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I'm so hooked on Instagram. ( I'm sure you've heard of it. It's a cool way to share images: shoot something; crop it to square format (pretend it's 120 film), add a retro/hipster/lo-fi filter, and upload it for everyone to love and comment on it.
It's iPhone only at the moment, but you can view Instagram streams in a couple of cool ways:
Check out my Instagram pics and let me know what you like.
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That's my clever title for my long-winded recollection of [adult swim] memories. This year is the 10th anniversary of [as]. Hard to believe, I know. I've been a fan since Day One (even since Day Zero) and I've got some great memories to share.

As I find some scraps of time, I've been working on a blog post about my memories of [as]. It'll be online eventually. Stay tuned.
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I think I'm like most men, in that we (not very smartly), would just rather not know. The secret truth is that I've never been to the dentist. If I *have* been, though, it must've been when I was just a lad, without free will. After I got free will, though, I chose to avoid Ye Olde Tooth Mangler.

Now that I've got a job with dental benefits, however, it was time to do a check-up. Well, I was goaded into it. It's amazing how many people care about you when you think about it, isn't it?

I was recommended to Dr. M, as he was very good, nice, used the newest, high-tech-est equipment, and was totally truthful. That was the party line, anyway. But, I Want To Believe, so off I went last Monday the 20th.

Add this up: 10am plus the dentist. What do you think that equals? Me(bad attitude)^2, of course. Coupled with the thought (more and more becoming a fact, in my mind) that he was going to find some Bad Things in there. It goes back to my I'd Rather Not Know philosophy. I know that's not the best way to live, but it's worked most of my life.

I ended up paying about $44 for the time the assistant X-rayed my mouth, the dentist traced the widths where my teeth met my gums (with a *very* sharp instrument), and a diagnosis. "You must have very good genes!" the dentist said. You see, even though I've never been to the dentist, Dr. M said I had excellent teeth; a great immune system, too (although RR would disagree. What does he know anyway? He has a TracFone!). Besides a little (normal) plaque buildup, my teeth were as healthy as a horse's.

One problem, though: I had a cavity in my lower-right wisdom tooth. Now, several weeks ago when it was first "suggested" that I visit the dentist, PmD went on about how my wisdom teeth would probably be problematic. Well, the joke's on her because they grew in just fine, no problem. But I have a big-ass cavity in one, and they should come out. Joke's on me.

Oh, well, my insurance would cover most of the cost; the dentist was good; it would be quick. So I had a tentative appointment for December 28th. So soon? Yes, because I wanted to spend some of that sweet 2010 dental plan money I had. Then when The Future (2011) arrived, I'd have my full amount again. The next day, however, I was called by the dentist's office and told that that last and only slot he had available was in two days (Dec 23). At 7am. Seven. AM. I joked, "at that hour, I won't even need anesthetic!" hyukyukyuk

I put the day out of my mind until that Thursday. No need to stress myself out, after all. I'm prone to stress-a-thons at times. On that day (really, now, how can you call it a "day" when you have to wake up at 5:30am [more like 5:10 cuz of nerves] and the moon and stars are *still* out?!), PmD was my ride. She's so cool that they'd suffer with me at that hour, and be bored for the 1 - 2 hours this thing would take. We drove there (about 22.5 miles as the Google Maps flies) and got to the place with 20 minutes to spare. I took time to put my affairs in order during that trip; I bequeathed my cat to her, "just in case."

We went inside; I payed for my part of the operation (one of the super-cool and high-tech X-rays would not be covered by my insurance) and then waited. Soon I was taken to back and had said super-cool and high-tech X-ray aimed at my face. It kind of spun around, too. I guess that's why it added $300 to my out-of-pocket expense.

I went back to the waiting room for a bit.

Eventually I was taken to the operating place (the same chair where I was a couple of days ago, where I got my first-ever dental exam) where I had to remove my jacket; where I had the blood pressure cuff and heart monitor put on. (At this time, PmD tells me she was back in the car. She's got her own adventure to tell, of what happened during my surgery, but you'll have to read *her* blog!)

By now the gravity of the situation started to get to me, and my body temperature was dropping. I'm not ashamed to admit I started shivering and asked for a blanket. Two of them!

I had an intravenous dose of Happy Juice administered; but the dentist said my veins were not cooperating. So I got another dose, this time in the muscle. "It'll take longer, but it'll do the trick." After chilling out all this time with my eyes closed, and not really feeling the effects, I opened my eyes, to see the nurse hovering over me, intently. Did you ever see "Silent Hill?" Did you ever play the "Silent Hill" games? It was like that, but with less freaky nurses coming at me, drenched in blood.

It had been about forty-five minutes, and we were about to get under way. I didn't feel like Jimi Hendrix; I didn't feel like I could kiss the sky yet. I asked the dentist, "how do we know it's working?" "By the way the patient speaks *chuckle*" he replied.

Soon he was working me over with his medieval tools. He told me at one point, "you're going to hear a few noises." *the sounds of bones breaking* "Like that!"

I could hear it, but felt nothing. Just a gentle tugging.

I don't think I ever went completely asleep during the surgery. I'm just *that* tough!

After it was all over (it felt very, very short), PmD was brought in (I wouldn't have to will my cat to her, after all!), and the doc talked about how well it went. I wanted to say things, but my mouth felt like it looked like Holyfield's ears. I asked for a pen and pad, to help communicate. The doc told me to call if there were any complications. I half-spoke, half-wrote, "if I can't, can my cat do it?" LoL

The drive back was a blur. So was stopping by Kaiser to pick up my meds (although,I *do* remember spending time in the pharmacy's waiting room, dammit). I kind of remember taking the medication at home, and getting into bed.

So this is about to be day three, and I think everything is going well. I'm taking antibiotics every six hours, and Hydrocodone/Ibuprofen once in a while for the pain. There's been very little, actually! The worst was on that day, around 11:30am. My lower lip and chin felt like dead meat, and the empty sockets where killing me. Happy Pills fixed that right up. I haven't been able to eat, very well, though. I've been surviving on protein shakes, soup, and water. I want a frakking In-n-Out burger! Or a slice of Fatte's Pizza!! On the plus side, I'm just about back to the weight I had when I first moved to my new place a year-and-a-half ago.

So, kids, if you want to lose weight, get some sort of invasive surgery done to your mouth.

I've been in my pajamas mostly, online. Sleeping. Watching tv. Sleeping. Doing computer stuff. Sleeping.

We'll see how the next few days play out.

That's my Winter Vacation so far. How's your's?
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I started watching Yu yu Hakusho several years ago when [adult swim] was new; when they were first experimenting with Anime. I enjoyed the animation, characters and plot. The story of Yusuke Urameshi, spirit detectives, demons, and friendship was enjoyable. 

Back in in the early days (2002, I guess) YYH was relatively uncut on [as]. It could be pretty violent and vulgar (hey, it's a story about a smart-mouth, bad-ass kid fighting demons, after all!). It was pretty ballsy to put something like it on a children's network, even late at night. That didn't deter the popularity of the series, apparently, as it was eventually moved out of [adult swim] and into Toonami.

I stuck with YYH after the move to Toonami, but it was clearly a different show in that it was heavily edited. All the good stuff was watered down for the earlier time slot. I still enjoyed it, though. The Dark Tournament storyline was excellent. We saw the characters become more interesting, and face a fascinating and seemingly unstoppable foe. 

When it was over, the Sensui story line began, and I felt it didn't quite live up to my expectations. The show was still enjoyable but not as before. 

Something happened in that either the time slot was moved or the show never finished its run on Cartoon Network. I never found out what happened to the Sensui story line. Eventually did come around and I felt the new characters and situations were worthwhile.

I was left at a cliffhanger, and a damn good one. Multiple personalities and such. It would be a long, long time before I would see the resolution and what lay beyond. 

The DVDs of the series were obviously available. But I never bought them for various reasons. The most obvious being lack of funds on my part. You have to know that back in those days (early New Millennium) DVDs were still expensive, and Anime DVDs were more so. Also, in those days, Anime DVDs portioned off episodes very frugally; a disc with five episodes was a treasure trove. As such, the first 26 (out of 112) episodes of Yu yu Hakusho were at least $60. And that price is for the cheaper box set. 

At one point, two to three years after I saw that last episode, there was a trend of re-releasing Anime on DVD where the series was compressed down to a relatively inexpensive set of collections. I recall each box set including a neat key chain of each of the four main characters. I never bought this sets either. 

Eventually, less than a year ago, I think (I write this in July 2010), I began buying the new re-re-release of the series. It was the cheapest I had ever seen: $20 for 26 episodes. Back in the day this price would've been one-quarter of what I would need to pay. 

I had the discs, and then it was time to start watching the series again. 

I would not start off where I left off those years ago. I started from the beginning as it had been so long since I had seen the story lines. 

Death and rebirth. The Spirit Detective's first case. Training, and fighting against Rando. The Saint Beasts. Meeting Toguro. The Dark Tournament. Sensui.

Then it was uncharted territory.

The battle with Sensui ends (I won't spoil things for you from here), and Yusuke learns about himself. And the final story line begins. 

I'm afraid I must say I was disappointed with the resolution of the Sensui plot. And perhaps even more so with the final story. I felt thar, with the knowledge that there were so few episodes left to properly wrap up the series, the end was rushed. The underlying, grand plot is addressed, as expected. But the final story left me shaking my head. It felt like a pale version of old times. 

Perhaps that's why I'm disappointed. I realize it has been nearly a decade when I first saw the series. I have seen the first 80 episodes enough times that the last 32 episodes don't match up; my expectations were too high. I was a different person when I first say Yu yu Hakusho. There was such a large gap between the resolution to my hobby.

I almost feel sorry to let it go. It's kind of a part of me. I feel that there isn't the thing in the back of my mind any more. What else is there to do?

Maybe I'll watch the whole series again, but maybe this time in the original Japanese and subtitled.  
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I've wanted to get back to drawing again. I find that I don't have as much time as before (how many times have you heard that? And from how many people?). I still have that creative urge, however. I feel that I've lost some of my edge; I can't quite sketch and doodle like before.
I'm trying to ease back into a drawing mode by trying to draw a little bit every day. I bought a 5 x 8.5 inch sketchbook (the kind I used to draw in all the time a few years ago) broke out a pencil. The goal was to sketch a page-full every day, and post it on Twitter (go to if you're not following one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet!). That way I could have in immediately online for comment and critique (just snap a pic on my cell and MMS it up to TwitPic; the future is amazing, huh?). I would title the tweet "Doodle a Day xxx" (I expected to do it all year, so I needed a triple digit id number).
I think it took about three days before I broke the "everyday (bape!) []" streak. I kept at it, though. On and off. About 62 days, I think.
One of the problems was organization. TwitPic is great for stream-of-conscious tweeting; organization isn't so good, except by tags.
When I start the Doodle A Day thing again (did I mention I haven't adding one since 18 days ago? [fuuck it's so easy NOT to draw one!!]) I think I'll send them to Flickr, so that I can organize them better. BTW, can you MMS a photo straight into a certain Set? flickr, get back to me plz.
Oh, and I haven't forgotten about deviantART. After all, I just renewed my subscription again. Motivation.
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At the moment I'm obsessed with a few things:

I've started to doodle every day, and post the results on Twitter (I'm vmcampos) (or go to I'm kind of rusty, though. I used to draw a lot. I started in 1998 or so. There were dry spells in there (big ones). But I've always liked it; either traditional or digital. So I want to get back to it with this personal challenge. It took about three days before I missed a day, and I've missed more. But Real Life is a harsh mistress. Plus it doesn't help that my memory is sometimes not as cooperative as I'd like! So check out my tweets, and doodles, let me know what you think.

My second obsession is lifecasting. I got a Nokia E71x smartphone and I love it. With the data plan, I've been connected to the InterWebs like no other time in my life (well, maybe when I first got to college...). Before that phone I was quite connected (ha) to my iPod touch. Now, with an always on 3G connection, it's more funner. One of things I've really liked doing with the E71x is to broadcast, live, what I'm up to. Hence "lifecasting." You can go to my profile and check out my shows. . You'll find me on my VmCamposOnTheGo channel more often than the others.…

And the other obsessions? Well, we'll leave those to the imagination.
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I know that I'm quite late for a New Year image.
But, better late than never. I've got a few things in the works; some photos, some digital imaging, some drawings. I'm thinking of doing an mc chris image, somehow.
For now, you can find a new arachnid image. Whether you love them or loathe them, you've got to admit spiders are fascinating. Just don't let them crawl in my mouth.
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The last date of my latest journal entry was July 23; worse still, the last date of my latest deviation was July 15.

I haven't contributed much to my dA account recently, eh? That's something I want to rectify, because I've got more people watching me than ever before.

I have a lot of ideas floating around. I've got lots of photos I'd like to submit; I've got some drawings; I'm working on the interface of a new web site (; Ideas, I've got. Time? Not so much, it seems.

This is a heavy semester; I'm teaching three classes (one I've never taught before) and I'm also working with K.Lo in *her* classes. Plus I've got freelance web design clients.

I've just moved into a new condo, too. I'm a homeowner! Maybe I'll create something related to that and upload it.

When I have the time.
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Wow, the first full day is over. My feet hurt! That's the most walking I get done in a single day. I tried to calculate how many miles I walk at the Con, but never really figure it out.

Today I went to the Sergio & Mark panel. It's always fun to get Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier together; they have a lot of great stories. Stan Sakai and Tom Luth were there too (i wanted to get the four of them to sign my Groo #50 a year or two ago, but was never able to find tom Luth; and this year I didn't bring it for him to sign! I have them all except him). There's new Groo stuff coming soon; the Groo film fell through again.

I bought a great book of horror movie posters quite cheaply. They inspire me so much! The compositions; the colors; the films. Cool stuff.

I also bought the first volume of the Haunt of Fear trade paperback. I always liked the old EC books. I would love to find the ones (reprints, of course!) that gave Wertham fits.

The crowds were large, of course, but you get used to it. You don't even care when people ram into you much after a while!

All the while I was snapping pictures and some video on my cell, and uploading to my Twitter site ( ) and to my YouTube channel ( ). Check them out for "live" coverage.

There were a few panels I wanted to get to but the times and crowds didn't cooperate. Oh well; there's still more to see tomorrow.
I wanted to post this on the actual "day zero," but I just so much to do.
Got my badge, went to preview night, got the food for tomorrow, got some money, got gas, washed clothes.
Need shower!

Follow my "live" Comic-Con 2009 coverage at
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Do you every think about the hidden little places in your everyday life? They're always there, but it takes something to realize it. That something could be positive or negative; just something that jostles you out of your humdrum.

I had that experience today; something jostling me out of the same-old-same-old.

I drove east instead of south, like I usually drive when I go back home. I could see that the east street leads up to some nice houses, and beyond that, beautiful mountains.

But things where different that moment. Didn't really know what to do with myself. So I drove. I saw some lush greenery in this expensive neighborhood. Winding roads, too. The sun was nearing the end of its daily ritual, and casting a final glow on everything.

After some twists and turns, I stopped to enjoy the view. To send an SMS overture. To think.

I was at a part of the road where a sign read, "Paved Road Ends." I've seen on Google maps that the road unpaved is long and winding. Maybe some day I'll venture that way.

For now I turned back. Back west. But not back home.

The 125 south is new and interesting. I've been taking it whenever I can, since I'm tired of the same routes. Shame that the tolls add up.

I've always wondered what lay on Birch. It was the last exit before the bridge. So, I took it.

I'm glad I did. I saw the new homes. Many still unfinished. More importantly, I saw the hidden little places in life. They've always been there, just unnoticed. I saw beautiful vistas in all directions. The beauty of the new is a wonderful feeling. My wanderlust took me to a spot where I saw a coyote. It was walking down a road that was closed to traffic. Funny how we encroach on nature, parcel it off. But nature will always go, and do, what it wants.

I awkwardly tried to find a spot to photograph it. It was at an intersection that was 3/4 accessible. I think I got some nice shots. I'll check after they're done in Bridge.

A drove north. To the west I could see some structures. They almost looked familiar, but I didn't believe it. As I followed the road, I came to the intersection that I pass nearly every day. I was agog. I couldn't believe that less than a mile away I saw an amazing canyon, a lonely coyote, and proud trees. Just like that, I was "back to civilization." Just like that I was back to the humdrum. I didn't feel it was humdrum anymore. I realized I could find the special, hidden areas quite easily.

I drove back west on the road I usually take.

As I was south-bound on the 805, I saw the familiar high homes to the east of Palm.

I didn't want the adventure to end. I exited on Palm and drove east. At one time, after crossing the bridge, that was the end of the road. I remember being there at least 15 years ago, and thinking it was the end of the known world. We had a 4x4 truck in those days, and my dad enjoyed seeing what it could do in those rolling, empty hills.

The hills aren't empty anymore; they're choked with expensive houses, all vying for the ocean view. Only a few lucky (and expensive) abodes get that honor, and yet the whole community takes the name.

I drove east, and the elevation increased. Just a few years ago the road would end, and you'd have to turn back. You'd enjoy the view to the Pacific on the drive back. Now, the road continues. You see new homes, new streets. New adventures. At that moment my cell rang. It was whom I expected, eventually.

It's so complicated, we mused. Wondering aloud what spell it is that binds us together, we made a resolution.

I continued driving (illegally, I might add; CA has a no-phone while driving law), happy/relieved/optimistic. I described what I saw; the new sights.

Then suddenly, quite like before, the New merged into the Old. I came to an intersection of a highway I've been seeing a lot of lately; the intersection I would've seen if I had not exited on Birch. I continued south, a direction I never take. "I want to see what's over there," I told her.

At this point, honestly, I was thinking about her more than the road.

We spoke a bit more, then bid her adieu.

I took a small road to the left (west). Eventually the little road took me behind the homes that I see from the oft-traveled 905. I recalled, from my digital map wandering, that the little road eventually connects to familiar roads. I drove down that road, it reminded me of the treacherous roads I recall while traveling to see my Grandmother in Mexico. The road did, eventually, merge with familiar streets.

I was close to home by that time.

The sun was nearly setting, and I was near a wonderful vantage point to watch it.

I found a parking spot, and left the car for the first time since I began this spontaneous driving adventure. I set myself up, and took a few snapshots of that familiar star as it spun speedily out of sight for today.

That was a good time to reflect on things.

And to finish The Adventure.

For today.
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So I'm on Twitter now:

I've got some semi-interesting things there. Hope you'll like it.
Too tired to say more. And yet, I'm insomniac at the moment.
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deviantART says I have fifty deviations and I'm feeling quite accomplished. I first created an account around August 2006. Little by little I've built up an oeuvre that I'm pretty proud of. I'm going to take the time soon (when I find time! [I've got grade and reply to people's Final Project Proposals in the HTML class; I've got to grade a tonne of work in the Flash class {so so much to do there that I don't believe}}; and I've got to work on IJA's web site. At least the Dreamweaver class seems to be going very smoothly] if I find the time!) to organize my works into categories, and make cool thumbnails for them too.

Also, I'm going to find the time actually be Artistic!
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April 1994.

It's now April 2009. Fifteen years ago Kurt Cobain died at the age of 27. Go to Wikipedia and look up the 27 club. What was I doing at 27? Not that I want to compare, because he was a unique figure. We are all unique. I had just started a pretty cool job at SWC, one that I still cherish.

Kurt was at the height of his career, and troubles. More money, more problems. Like it or not (mostly not, it seems), he was the voice of a generation. My generation.

Fifteen years ago - a long, long time ago.

Half a lifetime away.
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I've always been rather bad at math, so I may have miscalculated. But judging by the email date, I think I've had my iPod Touch for a month now. So here are some thoughts:

I am still amazed with it! It boggles my mind to think that I literally have the InterWebs in the palm ofcmy hand. Of course, I'm writing this very epistle on it, right now! Autocorrect is pretty useful most of the time. I have my entire music collection here, too. That's another mind boggler: the two cd towers of music, some discs that I've had (even my first ever: 1812 Overture) for more than 15 years (thanks, and at the same time F-U, Columbia house!) are all on this little gadget.

I love the apps and have bought two so far: Colors! and Brushes. They're quite fun, and you can see one result in my gallery (can't cut and paste grrr!). I love browsing sites with a mobile interface, and spurs me on, as a web developer, to learn to design for this device.
There's still much more that could be said, but I'm paranoid that I'm going to time-out here at dA!
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So I had my yearly physical exam a month ago; the blood work that is. I'm a big wimp when it comes to needles. They are my kryptonite (remember, the -ite suffix denotes a mineral). So it was not pleasent to fork over a gallon (it seemed) of my blood back in early February. I was scheduled for part two the first week of March (I kept saying February in class all week; due dates that were in the past? Crazy!). The doc would go over the results with me and give advice. In short, I'm pretty healthy (my HDL is amazing), but could lose a few lbs. Dr. Nepo (he has a cool name that is hard to pronounce, so it's shortened), asked when I last had my tetanus shot. I think it was the 5th of Never. Or so. As such, he scheduled some needle time after my time with him. Amazingly the needle didn't really hurt that tim. But it's been nearly two days, and *now* it hurts! Owwwch!! If I move it like *this* it hurts; and if I lean on it like *this* it hurts; and if I think about it, it hurts! Jackie at NGC tells me, "Yeah, it hurts for a coupla days). ugh And I'm not feeling the time of pain where I laugh at it, yet. At my MySpace blog, you can read all about my appendix removal adventure from 2006. In it I reveal my peculiar ability to laugh at extreme pain. The most recent example is when I fell down some concrete stairs in mid December. I hit *both* shins on the lower step (bled) and laughed it off as the pain coursed through my legs. And then there was the time as I chuckled in pain/disbelief as PmD give me the injecsiones to pep me up.
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If you haven't heard of the Adventures of Captain Jack (no I'm not talking about Johnny Depp), and you're a comic book fan, you're missing something really special. tAoCJ is a 12 issue series published in the 80s about a crew of funny animals in space. I'm sure the series can be described a lot better than that, but I'm kind of sleepy at the moment.
The short story is that I cam across issue #5 two years ago or so and fell in love with the series. I spent the rest of the year finding every issue. I'm going to re-read them again. Then, little by little, I found out that the characters have appeared in other comics, besides tAoCJ. I'm on a quest for those now.
So I'm browsing Wikipedia on the subject, and come across Mike Kazaleh's page. He's the creator of said amazing comic. After checking out the external links, I found one that had an e-mail address, purported to be MK's. That page hasn't been updated in years, but I decided to give it a shot.
Shortly after writing a nice intro email, full of praise and the like, I got a reply back! I was very happy to read Mr. Kazaleh's words. We've been emailing back and forth now for about 2 weeks or so, and it's been very enjoyable. It's also pretty amazing to me: I'm actually writing to the guy that created one of my favorite comic books of all time. If you're a comic book fan, that's a big deal. Think about it: you pick up a comic, and at one point it started off in the artist/writer's head; then it's in your hands, and in *your* head. You don't know where the creator lives/works; how far the artwork traveled to the publisher, to the print shop, to the distributor, to the comic shop, to you. It, for all intents and purposes, have traveled across the galaxy. But then the gap is bridged through e-mail. Instantaneous e-mail.
So I'd just like to say to Mr. Kazaleh, thanks for replying, thanks for having those back issues I needed, and thanks so much for creating the characters and stories that will stay with me always.
Take care.
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I don't want to get overly political, and I respect everyone's opinion (no mater how wrong it may be!), but you have to admit that January 20th, 2009 was an historic day for the United States of America.
Stop and reflect on what happened. It should make you proud to be an American.

I know I am.
Happy Arbitrary Point of Rotation Around the Sun Day!
In 2009 you'll soon find a new image that I've been working on; it's the most unique work I've published because it was done with my Wacom where I started from a black canvas and added white tones gradually to create the image. It's your standard evil warlock in his abode type of image.
I've also got some photos of the bottles I used for my infused vodka XMas presents. The light that fell upon those shapes looks amazing.
I've got many, many sketches from my trip to Mexico. I'll scan and upload those soon.
Hope your new year is better than your old year. :)
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I've recently added three-and-a-half new items (the deviantID doesn't count!). These items are things I've had laying around for a while, or more. I sometimes get an idea, and start a flurry of activity. After the initial work I put it aside to percolate. And them too much time might pass and I don't get back to it. Well, the recent items try to make up for it. At the moment I'm putting the finishing touches on a Flash animation my partner and I worked on. It's boss! Look for that soon.
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