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AH-Software had a live stream this morning (February 25, 2015) discussing details with YAMAHA about Yuzuki Yukari's V4 update, VOCALOID4, and future VOCALOID5 details.

Click here to view the recorded stream for yourself!->www.ustream.tv/recorded/592446…

Details from this live stream are as follows:
:bulletblue: Yuzuki Yukari V4 comes with 3 voice libararies (Jun, Onn, and Lin) and will be packaged in a 3-in-one package and the three libraries will also be available separately. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will also be available as a V4 Starter Package--comes the V4 editor. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will be available March 18, 2015!

:bulletblue: Discussion of the new Oculus Rift promotional event for Yuzuki Yukari, a new skiing collaboration promotional event for Tohoku Zunko, and new merchandise of Yuzuki Yukari in general. (Phone cases, Backpacks, Straps, and etc.)

:bulletblue: The founder of the VOCALOID project, Hideki Kenmochi, has retired from working on VOCALOID development, being replaced with a new head president Katsumi Ishikawa. Mr. Ishikawa promises new languages, more human sounding VOCALOID's, and more.

:bulletblue: Yamaha has released a V2 VOCALOID import tool for the V4 editor. You can directly process the V2 voice banks into V4, there is no longer the need to import V2 voice banks to V3 in order to import them to V4.  

:bulletblue: CYBER DIVA, who had already been available to the Japanese market in December, will be available to be purchased in the United States in early March of this year.

Future Goals For VOCALOID5 Engine

:bulletblue: More languages are being planned. Currently French, Portuguese, and Italian are being considered.
:bulletblue: Aims to sound more human.  "ultimately toward AI"
:bulletblue: Better note inputs, to make ways of using the editor more fun.
:bulletblue: Better suitable for more genres of music.
:bulletblue: More innovative than the current V4 engine.

Please note: that these are just future goals, and may be subject to change.

The next AH-Software live stream will take place on March 18, 2015 9:00 AM, Japan time.

Sources: Tohoku Zunko official twitter, AH-Software official Twitter, and the AH-Software live stream.
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delphicutau's avatar
Italian!!! Finally! :D
Fabyola11's avatar
"Currently French, Portuguese, and Italian are being considered. "
..Italian? Seriously, they're FINALLY is thinking about my language? ITALIAN VOCALOID??? 
If it will became true I'll probably die or something, that's too great to be real! :D
LegolasGimli's avatar
Well, no one can say they aren't trying to advertise.
Not to say that they aren't doing a good job.
Fuumaru's avatar
are you guys ever gonna post NND top ranking songs links here again?
Haneoka's avatar
Hi! We've been updating our front page with the NND top ranking songs starting since two weeks ago a long with other things. But we'll start posting them here too. 
skill-hunter's avatar
kenmochi-sensei left......i think weve kind of been feeling the change
emilybee's avatar
New blood brings in new approaches and ideas. They don't always work out for the best, but often a developer can run out of ideas and everything goes stale.  Unless a new person comes in with fresh ideas... Then a series can die just best it ran out of juice.  
faerimagic's avatar
So many good things! It's great that they made V2 importable to V4, now. (A bit too late for those who jumped the gun and purchased a V3 editor, though, haha.)
Oh, but those possible details on Vocaloid5 (woah, V5. woah) seems pretty sweet!
Electric-Raichu's avatar
"Aims to sound more human"

keyword is "aims" ...

actually, they need to sound better at speech. they sound like synths when talking, which isn't surprising since they're designed to sing, but getting them to sound ok at speech would be good too, since songs have the occasional spoken line.
Haneoka's avatar
I agree. Since it is VOCALOID and not SINGLOID, it would be a great step in the next direction if they added possibilities for speech. 
emilybee's avatar
speech and singing have different registers of the voice and invoke different muscle patterns in the throat.  Just bare that in mind, this is why syns designed for singing often need a separate speech vocal.  You basically sing in a different frequency to what you talk and some people can end up sounding VERY different for this reason.  Speech and singing basically don't follow the same behavior, the valves in the throat reacts differently. 

This is why all vocaloids sound funny talking, because Vocaloid isn't built for speech and isn't putting the rules for speech into consideration.  You basically need to make a addition set of rules and stuff and more work would have to be done to do this.  If you look at CeVIO right now, you see the big issue going on with that software, not every vocal is getting both singing and talking capabilities.  

In the long run, as Vocaloid is built for singing vocals, I don't see how useful speech could be on its own.  I'm not against the idea of speech, but on its own the concept is less useful.  Plus, the speech thing is going to have mixed results across the 5 languages and up coming ones.  Some will work out better then others.  I.e. English is a bitch to make "talk".  Thus, you will practically end up doubling the work load of studios.  So I can see more logic in there being focus on singing still, but Yamaha has considered speech as thats what Vocaloid flex is. I'm just saying the results might not be worth it in the long run.  

In terms of singing, talking is almost useless outside of rap and a handful of "talk" during a song.  And based on what happens with Voiceroid, spoken word pushes a software towards users resulting in seeing the product as a "toy", which was a insult used to describe Vocaloid prior to its release by a western studio.  
Haneoka's avatar
I understand. Thank you for your input!

I guess we'll just see more products like Megpoid Talk, galaco Talk, and the rest of the Voiceroids for those who really want to see some actual Vocaloid>Talkloid then. 
emilybee's avatar
The fact Vocaloid-flex was made was a notable thing alone.  

However, its also worth noting the other issue is that companies have to pay licensing fees per vocal.  So a Vocaloid related talk product is going to be something the company has to fork out more fees over.  So this is why alot of companies will opt for their own talk software anyway.  In addition you can look at Luka V4X, while not confirm this is likely the reason she has vocals in E.V.E.C. rather then Vocaloid. 
Haneoka's avatar
Yes, that would be a notable issue that companies would have. 

Thank you again!
PaulaCarolina3101's avatar
I am so excited with Yukari! I like her voice so much, but im waiting for the rest, Iroha is my favourite of AH!!
VOCALOID 5, tho.
Haneoka's avatar
Hopefully the next AHS live stream that will be next month will shed some more details on Yuki, Kiyoteru, Iroha, and Miki V4 updates. :')
Shadowstar1021's avatar
Vocaloid5 Already?.........
emilybee's avatar
We're likely going to have V4 with us for a few years, but V5 is currently in development. 

I remember at one stage the Final Fantasy series used to be halfway through their next game when they were about to release their current game, because games took about 4 years to make for their series at that stage.   

Even within Vocaloid, Vocaloid took 4 years to be released, the development was originally from 2000-2004.  And even then, there was another project prior to vocaloid which laid out the foundation for it called "Elvis project", which was a 2 year project. So basically, Vocaloid has been a project since 1997, in one shape or form.  So yeah, they are going to consider V5 as soon as V4 is out because its going to take 3-5 years to complete whatever their up to in regards to it. 

I think I agree with someone saying V4 was rushed out because of the retirement of Hideki Kenmochi, V4 is basically a way of signing off his work, which is why it feels less lacking compared to V3.
Haneoka's avatar
No. It's way too soon. We're barely even in the VOCALOID4 generation.

The topic of VOCALOID5 that was being discussed here were just ideas about the future engine and how it could improve on the current V4 engine. 
Shadowstar1021's avatar
Oh thank goodness. I was about to cry a little.. 
Haneoka's avatar
Yup! No worries! :'D
P-Chan93's avatar
"More languages are being planned. Currently French, Portuguese, and Italian"

AAAAaaaah! omg,omg i...i cant omg! xD
Haneoka's avatar
I'm so excited for that too!!

Hopefully we can see German as well!
P-Chan93's avatar
i really hope it will turn out well with the new languages!
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