisting it slowly.)
Len: "Ow ow ow ow ow"
Len: "Can I use some then?"
(Rin thinks 'That ba
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Untitled by vocaloidcat456 Untitled :iconvocaloidcat456:vocaloidcat456 3 3




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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
This is my home page! You can check out my favorites and maybe your work is there... You will just have to look! I also roleplay things like vocaloids or hetalia up to PG-13. No lemons or that stuff. So, that's it for now guys. ^-^

:iconsarilain: made my AVATAR. She's really cool and makes awesome avatars so check her out!



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(Okay, so Wind Waker AU?)
Link sat at the top of the crow's nest, looking out at the vast world beyond. The ship had departed from Outset earlier that morning, and he hated to admit it, but he was already feeling homesick. At this point, he kind of just wanted to go home. But he couldn't; he had to save his sister and bring her home.
He laid back, deciding that he didn't really want to look at the sea anymore, and instead looked up at the stars. He noticed the north star and smiled, feeling a bit better because he at least knew what direction they were going in now- north-west.
vocaloidcat456 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Tetra knew loads of constellations and whatnot, so sometimes she'd imagine the constellations were all playing with each other. However, she noticed the ones towards the west were going out. After looking closer, she realized they were heading straight towards a storm. "Oh CRAP!" she shouted, frantically trying to turn the ship in the opposite direction. "I am not putting up with ANOTHER STORM!!" For some reason, the wheel wouldn't budge. "SOMEONE HELP ME STEER THIS!! ITS NOT MOVING!?!?!!!" she shouted, pushing the wheel with all her might.
Lily-the-Vocaloid Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Link sat up when he heard Tetra screaming. He quickly scaled down the ladder of the crow's nest and headed towards the wheel, desperately trying to help her spin it. He wasn't sure how bad being in a storm would be, but by Tetra's reaction, he was sure it wasn't good.
vocaloidcat456 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
For some reason, the wheel. wouldn't. budge. She tried as hard as she could, but it just wouldn't move. "Ooh this isn't looking good for us nope not at all nope nope nope," she spoke through grunts as she kept trying to move the wheel. But, it was no use. They were heading straight towards the storm now. "Ah! Forget this, I'm going below deck. It won't make a difference if I stay up here and try to steer." she said, heading to the door that lead below deck. "C'mon."
(I was thinking the ship gets either thrown to Destiny Island or swallowed by Shammo)
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Okay, so we're doing Libra and Gemini. Using they/their pronouns, sorry if it's a bit confusing. I could switch and do her/his between replies if you want.

Libra sat on the bed, drawing in their sketchbook. They had recently moved into Scorpio's mansion, and they were scared. Libra was basically dragged out of their home and brought here, because they were apparently the embodiment of a zodiac? They had no idea.
The room was boring to Libra- white walls, white sheets, white everything. It was like Scorpio wanted poor Libra to go crazy. Libra vowed that once everyone was settled in, they'd go with someone to get their paints so they could art up their side of the room.
vocaloidcat456 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
They is A-Ok! :D

Gemini knocked on the door of room 4. "Before I come in, is anyone naked?" he called out to whoever was on the other side. He had his rolling suitcase beside him and waited for an answer.
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