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This is my first attempt at using Apophysis to create something realistic. This galaxy is a combination of an Apophysis fractal flame and a lot of Photoshop CS retouching.

This image is NOT in the public domain. It may not be redistributed or used for any purpose without the explicit consent of the copyright holder. Image copyright © 2008 Vikram K. Mulligan.
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Thanks for the image, I use it here ^^
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Thank You so much. I used this. Here !
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I would very much like to see one in real life. Nice work!, all the details and the light.
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M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, is a naked-eye object that's larger in the sky (albeit considerably dimmer) than the moon.  It's easy to find by following the point of the more pointed V in Cassiopea:…. On a dark night with clear skies, it looks like a greyish smudge, and with binoculars, like a greyish disk with a bright centre.

There are also plenty of naked-eye nebulae.  The Orion Nebula, located in the sword of Orion, is one of the easiest to find and to see -- again, looking like a grey smudge with the naked eye on a clear night.  Here's a photo of it that I took with a 400 mm photographic lens from a rooftop in Seattle (despite the city light pollution): The Orion Nebula by vmulligan .
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thanks you so much 

Any thoughts about updating your prion misfolding animation (that is SO good!) to incorporate the new info about the shape?


Jay Ingram
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Could do!  Research is keeping me busy at the moment, but it might be a good project to tackle over a holiday.
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That's amazing!
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Hi, this is epic! Is there a way i can possibly use this for my newest video, I use pics in after effects and make videos for my music. If so I would give you credits and a shout-out on my album release (: 
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Aw, sorry -- I don't typically allow my work to be used.  Good luck with your album, though!
it's okay, thank you (:
Hi, i tried apophysis too!! but this image is much more better than mine :) can i use on my site please?
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What's your website?  Will you credit me?
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the blue arms remembers me of waves in the ocean
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Nature repeats itself on many scales :) .
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