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Kagamine RL by Nekoichu
Even If - Hatsune Miku Append by Vanguard204
Hatsune Miku - Deep-sea girl by Miirarii
Hatsune Miku graffiti by musegraffiti
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku by DaniielaHaruno
Fine Weather and Miku by TiRaPuW
Bottle Miku by Puffyko
Kagamine Rin Len
Kagamine Len by claudeekuru-chan
Time Rin by Aigsketchy
L E N by riyumiiart
Kagamine Len by Tomato-Warrior
Megurine Luka
|Luka | Just be Friends| by 3838dot
Megurine Luka: Just Be Friends by PeachyBunn
Luka Gold Saw by gwandeolyn
Shion Kaito
Tide by Len-K
Kaito by Butchi-001
Kaito: Cantarella by EmyKitteh
Kaito Matryoshka by Karelcia
Sakine Meiko
Meiko by KittoKittie
Meiko-chan  by Les-Dessins
Chibi Meiko o3o by Blue-Waddle-Dee
V-oids on Wangan series - Veiled hotness by OverTallman
Kamui Gakupo
Kamui Gakupo N8 by ng9
Gakupo Kamui - Nishiki No Mai by LariCat
Bad End Night Gakupo by Wonderous-Annie
Gakupo-saaan by starpowerneko
Megpoid GUMI
Secret Police [GUMI] by april4luck
GUMI: Aitai by Akashicchan
CANDY CANDY~ by Mizuki-Yorudan
Gumi says Hello! by Maya-chan96
Gachapoid Ryuto
I want that candyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy by kasanexkagamine
''M-Matsu Stop!!! You don't need help with that-'' by kasanexkagamine
Gachapoid / Ryuuto -Manga Style- by kasanexkagamine
Handsome Neko by Lenlenlovesyou
Lily Vocaloid by altosalvationz
Red Is Revolution by SileceneAlethea
Re-Do: Galaco by TarantulikoSM
VY1 Mizki
VY1 by YukikoSama
VY2 Yuuma
For 15 Years by MangaSock
Hiyama Kiyoteru
SF-A2 miki
Kaai Yuki
Nekomura Iroha
Nekomura Iroha- Good Night! by Magic-Mari
Yuzuki Yukari
- Yuzuki Yukari - by PumpkinRabita
Utatane Piko
Pikoo by Just-Me143
IA by docesdemais
See U love is war by Mozerella
Aoki Lapis
Aoki Lapis: Crystal Wings by Mizuki-Yorudan
Tone Rion
Sing With Me! by 100procent-Juul
Vocaloid: Mayu by Maya-chan96
Black Rock Shooter
Black rock shooter by Mozerella
Other Vocaloids
Yan He by qrullgx13
VOCALOID Oliver by lEdogawa
Kyuti SOFT Concept by hella-K
Group Pairings
KaiMiku by lolitaii
FC- Torane Kibo by KGcool
Line Art Sketch Comic
Chibi Neko Miku Lineart by Kimsha235
Kaito: Matryoshka by DMinorChrystalis
Figures Plushies
Can I have more food? by Bellechan
Ayano Tateyama by kanoshl


Vocaloid Freaks


Art by xCookieTan

We created this group for Vocaloid-Addicted people all over the world!

Watch or post the great collections we have from people who post their dearest art.
Wether it is the great art people have made to represent their love or inspiration they get from Vocaloid, the beautiful cosplay costumes people made/bought to gather a Vocaloid-Cosplay Group to represent their favorite Vocaloid character or people who are so proud of their PCV-figures or plush dolls that they are able to show them!

We have many members, over the 3000!
So to keep it neat and tidy around here, there are some rules. Follow them and you won't be banned from this group! That means you're not allowed as a member of the group anymore and you won't be able to post your art here!

:bulletblue: NO art thieves!

:bulletblue: NO rude behaviour!

:bulletblue: Post everything in the right folder or it we will refuse to accept it. We won't send you the reason either.

:bulletblue: Rules and Faqs has been update. If you have questions, please go here.

Associate with :iconprojectdiva-fc:

Well... Have fun! Always feel free to join/watch/post your dearest art! <3





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DemonicRexx Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2022
Attention, there is a troll going around hijacking Hatsune Miku groups by applying as a co-founder, deleting all the artwork, and replacing it with gore, scat, porn and racism. He already destroyed MikuHatsune-Fans. Please set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed".

LeoFoxArt Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hatsune no Miku Fighter by LeoFoxArt  
LeoFoxArt Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Hatsune no Miku Fanart by LeoFoxArt  
ArteshokArty Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2021  Student Digital Artist
The fall || VOCALOID by ArteshokArty  
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