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I have been getting a whole lot of submissions that are to the wrong folder. I would very much appreciate it if you all submitted to the correct folder, it is much easier for me, rather then having to resubmit or move it.  
Secondly, if a folder has reached its limit please let me know as soon as possible so I can create a second folder for you to submit to.
Thank you very much and keep helping the group grow, It's become an amazing group!
Founder of VocaloidArtists,
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Hatsune Miku
Queen of Bluebird x King of Phoenix by AliceLuvsMirai
Miku Day 2021 by Albablue777
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Prince Len x Princess Rin Doodles by AliceLuvsMirai
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CB: Duke of Venomania x Tailorshop On Enbizaka by AliceLuvsMirai
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MEIKO by Touji-01
[Project Diva Modules] Passion Star (doodle) by KimasouSparky
Snowman by AliceLuvsMirai
A Pastor's ExileWearing a thick cloak,I continue my religious seclusion,To avoid the deadly yoke,Of my former tenet’s persecution.Once more, the chill of the snowy mountain compels,To give myself warmth so discomfort it dispels.Lighting the fireplace and my ceremonial incense, I recall,How I came to this place where snows squall.Twelve years of ages past, the tenet sent me,Into the lands west, to give help to the needy.One day, I had wandered into the Forbidden Glade,Where I met a maiden whose debts needed to be paid.Little did I know, she was the Great Witch Meiko,Who guised herself to make her plight show.She captured me with some ruth,To reveal an uncomfortable truth.The tenet’s leaders were corrupt and avaricious,They had inspired nearby nations to war so vicious!And Meiko told me hurtful truths about my ways,Underneath my piety, I had uncouth lust and naivety.The former of my traits she preyed upon,Believing I could be set free,Through a wild intercourse to act on,And I’d be wed to one like she.Eventually we saw the good in one another,Then came the day married were we,And eventually conceived our child, Kokone.When the tenet learned of this,They vowed to achieve vengeance they wouldn’t miss.For five years we were on the run,Our time together in one place was setting like the sun.Therefore, I made the hardest choice…In a tearful tone of voice,I told Meiko and Kokone we would go our separate ways,My wife understood, but Kokone was upset for days.On her seventh birthday, she accepted,With a heavy heart, why we separated.And so they stayed in the Onyx Woods,While I carefully looked over my goods.But fear not, my wife and daughter,There will come the day we’ll again be together....
Anime Kaito by ShionCkp523009
Kaito BF - 01 by ShionCkp523009
Daughter of White by AliceLuvsMirai
Yowane Haku by kawaiineko-kona
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Visiting You by NeruenNg
Happy 12th birthday, Akita Neru! by Touji-01
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Symphony (Colab)  by Joyokii-Sama
Uniform Gakupo by Narumo
Happy Birthday 2019 by Narumo
Kamui Gakupo - Majesty of Heaven by Touji-01
[ GACKPOID V4 ] Breathe + COVER by trashyvoid
V4 Gumi by lEdogawa
Happy 10th Anniversary, GUMI! by Touji-01
Gumi's 10th Anniversary by dulcecarmella
Other Vocaloids and Voca Genderbends
ALYS by CoolEmma03
Other Utauloids Fanmade Vocaloids OC's
Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai - OC Version by CrazzyYukii
Hatsune Miku Love is War Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
This Fucked-Up Wonderful World Exists For Me! by MinixLiky
Mayu by MITSUCHAN108
Couples or Group
Gensou Airly by AliceLuvsMirai
SeeU by Katie-chu
Valentines Contest
Angel of Love by midori-tea08
1st year Celebration Contest
Alice Human Sacrifice by Hoshi-Wolfgang-Hime










Welcome to Vocaloid Artists all Vocaloid art is accepted. All art from beginner to expert. We do not judge in art we just love it!~ So submit all the Vocaloid art you would like and we will make sure to add it to the group as soon as possible. Just make sure to put it in the right folder because then it will not be accepted and considering the amount of wrong folder submits we get we will NOT send you a comment or a resubmit. So please make sure to be careful where you submit it to. Thanks everyone and have fun!~

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this is for all the people who are fans of vocaloid
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