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Real Zaku by vmcampos Real Zaku by vmcampos
This is a work in progress that has taken me many months to finish. Mostly because I get distracted with other projects (or people). Off and on again, I just finished it.
This photo manip began with a full-figure shot of [link] (my Level 6 US version of the MS-06S Zaku model kit from the Gundam anime; [painted in Char's colors]) that I took in 2007, I think. I don't have easy access to the original CR2 file at the moment. I made a hue/saturation adjustment to create the standard green colors. After removing it from the background (a simple white backdrop I made in my equally-simple home-made light box) in PS CS3, I started adding the other elements. The background star field is made from scratch, by a method I discovered on my own (I should write an Instructable about, eventually). Then there's the lens flare filter to create a star. I created the thruster jets as simple triangular shapes with the polygon lasso; alternating colors and gaussian bluring. I duplicated the placed Zaku and added motion blur, and the wind filter (I think). Then I added some shadows and highlights to fit better with the light cast from the star.
I can't count the hours I spent on this, just because it was done little by little, over a long period.
But I greatly enjoy the results, and hope you do, too.
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Submitted on
November 22, 2008
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