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Photo Retouch for Toni by vmcampos Photo Retouch for Toni by vmcampos
As time goes on, I feel that I have less of a chance to participate in creative endeavors. I work a lot at SWC, and I also have a few freelance web design clients to deal with. It's not like before that I could spend a lot of time at dA or FA.
But I try to find those moments when I can. I like to be creative, and I take the opportunity whenever I can.
Here is a photo retouch for Toni. It's of her re-wedding. She wanted a fixed up version to print 20x30in poster size. I took the original (shot on a Kodak C643) when we were in Sinaloa, Mexico (December 2008). Using PSCS3 I had a few things to fix: the background was cluttered with some picture frames and the like; there was a place setting too near the foreground obscuring the bottom-right of the image; and, more dauntingly, their feet where cut off. Oh, and their expressions didn't show the obvious joy they felt that day.
So after about four hours, spread over two days, using many layers, the clone stamp tool, the heal brush, Control-J'ing a lot, and redrawing their fee with the brush and pencil tools, I have this to show for it. Overall I'm happy with it. I think I have too much of a compulsion to be perfect. I've used PS since version 4 I believe, and there's always something new to learn (thank Adobe for releasing a new version of the product every 2 to one-and-a-half years!!). But there comes a moment when you have to take Alton Brown's advice and, "just walk away."
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April 10, 2009
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