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lady sketch.

Just a sketch from my moleskine. I might move this to scraps later. I like it though, so maybe I'll paint 'er up.

For more sketches & stuff I don't post on DA, check out my blog.

Ballpoint pen & moleskine sketchbook.
Photoshop for text & texture.
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Outfit looks like Muffet from Undertale
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Sosososo amazing. Love it :3:
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its amazing! but for some reason is reminds me of a chocobo
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Something about the clothing design of this sketch has burned itself in my memory for about a year, I only just found it again! I think its absolutely brilliant! Incredibly unique, individual, but not over the top or pretentious. Obviously the design could only work for the female figure, ie accentuating the hips and the high waste, but Id love to see an equivalent for males! Hell Id love to own a male equivalent.
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Waaaa, I like this. I really like her air style
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i like this one, the dash of color through the middle gives the lively effect, and the shading's well put, keep up the gd work

take a look at some of mine and let me know what you think of them thx
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Your creative talents are extraordinary. This is quite simple, yet so very well done.
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Awesome drawing , I love the design, and Could I try and color this?
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I painted this amazing sketch i am a huge fan of ur work <3 [link]
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love this costume design
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i love the circle things under her eyes
pretty sketch, you're style is simple and good loking ^^
Susapp's avatar
Very beautiful, you exaggarated her anatomy just enough to make her look elegant. A stunning sketch.
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in my opinion this one has a great figure...
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[link] A better picture :D
Teehe, you can see the picture now ;3
Nyu-Nyuu's avatar
Thank you again <3
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how philosophical!:
it may be just a sketch,but it's incredible how much it can "say"!:smoking:

now,fan talk:
omg!it's sooo cool!even if it's a sketch,your work is always marvelous!I love it...the hair,the costume...!:woohoo:

now for normal people:
really great job!keep up the great work...:meow:
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hahah, thank youu! :hug:
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.i don't know why.just love that simplicyty
This is cool!
Ahaa ;P
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She has a same hairstyle I used to have :D
you have a good sense of proportions .. and your anatomy is nice :)
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That looks really cool, gotta love that style of yours! Say, do you think a moleskine is useful? I know of it as a sketchbook though I have wanted to buy a moleskine to see how it is to take it around, but I dont know much about it. Awesome lines by the way (:
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