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deepened heart
say you'll stay,
you'll sail across
oceans with me,
though you're afraid of the sea,
and i will meet you on the tail of the sunrise.
your hair, spun sugar;
i want to be there when summer
dares to share the secrets of your skin so bare.
your silence sinks the sun,
and my sleeping tongue comes under fire
from an overwhelming numbness
from seaquins and xylitol,
how you wake up everyday and you have it all.
maybe one day i can say that i stand so tall
and maybe then
you will say you'll stay a while,
you will let me sail across the sky with you.
i have a map
that i can't read with all these waves
washing over me
and in the madness of the sea,
the solid sadness of being lonely,
the sound of your name tears the storms
apart; i think i fell in love
with your deepened heart
because even through the storm,
i hear you calling [everybody else's name but mine].
but, like everybody else, you'll fall away,
and i'll never be safe.
see, there's just too much water in my oceans,
not enough blue in the s
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 4 4
Mature content
rage against the me :iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 3 7
when a kiss leaves you dazzled for days
on end, your skin sometimes turns to rust.
you end up haggling with the wind for ways
to clear the dust
gathering behind your eyelids. you forget to say
the metal on your tongue away, so you
talk through your teeth. his smile sways
you, and reduces
yours to script that scribbles itself out inside
of your empty chest. it matters little, though; you never really
knew you weren't full enough for words until you met the crystallized sunshine
of his eyes' gleam.
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 5 1
be mine
a beautiful morning
and a broken breath between the start.
what i'm losing
is a single chance to see your heart.
i don't want forever,
i want you to wake me up.
forever is over.
now's the only time we've got.
i always do this;
i fall to hard, i fall too fast.
i fall for everything easy,
i fall for nothing that can last.
but you're not the same, you're not
made by men who made my past.
under this falling sky, you're not
a moment a would dare let pass.
do you know that you glow
with the heart of the dark of the ocean?
i would bend to the end
of the horizon just to catch it.
i would break my back,
i would stop my slacking
and start now.
but i've said too much
and i'm broken up
and i want you to be mine
i want you to be mine
i want you to say, "be mine"
and i want to run away from time.
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 1 4
the sunlight sulks its way through smog-
gy sky, smiling somehow. it was silk, really,
seeing something
so silent sing so loud. it made me
see, i'm just scribbles
on a salamander's stomach, really.
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 1 3
Mature content
mister sunburst :iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 7 7
Mature content
things to know before you begin :iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 14 7
silver stitching
we broke each others'
without                      [like fevers]
        knowing the cause. i could
have held you to my chest
like the sun
     and told you it's okay - and it is -
but you blurred your outline with
                            tequila and anti-depressants.
i overdosed on guilt. i killed us,
i gave your heart
                  a pacifier to soothe its
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 28 27
the first step
to sadness is to
punctuates the bruised
shorelines with broken hearts and
shattered abelone
shell fragments.
sometimes the
shore creeps up, kisses
my feet. sometimes he rips through
the distance between
us, taking
what's his.
the air here
vibrates to a fire,
sparrow's heart humming in c
major. it does scare
me sometimes,
how i might love you
more than ibuprofen, or
the way the light might
through an ether storm.
the person i am now is
not compatible
with who i
was before you. but
how do i scrape myself out
from under my own
we caught the
moon between our feet,
heads falling behind us.
things i will
remember about
you: how you can't stop wearing
lemongrass and how
the smell hides
away under your
collarbone; the way you wear
saturn on your ring
finger and
keep neptune's rings as
keepsakes when you come back from
the sky [to remind
yourself that
my favorite colour
is you.]
[the stru
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 193 77
i put your love into a box
and threw it deep beneath the water
in hopes that i'll forget the words
i've been trying to say, "baby, you for me forever".
is this the love that burns
away all of my fingerprints?
is this the love that burns
identity into submission?
you're still trying to linger,
you're still trying to steal the sky.
maybe i could stop you
if i waved goodbye.
i'm waiting for your face to fade
into a blur of time-worn features.
when i forget how to say your name,
my tongue won't taste like ashes in my mouth.
were you the love i deluded myself
into dying for?
if you had just intruded,
would it still be this sore?
would you still be trying to linger?
would you still be trying to steal the sky?
maybe i can stop you,
maybe, if i try.
these are things i'll never know
how to stop my hands from writing about.
maybe when my fear has grown,
i could wrap my hands around my mouth
because if it hurts, you know,
you cannot call it love.
i couldn't let you go
and now i'm the only one who
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 2 5
when the wind forgets to blow
it would be a night like this.
you would grow tired of surrounding yourself with
friends whose names you don't know and will never
bother learning, trying to remember mine. you'll
forget the way your throat catches on the first
syllable and stops your breathing; "c-c-christ,"
would be the first thing you'd say as you remember
something torrential
[you crucified me].
you would be wondering about my hands and if they
are still as strong as your eyes are blue [they
aren't, but you'll hope]. you would shake the snow globe
and hope that you wished with enough momentum for
the snowfall of tears never to end. they'd be your tears,
this time.
i would be alone. you would wash up on the shores
of my eyelids and i wouldn't notice you the first
time you smiled. you would stop smiling and start
screaming. you would beg me with your hands to hold
you, you would scream in fifths and breathe in triads
until you exist in a refrain that is finally
too long for me to memorise.
i would taste smel
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 22 24
my dad's name spelled backwards
is dermatillomania.
i am scared tonight; the light is leaking out of
your nose like a galaxy tipped on its side.
you are melting into an abysmal bliss that
resembles the white-hot noise you taste
when the god you don't believe in dissolves
the rags on which you wrote your life in braille.
for god's sake, old man, listen when i tell you
that staring fear in the face with closed eyes is
faith, not the way the black-hole emptiness
in your life perpetuates itself in the holes
in your cheeks and the rain-ridden sinkholes
in the avenues from your mouth to your eyes.
the solid ground you're praying on is the damp
caving-in ceiling i'm hiding under from earthquakes,
and it won't hold out.
it won't.
the only thing you could commit to was screaming,
so i hid a thousand paper cranes in the wrinkles
of your heart to try and stop the haemorrhage. i hate
to think about the way you evolved into an
absence of photons, but sometimes,
thinking is the only way to tune out
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 24 17
ID by Vlavisfaults ID :iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 1 4
how to be spineless
i was running kites in
an empty airport terminal.
it was zen.
i was in a place where i
didn't have to be angry anymore.
i was protected by my own
sanctuary, digging itself
under my fingernails to keep
hell out.
sanctuary is its own friendless
hell. it's where polaroids
disintegrate and hearts go mute.
in hell and in my sanctuary,
there's nobody for me
to call a liar [but me].
i forgot to tell myself
the truth about my petty cure
at the tip of this arrow:
life is a science,
not a eulogy; love sometimes equates
to third degree burns.
i have a map made of
fire. it's a timeline and
it tells me when your eyes turned from blue
to gone to honest, and how
my eyes haven't changed
[they're still dead harvest].
if i were to choose between my tongue
and my heart, would you still
love me in sign?
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 34 27
he bites my tongue like
vanilla, but all i think
  of is the mantis.
he can't poison my
powdered snow, but his kisses
  taste like roraima.
i could pray, but i'd
be lying; my small hands are
  not green enough yet.
you with spit like wine
and dreams like thyme and timeless
you own me now.
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 3 7
wild cotton
i wake up where the wild cotton blooms
and i wonder if i've dreamed of you before,
raging fires in raging hearts
that couldn't stand to burn apart anymore.
i'm afraid that you're not real,
a fear i've never thought to feel,
and while i wonder where you are,
all i think about is how you kissed my scars.
i know who i am now that i know you.
i miss your seaside with a wild, burning ache
and i wonder if i've cried like this before.
the sky has crashed and burned itself into your eyes,
and like me, it found its real color there.
i'm afraid, if you're not real,
there will be no love left to feel,
and while our bodies intertwined,
your voice echoes still through every corner of my mind.
i know who i am now that i know you.
i kiss the lightning i once cursed,
the love i never could let burst.
but now that i'm looking through your smile,
i have never felt more alive
and god cries where we are
in dreams of gold,
in tears of silver.
i've spent my life, i promise you,
wondering if i'd find you aga
:iconvlavisfaults:Vlavisfaults 11 19


MiuMiu by paullung MiuMiu :iconpaullung:paullung 353 32 Chamelion by goatheart Chamelion :icongoatheart:goatheart 15 11
Life is easier when you believed the stork dropped you in your mother's lap
Because sex is complicated and messy and makes nonexistent things hurt
Sometimes it's not even sore
Most times it's just a dull throb above your eye
No pill can take that away
And no amount of sex will make it better
They don't tell you in school about how your heart really works
They don't tell you how one person could make it shatter
So that you can feel the shards gnawing through your insides
And somehow pushing themselves out your feet
The worst is when you can't walk
It's never as easy as seeing a butterfly with pretty wings
More like seeing a dead bird with broken wings
Nothing is ever as it seems
Because when you smile and go for a kiss
They turn around and give you a fist
Maybe you won't want to be happy
Maybe you'll love wearing black and crying yourself to sleep
But they will come back and kiss you and make everything better
And then you'll be wearing redorangeyellowgreenblueindigoviolet
And you'll sm
:iconbabygee:BaByGee 1 1
Better Safe than Sorry
"You get used to never being full, you know," Milly says, a clover stem hanging out of the corner of her mouth. "Your stomach shrinks and you don't feel any kind of pain until the end of the day."
"What kind of pain is there?"
"All kinds. In your stomach. In your head."
"In your heart?"
"Yeah." She puts two fingers on her wrist and waits for her pulse to come running through. "It's beating fast now. Taking my pulse makes me anxious."
"I'm afraid my heart will stop."
She digs through her purse and finds a notebook and a pen and I look over her shoulder as she writes down, "3 clover stems. 50 calories."
"3 clover stems isn't 50 calories, Milly," I tell her, shaking my head. "It's probably not even ten."
"Better safe than sorry."
"This is not safe. Just sorry."
"Yeah. Sorry."
I sigh. "It's okay."
:iconpaigegreene:paigegreene 1 0
take my pulse
in my dream i lay on a silver-lining shore
and they buried me with sand until i couldn't breathe anymore.
daddy never told them to stop.
he never asked them to stop
and his eyes were so grey that i thought they were yours.
take my pulse. i feel alive today
and tomorrow that might go away.
sometimes i get tired of living.
i get tired of living
and so i stop eating, or drinking, or talking.
i wish his eyes were yours
and they were your tears that he pours.
every day they fall.
yesterday and the day before and today they fall
and i can't figure out what to do about it now.
it's my fault, i know,
but i can't help feeling so low.
he can't help that he's getting older.
you can't help that you're getting older
but i wish you would get younger so those eyes could be yours.
:iconpaigegreene:paigegreene 3 2
Amy Lee (Evanescence) by KondaArt Amy Lee (Evanescence) :iconkondaart:KondaArt 133 39 Meet Me in the Middle by goatheart Meet Me in the Middle :icongoatheart:goatheart 227 37 mooooHAHAAA by toranome mooooHAHAAA :icontoranome:toranome 1 1 Comatose Release by Kyrelimit Comatose Release :iconkyrelimit:Kyrelimit 25 9 a hint of color by agnes-cecile a hint of color :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 4,452 218
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