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Slots are filled! Thank you, I will begin on them shortly after Christmas!

Notice: I'll keep the slots open until Christmas (December 25th) at 9 p.m. CT or until they're full!
At the beginning of 2014, I offered out Art Trades through a journal. It was spur of the moment and completely out of boredom. I held an official event two years ago today and people seemed to take a lot of interest. So much new content came from myself and people who participated, it was a wonderful experience and yet again I met some wonder people.

Trades2017 is a go!

Okay let's be honest with ourselves... 2016 wasn't a great year for a lot of people collectively, but let's blow off that steam. I'm opening Art Trades for the 4th time this year and hopefully this will make a couple people's day! Let's start 2017 off with some good ol throwing art at eachother! Please set your differences aside if any and join me! Don't be shy! ^^

Please read the rules and info on how to set up an art trade with me below : D

Some of my favorite pieces this year! -
 Shark by Vo1canic Miocene by Vo1canic Father's Day 2016 by Vo1canic

AT - Everything Stays by Vo1canic Bergentruckung by Vo1canic PsychicSteel by Vo1canic

Past1000 by Vo1canic Art Fight #10 by Vo1canic Ink by Vo1canic


-First come, first serve comments! Be ready! Please claim a slot by commenting on this journal saying that you'd like a slot or sending me a note saying that you would like a slot!
-You must be a watcher.
-Use you're own characters, they can be fan characters, but I'd like to keep things original, unless you have permission from the owner.
- No offensive themes, to anyone or anything, not even lobsters.
- If you want a fully colored, multiple character piece, I expect the same in return, this is supposed to be for fun. Not a ripoff type thing, I try and get my part of trades done right away, you can trust me, but I'd like to see some sort of progress report on your end if I finish awhile before you. 
- If you don't submit your end of the trade at all, you will not be able to participate in next year's event until you compensate for the previous year's trade.
 I'm open for smut and NSFW, but note me about it, I'd like the comments to stay clean. I won't be posting the picture on DA unless it's borderline or by your request.
- Some paraphilias and fetishes I cannot do, for example things like vore, diapers, inflation, large amounts of gore etc. Run it by me if you have a question about this, I just don't want to feel uncomfortable drawing my pieces. I won't post hardcore porn on DA. I can though on my nsfw tumblr.

Things I'm good a drawing -
Aliens, monsters, faces, humans, humanoids, mer-people, nagas, sci-fi, fantasy, dragons, outfits, armor(depends on what kind) a lot of other things I guess.

Things I'm not good at drawing - 
Machines, complex patterns, complex robots, vehicles, realistic weapons, that sort of thing.


Themes are a way of having an idea of what to draw before hand and a way for me and fellow artists partaking in the trades to challenge our creative minds. These are not mandatory, so if you just want to do a simple trade or have a different idea for a theme just let me know, alright? ^^ Some themes I came up with for this are listed here.

ACEO/ATC - Artist trading cards, done traditionally if you have the materials! - Kiriban Prize - Bestest Best Friends // ACEO - Eidasma

Crossovers - A character of mine meeting a character of yours or exploring a place in your universe and I will do the same with your's - Draw your own O.C. but from my universe, and I'll do the same with your's AT - All the Little Ones

Outfit Swaps/Wardrobes Drawing each other's characters in clothing or outfits from your own universe, or if you just want to make up clothes that you think would look good on my characters, you can absolutely do that, and I will do the same with your's. - AT - Outfit swap // AT - Toasty

AUs/Alternate Universes - Have a character far out of this world? What if I put them in an Earth High School, or made them a brain surgeon, or a firefighter? Or perhaps something happened in your own universe's timeline and you want to see something else that could have happened? This theme covers all that.

Color Palette Challenge - Render the chosen character in these 100 palettes Color Palettes // Color Palettes - Free to Use

Species/Universe Swap - If your universe has different species or factions, draw 1 or more of my characters as they would appear in your universe as a species or faction you think suits them and I will do the same - AT - Vaniran and Kethos

Sketch Compilation/Character Study - (Basically a collection of sketches of your character, usually done in pencil) - AT - Iuka Sketchs

Music Challenge - Give me a song and a description of a character or two and I'll draw a scene to go with that song, and I'll give you a song to do the same - Collab - I'm a Princess Cut from Marble // Art Collab - Run... 

Pinups - 
Hehehe. Title says it all xD

General Trade - Just a general art trade, I'll draw your OC you draw mine! ^^

Romantic/Borderline Erotic/Tasteful imagery - The softer side of nsfw, fluffy, cuddly, you got it!

NSFW!!!! - The actual bang? 'Ship-your-ocs-with-mine' bang? I mean if that's what you're here for, sure Im down, I have some restrictions though.
Your own themes! I'd love to hear your own thoughts and ideas for trades ^^ Collabs even!

Custom Character Trade - So like, you want a new character but don't wanna draw it? Let's try a design trade, I'll make you an original new design and you'll make me one! :DXenomas2015 //

I'm pretty open to letting people pick which of my OCs they want to draw, you can find profiles on some of them here -… -

There is NSFW pictures in that link but you can only view them if you're a member on that site.
or just dig through my gallery for someone who may catch your eye and I'll let you know if that's one my own OCs ;)


8 slots are open and I will only be taking 8, first come first serve! I feel bad for people who won't comment in time but I, myself just don't have the time and energy to do that many.

SLOT 1 - :icondizzy-possum: Dizzy-Possum - Ren and Sela - COMPLETE
SLOT 2 - :iconsad-z: SAD-z - Custom design trade - COMPLETE
SLOT 3 - :iconliss-ka: Liss-ka - New outfit for Ananta! - COMPLETE
SLOT 4 - :icondthecadeyra: DtheCadeyra - Aguwa - COMPLETE
SLOT 5 - :iconpantonium: Pantonium - Custom design trade - COMPLETE
SLOT 6 - :iconguardianoftherose: GuardianOfTheRose - ACEO - COMPLETE
SLOT 7 - :iconatlas-white: Atlas-White - COMPLETE, waiting on response
SLOT 8 - :iconmangomendoza: MangoMendoza - Muhammad Hadid - COMPLETE

AUX Trades/Gifts/Commissions

Korhann Commission
:iconspiralofvertigo: spiralofvertigo - Mionin

Pieces from ArtTrades2017

Burning and melting down - NSFW
For now, my piece for Dizzy-Possum can be found on my Furaffinity and NSFW tumblr, as it is NSFW



My part -
DT - Zeleocon (Custom Design) by Vo1canic

AT by Liss-ka

My part -
AT - Sentinel by Vo1canic

AT - Rune by DtheCadeyra

My part-
AT - Aguwa by Vo1canic

Kohaku - Custom Character Trade - AlienAlfredo by Pantonium

My part-
DT - Akateko (Custom Design) by Vo1canic


My part-
AT - AzarATC2017 by Vo1canic


My part -
AT - Muhammad Hadid by Vo1canic

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I`m working on it, I promise. Since University holidays will start next week, I will hopefully have a little more time to work on it! I apologize for me being really slow this time! I haven`t forgotten about this, I promise! =D