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Happy Birthday Miriam

Yes, it is Miriam's birthday today!
Miriam (c) ZeroG
Model (c) :iconneiji-nakamura-02:
Picture (c) :iconvocaloidandlegolover: MEH! :la:
If you want more information on her and/or buy her and/or download her demo, check out my journal, the lastest one called "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRIAM!!!!!!!" has links to all of these.
Hope you enjoy! :la:
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Out of all the earlier English Vocaloids, Miriam's one of the most overlooked. :-(
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yeah... and her voice is one of the best ones too.
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So true, I've listened to her singing the English version of Miku Hatsune's When the First Love Ends, and she sang quite beautifully. It's pretty sad, since Yamaha has said that they're slating Miriam's Vocaloid1 voicebank up for retirement. :-(
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I heard that cover too! And yeah, it sucks that Leon, Lola, and Miriam are all in retirement. MEIKO and KAITO will but that'll be when their V3 voicebanks come in so they aren't like gone. Then Rin and Len were replaced by their Act2 voicebanks. Megpoid is replaced with her V3 voicebanks. :c
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Oh? I thought Leon, Lola, and Miriam's voicebanks are still up for sale? :confused: Hmm, it seems that their singing careers have came to an end way earlier than I thought it would. :-(
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well the computers keep updating and Leon, Lola, and Miriam probably don't work with Windows 7
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Oh? Well, in that case, maybe this sort of news isn't as bad as I thought it would be. :-) I did read on the Vocaloid Wiki that Zero-G and Power FX are having the idea of moving their voices to newer engines, if there's serious demand for them.
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I know! I hope that Engloids get popular! I'd love to see Leon, Lola, and Miriam Append. And even SONiKA Append! I'm also excited about their Celtic voice!
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