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Smoker's Remorse by vmcampos Smoker's Remorse by vmcampos
We have our first entry into the "COLOR IT: Smoking Dog" challenge [link] I put out NEARLY TWO YEARS AGO. And the entry comes from me! Isn't that weird?
Anyway, I decided to color my own drawing (since no one else would). I wanted to try a digital colorization because I'm out of practice. I used my old Wacom art pad, and PS CS3. I downloaded it at about 8:30 pm and finished about two hours later. I'm pretty happy with it because I was having a hard time getting started.
I used the brush tool with pressure to lay down my flat colors, and then some simple shadows and highlights. I blended those elements together with the smudge tool, with all brush dynamics active. It was pretty fun when I got the hang of it. I added a neat background, with gradient overlay.
If you notice, this version has been altered from the original: I no longer have the evil cloud hanging over the character's head. I think with the dramatic lighting and background, it's no longer necessary.
I welcome others to download my line art [link] and try to color it. Let me know and I'll fave.
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November 22, 2008
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