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Why do I choose such cryptic names?

This is a project that I've been working on for far too long. The original photograph was taken on July 23, 2007. (with my Canon Rebel XT, overlooking downtown San Diego, from the SD Convention Center, while at the San Diego Comic-Con International [don't mean to gloat]). I didn't start to put the idea together until October 18, however. Of the many photos I took at The Con, this one seemed oddly familar. As if I had seen something like it in my youth. Maybe those months in between allowed me to bridge the gap: one of the buildings I photosgraphed reminded me vaguely of the building in the introduction of Mega Man 2, the Nintendo Entertainment System game by Capcom.

I knew I had to pursue this idea further.

I wanted to use Flash to re-create the original introduction, with my photograph. So i labored on for several days, at my usual midnight schedule. The first version of the animation is dated November 16. I set it aside, but created a new version about a month later (December 28).

But then real life took center stage. Time passed.

I needed to clean up my hard drive a bit, so I started browsing hard drive folders for waste. I rediscovered this project, and decided I had to finish it, once and for all. Besides, all the raw files (an .avi, some .wavs, a few .pngs & .gifs & .tifs, various .fla and .swf files) added up to more than 700mb! I'm rather frugal with hard drive space, you know.

So, now, I submit to the world, my finished project. Please download and view the .swf animation. Then, the true name of the project will be revealed. I hope you like it!
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March 7, 2007
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