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fake screencaps return: f.r.i.e.n.d.s edition

“Aw, Joe, you aren’t shy, are you? ‘Cause”—Chandler blatantly looks him up and down, all subtlety gone—“you shouldn’t be.” He chuckles, shaking his head. “God, you’re so hot. It’s like you’re hewed out of marble.”

Joey blinks way more times than is necessary. “What? You—you really think so?” He doesn’t know what “hewed” means, but Chandler says the word like it’s something reverent, so Joey’s taking it as a compliment.


i like illustrating scenes from my fics like they're an animated film ok sue me
psst the post for this on my tumblr has one extra cap
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Nobody told me life was gonna be this gaaaay
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Chandler looks so pretty here .-. :love: 
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Frankly, when I first started watching it, one of the reasons that Chandler was my favourite really early on was b/c I had a major crush on his hair
his hair really not him himself
(but yeah the whole Chandler is pretty cute js)
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chandler's season1 hair is pERFECTION YES
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Omg yes yes yes!! :love:
It's so fluffy ;~;
(my parents think I'm weird when I just stare at the case for season1 or talk about it as if it's a being of its own)
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it is fluffy tho
chandler is a precious baby in season 1
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Oh yes yes I agree totally
you just want to like hug him
all the fricking time
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This is freaking me out more than it should
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