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Hellraiser Disney style

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The Hellraiser edition of the horror!Disney posters. I kinda like the way this one came out. <3

Hellraiser (c) Clive Barker
Art (c) me
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A whole new wooooooorld! (OF FLESH!!!!!!)
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Chatterer looking so clueless is adorable. :)
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It's just a awesome draw !!
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Is there a sequel to the first Hellraiser? Because if there is then, fuck it! I'm outta here! XD  
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first thing that came to mind......
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Omg, yes!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD XDDDDDD
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Holy crap I could totally see this working. Just think, if Disney ever got a hold of the Hellraiser franchise (God forbid, lol) all they would really have to do is stylize and songify it to make it Disney-y :XD: lol great job on this, it looks really good, especially Female ;)
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According to IMDb, at one point Disney sort of did own Hellraiser. They bought the company Miramax when Hellraiser: Bloodline, along with a few other horror sequels to popular franchises like Halloween, was being made and needless to say, it caused some controversy with the knowledge that Disney--sweet, family-friendly Disney--was associated with horror films that were anything but family-friendly. Thankfully, they didn't get directly involved with the horror films; I think all they did with Miramax was help sell the first two Spy Kids films (pretty good) and the adaptation of a Wrinkle in Time (not so good) before Lionsgate took over.
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Oh my gosh, are you serious?! To think we've had such a close call with those beloved not-family-friendly films! WOW, that's really interesting to know. I'm glad it didn't go down like that, of course, but man, to think that it came so close...:stare: And yeah, I agree, Spy Kids was awesome. A Wrinkle Time was okay, but it was kind of confusing to me, so I'd pick Spy Kids over it any day :) Thanks for the knowledge, that's really interesting to know! ;)
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The book version of a Wrinkle in Time was better, which is funny since I saw the trailer for the movie and wanted to watch it. When I read the book, I loved it and hoped the movie would be just as good. It wasn't. =( The characters seemed all wrong (the actress playing Meg shows the same amount of emotion as Kristen Stewart; I actually had to check to make sure they weren't related) and the story somehow seemed cliché (did they really have to destroy It [the brain thing, not Pennywise] using the power of love and end any chance of having sequels [it is based on a book series after all]?). It was just really disappointing when the book was so great.
I actually remember a joke at the end of a fanfiction (a Hannibal fanfiction, but I still consider that horror) where the characters complain to the author of that book about their love scene being too short and the author responds, "Don't make me rewrite you into Disney characters." Yeah, if horror characters became Disney characters, I don't think anyone would be happy, since the parents would say, "Why on earth did they think this was suitable for children?!" (probably the same ones who said that about Hunchback of Notre Dame) and horror fans would say, "You turned (awesome horror character) into a total wuss! I thought you'd do something cool for once!" (the people who complained that Hunchback [and probably most of the other Disney films since they had dark source material too {the book versions of the Fox and the Hound and Bambi are completely different stories from the Disney films; comparing them is like comparing Watership Down to Peter Rabbit}] was dumbed down too much [case and point, the gargoyles; good thing the stage musical released in America got rid of them]). Interesting idea, but it wouldn't be a very good choice.
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Wow, that's actually pretty funny, because after watching the movie of A Wrinkle In Time I picked up the book and I just couldn't get into it, haha! :XD: I was pretty young when I tried to read it, though, so I suppose I might like it now if I picked it up again, but I remember trying to read it and I just couldn't get my imagination flowing with it.

And yeah, I was actually watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame just a while ago, and it really is pretty dark. I'm surprised that they even made it, actually. Though I don't understand why the gargoyles were a problem...??

And yeah, if they ever merged horror with Disney it just wouldn't be good. No one would be happy. Not the angry parents, not the outraged fans, and certainly not the traumatized little kids.
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People just thought the gargoyles were annoying and/or out of place in an otherwise dark film (their song "A Guy Like You" came about five minutes after the villain song "Hellfire"). Other people either find them funny or are indifferent to them, and a few (to keep with the theme of loneliness) believe that Quasimodo only imagined them, making it a sad but interesting way to put comic relief in the story (kinda thrown out the window with the fight scene at the end and that awful sequel, though). I'm indifferent to them, but they're easily the weakest part of the movie (though at least they weren't as useless/annoying as most of the trolls from Frozen [that time you spent singing "Fixer Upper" and trying to force Anna and Kristoph to get married could have been spent finding your leader and figuring out how to get rid of the ice that is LODGED IN HER HEART AND SLOWLY FREEZING HER TO DEATH!]).
Yeah, best not to open that can of worms. The belief that "You can show a child anything as long as there's a happy ending," (people keep crediting Don Bluth for that quote, though I don't know for sure if he's the one who actually said that) doesn't really apply if your "Prince Charmings" consist of demons, cannibals, and people who REALLY should go into therapy, the beautiful animation is overshadowed by blood and gore that would ALMOST makes Felidae look tame, and the "Happy Endings" are the monsters going off into the sunset with the heroines/heroes who should have and would have killed them/taken them to prison the first chance they got, no matter how awful/annoying the characters they killed were.
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Oh, okay. I always liked the Gargoyles, though I thought they were kinda weird. I always thought that Quasimodo was imagining them, I always assumed that that was what we were supposed to get from all the fun he had when by himself. I actually liked the sequel, though I can totally understand why a lot of people don't.

And yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing about the troll scene in Frozen when I went to see it! I mean I understood that it was supposed to be a 'musical' movie or whatever, but gosh Anna had a freaking shard of ice in her heart that was ready to kill her! I know it's a kid's show but geez! You'd think they'd save the singing and dancing for AFTER they figured out how to save her life.

And yeah, that does seem to be the trend with children's movies nowadays, the bad guy can get the girl as long as there's a happy ending. Personally I think it's harmless as long as the parents explain to the child/children that it's all fantasy and therefore not realistic, but a lot of them just plop them in front of the tv and don't think twice about it. I've never heard of Felidae but it looks pretty bad. I could barely handle Watership Down so I doubt if I could watch it all the way lol.
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I feel I've seen this poster before, for a film not made by Disney, but from a ex-animator. Capri Shrug   Whatever, it still looks great! =) I just love how Butterball and Chatterer are like: Wait a minute, who's supposed to be the villain? and Pinhead and Kirsty are like: I Love You Emote  Pinsty forever! (and I hate auto correct Extreme Rage v2 )
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:iconmickeyplz::iconsaysplz:Yet another beloved Disney classi- wait- didn't Disney do the Hellraiser series, starting with the fourth one, Hell on Earth?

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This is so creative and authentic looking! XD hahahaha Kirsty looks like she belongs with the rest of the disney princesses hahahahaha XP NicE!
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lol i like how chatterer is like "wtf" and i also like butterballs facial expression
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Is the woman Kirsty or just a random person?
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It's supposed to be Kirsty :3
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hahaha xD awwww if only they would make the Hellraiser movies look like that xD
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im sorry i just HAD to look at dis
in dis case Kirsty is now a Disney Princess
dont worry, Kirsty ur not alone when it comes 2 carnage
Cinderella's stepsisters had 2 cut off their toes and heels to get their awful feet in that glass slipper
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Nice! I could totally see this happening!
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