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Dry Andrew
United States
Vocaloid-DryAndrew is a fanmade Vocaloid based off the English-Speaking Vocaloid, Sweet-Ann. Like most Sweet-Ann fanmades, they are named after kinds of taste and whatnot (Sweet-Ann, Spicy Andy, Bitter Annie, Sour Anna). Andrew is dry, a kind of taste that takes some time to get used to, and may cause uneasiness.

Andrew himself is someone rather smart, but quiet. He speaks in monotone (a contrast from how animated the other siblings of taste are), and normally speaking in mumbles and grumbles which don't mean anything in particular. He doesn't express himself in body language or actually speaking very often. However, when he starts speaking, he will get sidetracked and get off topic, talk for two hours straight (in monotone, mind you!), before finally replying with what he meant to say. He doesn't show expression, but the only time you would see him smile even the slightest is when eating dry, dark, burnt toast.

He can't cook (with the exception of burning toast, his favourite food and respective character item) and he sometimes will crack jokes which are simply not funny, or his expression totally kills any kind of humour the joke may have had.

"Why did the chicken cross the road. To get to the other siiiide."

He also doesn't quite realise how scary he can seem. But even though he doesn't like conflict, if any of his loved ones get hurt, he won't be afraid to smash your head into a wall as hard as possible. <3

(Roleplay Account for vocaloidrp-da <3)

Current Residence: Mansion
Personal Quote: "...Toast is good..."

(( Evaluate away! ))


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Len--Kagamine Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010

You look like that guy from that one game about lawyers.

((Apollo Justice! ^^))
Vocaloid-spicyandy Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2009
"Uhh.... here.." Andy handed Andrew the gift he received from Ann that Al gave to him. It was MEANT for Andrew, but Al didn't know the difference... And gave Andrew's gift to Andy.
Vocaloid-DryAndrew Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
Andrew blinked and took the gift slowly, without much emotion. Raising an eyebrow, he glanced from his counterpart, and back to the gift. And again, soon after. "...Thanks."
Vocaloid-spicyandy Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
Andy was almost suprised he didn't walk off making the usual grumbling noise, "Uhh.. you're welcome..."
Vocaloid-DryAndrew Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010
He gave a small-- it barely noticeable-- smile, and looked straight at the other. "...It means a lot."
Luki-Megurine Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
Hello, sir. -friendly smile-
Vocaloid-DryAndrew Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009
-raises an eyebrow, then proceeds to blink without emotion-

Luki-Megurine Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009
... -holds out a hand- What's your name? I'm Luki Megurine.

-expectant, humble expression-
Vocaloid-DryAndrew Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2009
-takes his hand and shakes it slightly, not much of a response-

VocaloidSourAnna Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
-stares at- you like burnt toast? ....heh you really haven't change Andrewy
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