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AH-Software had a live stream this morning (February 25, 2015) discussing details with YAMAHA about Yuzuki Yukari's V4 update, VOCALOID4, and future VOCALOID5 details.

Click here to view the recorded stream for yourself!->…

Details from this live stream are as follows:
:bulletblue: Yuzuki Yukari V4 comes with 3 voice libararies (Jun, Onn, and Lin) and will be packaged in a 3-in-one package and the three libraries will also be available separately. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will also be available as a V4 Starter Package--comes the V4 editor. Yuzuki Yukari V4 will be available March 18, 2015!

:bulletblue: Discussion of the new Oculus Rift promotional event for Yuzuki Yukari, a new skiing collaboration promotional event for Tohoku Zunko, and new merchandise of Yuzuki Yukari in general. (Phone cases, Backpacks, Straps, and etc.)

:bulletblue: The founder of the VOCALOID project, Hideki Kenmochi, has retired from working on VOCALOID development, being replaced with a new head president Katsumi Ishikawa. Mr. Ishikawa promises new languages, more human sounding VOCALOID's, and more.

:bulletblue: Yamaha has released a V2 VOCALOID import tool for the V4 editor. You can directly process the V2 voice banks into V4, there is no longer the need to import V2 voice banks to V3 in order to import them to V4.  

:bulletblue: CYBER DIVA, who had already been available to the Japanese market in December, will be available to be purchased in the United States in early March of this year.

Future Goals For VOCALOID5 Engine

:bulletblue: More languages are being planned. Currently French, Portuguese, and Italian are being considered.
:bulletblue: Aims to sound more human.  "ultimately toward AI"
:bulletblue: Better note inputs, to make ways of using the editor more fun.
:bulletblue: Better suitable for more genres of music.
:bulletblue: More innovative than the current V4 engine.

Please note: that these are just future goals, and may be subject to change.

The next AH-Software live stream will take place on March 18, 2015 9:00 AM, Japan time.

Sources: Tohoku Zunko official twitter, AH-Software official Twitter, and the AH-Software live stream.…
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