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The Wreck

By vmulligan
Another old one from 2003. I had in my mind an image of a wrecked ship suspended underwater. It wasn't until the ship was almost finished that I realized... wrecked ships sink. I added the the submarine towing the wreck, rendered in a different 3D program. In hindsight I like the suggestion of a bit of a story. The image is of course heavily Photoshopped to give it the misty underwater look. I stayed away from the traditional blues and greens of an underwater scene, opting instead for muddier colours; for some reason, these tend to appeal to me.
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wow, very much alike amazing retro scifi work from Chriss Foss
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Thanks!  That's high praise!  I'm a big fan of Chris Foss.
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Good image, though I think maybe you should have added another salvage ship as the wreck looks pretty big for just one to handle alone.
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Nice moody sci-fi piece.  The lighting and color scheme remind me of paintings of fish underwater in Field & Stream.  As well as the underwater look, you've done a good job of creating the illusion of great size.  The only thing that looks unreal to me are the bubbles, which are very crisp and uniform.

I'm guessing this was influenced by Colin Hay paintings such as the cover of Cosmic Kaleidoscope.
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I had to Google that book, but when I did, I recognized the painting: it also appears in Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD.  That collection, and other sci-fi art of the era, have long been inspirations for me.  So yes, although this wasn't intended as a direct imitation of that piece, Hay's artwork did influence me.

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it.  (And yes, I was never totally satisfied with the bubbles.  They were added after the fact, a bit hastily.)
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You're all right with me posting this on Tumblr, right?
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Sure.  I just ask that you credit me, please.
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Of course.  It's queued to post Thursday on
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Those books are amazing collections of art (even if the text does sometimes contradict the pictures).
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Classic and therefore efficient: nice job
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Splendid work Vikram. Reminds me on the good old classic illustrations by Cris Foss and Peter Elson. Fave!
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Thanks a lot! Classic sci-fi art inspires me a lot, so that's good to hear.
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Wow, fantastic! I see that very well in a Ridley Scott movie!
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You're welcome.
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Very nice work and good choice of muted colors, almost sepia. Excellent.
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