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The Sentinels

This started as a late-night 3D doodle back in 2003, and quickly evolved into a finished work. I'm not sure why I named it "The Sentinels" in the end. It just seemed to me that the octahedra were watching over something... or waiting for something...
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You remembered really this to me; [link]

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Thank you very much!
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I absolutely love this, In time I may return to buy this concept from right noe I'm broke as hell so...enjoy it. LOL[link]
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Thanks, and best of luck!
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Looks like the big Octahedra has given birth to a small Octahedra?
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Sure, could be :) .
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Very creative work, well done!
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Very good, I love the colors and the lighting!
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I think those Octahedra are waiting to assimilate us all into the Collective!

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This piece has been featured in the 3D section here Digital Week .
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I don't know the game, but thanks!
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Nice scene, remembers me of the "Khaak" from the game X2/X3
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WOah that's crazy!!NICE!
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