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Hello, Vocaloid-Lovers! Welcome to the final month of the year! Hope you're all staying safe and sound. The holidays are right around the corner and the New Year is upon us!


November Song Highlights
In the News
  • Hatsune Miku NT Officially Released
  • MIKU EXPO 2021 Surpasses All Stretch Goals
  • MIKU EXPO 2021 Costume Design Contest
  • SNOW MIKU Streetcar and Daily Illustrations
  • Audio Input FX x voidol x Megpoid (GUMI)
  • SEGA Dodeka Jumbo KAITO & MEIKO Plush revealed
Vocaloid Birthdays

November Song Highlights

A lot of songs were released this month. Here's a few of them:
OGRE by Utsu-P feat. Hatsune Miku
Emptiness by Mwk feat. Hatsune Miku
Neo-Neon by DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku
Zetsumou by Ajimi feat. Yuzuki Yukari
Cynical Girl by SLAVE.V-V-R feat. sf-a2 miki
Turn to Ash by Lesta feat. flower
Magical Night☆Fever! by Kinoshita feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, MEIKO
KOTONOHA GO! GO! by nekoyamada feat. Kotonoha Aoi/Akane
What I Need (MONEY!) by CircusP feat. Hatsune Miku
Capsule for when you wanna die by cosMo@BousouP feat. Hatsune Miku
Here's vgperson's monthly highlights for November. That's a long list!
OGRE by UtsuP feat Hatsune Miku. Illustration by nou

In the News

Hatsune Miku NT Officially Released

Hatsune Miku's newest voicebank was been officially released on November 26th! The release was commemorated with the reveal of two illustrations by iXima and Rella!
ixima MikuNT
Hatsune Miku NT by iXima
Rella Miku Nt
Hatsune Miku NT (Whisper/Original/Dark) by rella

MIKU EXPO 2021 Surpasses All Stretch Goals

Next year's MIKU EXPO concert will be free to view and crowdfunded. A kickstarter campaign was announced earlier in the month and within a couple weeks it has not only surpassed its original goal, it has also surpassed the additional stretch goals as well! With all goals met, the concert will feature a total of 16 songs!

MIKU EXPO 2021 Costume Design Contest

Design a costume for Hatsune Miku to wear during her performance of the MIKU EXPO 2021 Song Contest winner: Thousand Little Voices by Vault Kid & Flanger Moose. The contest will be open from December 4th to January 4th, 2021. Check the official site for more details:

SNOW MIKU Streetcar and Daily Illustrations

It's the season for SNOW MIKU, the yearly event that takes place along with Sapporo's annual Snow Festival. Although travel restrictions have barred people from making the trip to see all the sights in Sapporo, the SNOW MIKU staff have released a VR site where you can explore the Snow Miku Streetcar!
The main visual for Snow Miku 2021 was introduced in October, and now the subvisuals are being released as well! Every day, a new illustration will be posted on the official Snow Miku Twitter! Check it out!
Official Snow Miku Twitter:
Yuukisuzu Snowmiku2021
SNOW MIKU 2021 Piapro Family by Yuuki Suzu

Audio Input FX x voidol x Megpoid (GUMI)

Talk in realtime with Gumi as your voice! Internet Co. has collaborated with Audio Input FX and Crimson's AI voice transformation software to release a software that allows you to change your voice into Gumi as you speak!


SEGA Dodeka Jumbo KAITO & MEIKO Plush revealed

New Vocaloid plushies have been revealed! SEGA's popular line of fluffy plushies now feature jumbo KAITO and MEIKO! Reservations for orders will begin on December 12th. Check out the official site SEGA Plaza for more details, including photos!

Vocaloid Birthdays

November Birthdays

(NA) Akita Neru - November 1st, 2007
(V2) MEIKO - November 5th, 2004
(V+) Tsurumaki Maki - November 12th, 2010
(V4) DEX - November 20th, 2015
(V4) DAINA - November 20th, 2015
(NA) Yowane Haku - November 21st, 2007

Upcoming December Birthday

(V2) SF-A2 miki - December 4th, 2009
(V2) Kaai Yuki - December 4th, 2009
(V2) Hiyama Kiyoteru - December 4th, 2009
(V3) MAYU - December 5th, 2012
(V2) Utatane Piko - December 8th, 2010
(V3) Tone Rion - December 16th, 2011
(V3) VY1 - December 17th, 2014
(V3) MAIKA - December 18th, 2013
(V3) OLIVER- December 21st, 2011
(V2) BIG AL - December 22nd, 2007
(V3) CUL - December 22nd, 2011
(V3) Yuzuki Yukari - December 22nd, 2011
(V3) Bruno - December 22nd, 2011
(V3) Clara - December 22nd, 2011
(V3) AVANNA - December 22nd, 2012
(V3) Merli - December 24th, 2013
(V2) Kagamine Rin/Len - December 27th, 2007
birthday cake birthday cakebirthday cake
December is the month of the most Vocaloid birthdays! Today, December 4th, we have the birthday of the AHS gang, Miki, Kiyoteru, Yuki, and the VOICEROIDS Tsukuyomi Ai/Shouta! At the end of the month we also have the birthdays of the famous Vocaloid twins, Kagamine Rin/Len! Prepare yourselves!

Have a nice December!

Relax and stay safe! Enjoy the holidays!
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:bulletblue: Submissions

We accept any work that is focused on existing Vocaloid/UTAU (no OCs!!). They must be within dA rules. You can submit 1 deviation per week.

- Please submit pictures in their appropriate folders. Anything submitted to the incorrect folder will be declined instantly. Take care when submitting! Make sure it's going to the right folder.
- Look before you submit - Gallery submissions and Favorites submissions are different!
- No multiples. Submit one version of each artwork only. (For example, if you do a recolor. You can't submit two versions of the same artwork)
- Black Rock Shooter is not Vocaloid and thus is NOT ALLOWED. We also do not accept Kagerou Project etc. - submissions are to be strictly Vocaloid & UTAU only.
- We also do not accept song mascots (e.g. Luka's boyfriend from Just Be Friends) unless they are pictured together with an official Vocaloid / recognized UTAU.
- No desktop screenshots!
- No inappropriate pictures - submissions should be G or PG.
- No original characters dressing up as Vocaloids, and NO ORIGINAL VOCALOIDS OR UTAUS. Submissions must be of recognized Vocaloids, as well as recognized UTAUs complete with voice bank.
- We are very strict about art theft in this group. EVERYTHING MUST STRICTLY BE YOUR OWN WORK. We will not accept icons where you only made the icon but the art hadn't been drawn by you. We will not accept fanfiction with cover images that were not drawn by you, etc etc.

:new: :new: :new:
- All art submissions must be neatly done, finished-looking and polished pictures which are cleanly photographed / scanned. NO WIPs, LINEARTS, SKETCHES OR ROUGH WORKS!
- All cosplay submissions must be of completed costumes. No WIPs or anything that looks like a WIP. Photos must be clean (dark, blurry, grainy etc photos will NOT be accepted). Crowded convention photos will also NOT be accepted as they are more in the vein of "casual snapshots" rather than art.
- As above, all figurine photos must also be clean, polished, good quality photos. Photos cluttered with other figurines not relevant to Vocaloid will not be accepted.

We follow deviantART's policies. That means editing, tracing, and to stop the confusion, eyeballed (drawn by just looking) pictures are not allowed. Original dollbases will be accepted, but not dollbases that are traced without permission from the original artist.

:bulletred: Links
- Club Chat
- VocaRadio
- Random Vocaloid Fun
- Vocaloid Usage Help

Thanks to MiharuStar for making us the icon!









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