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PINKITUDE. To me, it's an attitude. It's about holding yourself with confidence, being happy in your own skin, & standing out without being self-conscious. It's about idiosyncrasy, sensuality, sexuality & love. It's about being you & being happy with who you are.


Well. This was done for the Pinkitude 2008 contest, but I somehow missed the deadline by a minute. :( It doesn't matter -- I didn't want to enter it to win, I wanted to enter it to spread the word & raise awareness for the cause.

LOTS of anatomical errors. Really rushed, I didn't have time! :( And that the background sucks. And etc, etc. I didn't have time to fix it/anything else.

Extremely stressful two & a half hour speedpaint.

Adobe Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos2 Tablet
2-3 hour speedpaint.
(Remember her?)
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I love this piece because the technique is almost perfect. The lighting and pose she is in are beautiful and it has the right balance between realism and animation, it is beautiful! This piece was very original and the way you painted it made it feel like it was right in front of me and like this girl you were painting could be a real person. The impact was also great, I would defiantly remember this picture and it spoke to the pinkitude in me. I would defiantly view more of your work based on this piece of yours! In one word:stunning! "<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>(I sound like an old lady,but whateves <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>)