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The Cinema Snob: Ten of Wands

By vltraviolet
For :icontgwtg-tarot:

The Cinema Snob as the Ten of Wands, featuring Lloyd!

"Most often, the Ten of Wands card carries the meaning of overload and burdening situations where too much responsibility has been taken on by the subject."
I had the ~brilliant~ idea of making each of the ten wands represent one of his characters (Snob, 80s Dan, Kung Tai Ted, etc) but then realized that he doesn't really have ten. XD WHOOPS. So I just sorta adapted the original image from the Rider Waite deck. Not as metaphorical as the original card, but the meaning's implied, I suppose.

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When Lloyd is on it you know that it was approved
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Snob: "Really, Lloyd."
Lloyd: "Meow"
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BRAD & LLOYD! <333 LOVE THIS CARD ;P :heart:

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Snob: "Who care's about the rest of the deck; Lloyd's on this card!"
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I'd still say that's quite a good idea, but on the other hand there's other characters, like Jerrid... or movie characters like ET from the ET porno and bunch of others. Still, I appreciate the thought behind this. With these tarot cards, I don't always see people understanding the meaning behind the cards themselves. You however did try to understand and hence my respect for you.

Oh and the artwork being really REALLY well done helps too!
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Thank you! :) I'm glad you like it! ^^
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Don't mention it. I'll fav it while I'm at it. I guess this tarot thing works for me. I like tarot, so much that I'll become a theme in my comic and I like TGWTG, so much that I want to become a crew member!
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This whole thing is awesome but my favorite part is Lloyd's expression. The little stuck-out tongue just cracks me up. :meow:
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Wow, that's excellent! 8D
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You did a superb job on this. I especially love Brad's expression. XD
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To be fair, if I had to watch Las Vegas Bloodbath and scour the world for Crystal Pepsi not funded by Nazi gold, I'd be pretty weighed down too. XD
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