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September 23, 2013
the eggshell carving by ~vnarts The suggester said: "This delicate carving comes to life with the vibrant color of the egg, and the lighting playing off the eggshell."
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the eggshell carving

carve the chicken's eggshell and put a led light inside
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SheRadioactive's avatar
Wow, you are very skilled!
Melina-the-Thief's avatar
O_O That's en EGGSHELL!?!? How did- wha- huh? *Brain explodes* Very pretty, btw! Have an Internet for such an amazing piece of delicate art! :iconfreeinternetplz:
Hopeless-Alchemist's avatar
This is absolutely amazing :omfg:
Human-pon3's avatar
I read that it's an eggshell and my mouth literally hung open for 5 minutes before typing this ovo this is amazing! Such detail and intricacy!
vnarts's avatar
Really? i'm happy to hear that my friend. i am will help if you'd love to do the same.
TheEvilFishImp's avatar
Wow! that is amazingly detailed, really stunning work dude! : 0
shalee-chan's avatar
wow....this is so beautiful and amazing
Tattered-Dreams's avatar
This is visually stunning; really nice work :)

The carving looks so delicate and intricate - its so well done, especially for such a small 'canvas'. Out of curiosity, what did you use to do the carving?
moonbabe1989's avatar
I thought this was a pumpkin at first!! This it's amazing, very beautiful!
vnarts's avatar
Thanks hi. as many people Said that it looks like pumpkin at first, with a pumpkin can show similar effect and hope someday I can do on a pumpkin.
Hemamal's avatar
That must take a lot of skill and patience!
vnarts's avatar
maybe you r right I have put everything I have together to do with the egg.
Than-the-Man's avatar
Absolutely beautiful to look at. :)
Lclio's avatar
Wooooooowwwwww!! It's amaizing!! I love your work!! :)
vnarts's avatar
Thank you. i love u too
Lclio's avatar
Music---Junky's avatar
Wow, that's amazing! These must be sooo hard to make!!!
vnarts's avatar
Thanks! I believe that you can do the same if you love to,
Gryffgirl's avatar
vnarts's avatar
yes thank you. and i hope that you love it
Not0fthiswor1d's avatar
this takes carving a pumpkin x difficulty level: Asian
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