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A group for all Official VOCALOIDs! Group Icon by @ShreddedNotes on twitter!

Icon representatives for 2020!
:bulletpink: Hatsune Miku
:bulletpink: English: YOHIOloid
:bulletpink: Japanese: LUMi
:bulletpink: Korean: UNI
:bulletpink: Spanish: ONA
:bulletpink: Chinese: Luo Tianyi
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May 1, 2014


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Ausgris by Devsies
Ausgris redraw by MagicalRye
Traditional Ink: Ausgris by Karen1121
Another Ausgris + Speedpaint by Karen1121

Upcoming VOCALOIDs and Rules

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None at the moment

Estimated Releases:
:bulletpink: Charlie; Japanese (Yamaha) - Spring 2021

General upcoming:
:bulletpink: Yuezheng Ling V5; Mandarin (Shanghai HENIAN)
:bulletpink: YANHE V5; Mandarin (Shanghai HENIAN)
:bulletpink: Luo Tianyi V5; Mandarin (Shanghai HENIAN)

:bulletpurple: No stealing art! If we find out you were submitting stolen artwork, we will remove your "Art" from the group. Continuing to submit stolen artwork will result in a ban.

:bulletpurple: Taking screenshots of videos is also not allowed, unless you are the producer or helped with the PV in some way. If it's not yours, please do NOT post them here.

:bulletpurple: Traced artwork is not accepted.

:bulletpurple: No character bashing and no fighting over ships

:bulletpurple: No fights over character relationships (Rin/Len being twins/lovers/siblings/clones/etc) and song interpretation (a discussion is fine, no arguments)

:bulletpurple: Please file art into correct folders. Any questions, do ask! If you submit to the wrong folder, an admin will help sort them into the correct ones

:bulletpurple: Each folder has its own rules. Please look through them to see what's accepted in the folders

:bulletpurple: Please NO UTAUs, Fanloids, or OCs unless they are with an official VOCALOID (which will go into featured)

:bulletpurple: All fanfiction belongs to the featured folder.

:bulletpurple: Characters that have been announced to become a VOCALOID will go to the "Upcoming" Folder. If cancelled, all art involving them will be removed. If it is a VOCALOID receiving an update or append outfit, DO NOT submit this to "Upcoming". Put it in the appropriate language folder or in Featured.

:bulletpurple: Upcoming VOCALOIDs that have been released will have their artwork transferred to appropriate folders.

:bulletpurple: The Bilingual VOCALOIDs folder is completely optional. It is NOT mandatory to submit bilingual VOCALOIDs in this folder if you do not want to. However, please check the folder to see who is bilingual. If there is a character who does NOT have multiple language voicebanks, they DO NOT belong there.

:bulletpurple: Please be considerate of our other members when it comes to submitting mature works. This includes sexual content, nudity or violence. Please place an appropriate mature tag on the art beforehand. If you don't know what is considered mature, feel free to ask or when in doubt, tag it anyways.

:bulletpurple: Anti-VOCALOID artwork is not allowed. We are a group supporting ALL VOCALOIDs. Anti-pairing artwork are also not allowed, we want to be open to all pairings, even if it's a pairing that is not our cup of tea.

:bulletpurple: In regards to stamps and icons, it has to showcase some originality to it. It cannot use artwork that is not your own. If you're using a template, it must follow the creator's rules as well. Stamps and icons can use your own artwork or renditions for the likes of 3D models (example: MMD).

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions, please ask, we will try to answer as best we can.

:bulletpurple: Have fun!
As we reach the end of 2020, people all over the world are finding ways to celebrate. It's been a long and difficult year; there's no doubt about that.
In China, there's always some form of celebration at the end of the year. For 2020, at the bilibili party, Luo Tianyi was invited to perform as a guest vocalist. There, she sang a cover of "夜航星" ("Y Hng Xīng"), but not only that, the song was using her VOCALOID5 version, which was confirmed by Rosary, a developer at Shanghai HENIAN.
In addition, Tianyi was confirmed to have a "Nature" voicebank, but things haven't been quite finalized yet.
Check out the demo here:
Feel free to give out your thoughts!
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