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Model for Blender 2.79


Only for non-commercial and fan art use. I don't own anything.
From mobile game OverHit. All credit goes to developers.
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oi os 3d sao diferente e so vem 1 no arquivo tem como passar o 3d do set vermelho ?

Hello! Thank you so much for sharing the data.

But the UV of the 4th character in the photo seems to be broken. Please confirm it.

If there is normal data, please upload again.

thank you :)

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What do you mean by broken UV? I downloaded model and it looks fine.


The sentence is strange because I use a translator. Sorry.

Lohengrin mesh comes out properly.

However, the material is not properly applied to Lohengrin_Dark_A.

uv is broken when viewed with unwrap uvw.

Do you know a solution? Let me know if you know how to solve the problem.

thank you :)

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This model has 3 uv maps for body/hair/fur. You should be able to switch between them.

Hello! Sorry for the late comment.

I knew because you told me there was a channel.(The translation seems a little weird, please understand.)

Thank you for sharing good material :)

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oh! so cool

DL thx u so much

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Oh! You have him! That is awesome! Thank you!

I hope the girl in his story makes it in so I can complete the couple~

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What's her name?

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I believe it was Irene.

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I searched game files but didn't find her.

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Are the names of the characters English or Japanese/Korean?

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Names are the same in all versions, however file names may be different than in-game names.

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Very fair point. I found the name 'Eye Lane' or 'アイレーン' in Japanese?

Otherwise here are a few reference photos incase you do see her.

Her with the guy you posted. They so cute.

And a more generic picture of her.

But honestly it has just been cool talking to you. If its there its there, and if not, its not. Thanks for chatting with me ^^

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Found it, her name is Airen.

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