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PL: Ch.6 The Isle - page 60


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PL: Ch.6 The Isle - page 60


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ZR -Plague of the Past pg 67

Zirra's Return

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AToH -Shattered Life pg 25

A Tale of Hope

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Pavus Regalis Gallus - Tentative Color Scheme


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ATFtDR: The Broken Cycle - Home (Page 7)

Spyro Comics

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PL: Ch.5 Courage of the cowardly dragon - page 26

A Dream of illusion

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Feuriah's Dawn | pg.69

Feuriah's Dawn

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The Guardians pg 67

The Guardians

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Twin Time Page 005

The Legend of Daimond

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TLOS: Farewell

Faded thunder

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Power Crystal Page 23

Power Crystal

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PL: Ch.6 The Isle - page 60

Pure Light

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Connected Bonds

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Agro2 Page17 RUS


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Spyro: Family Tree ending

Demetrius cleaned off his blade and released Toxic from the shadows. "You… you killed them!" Aqua gasped. "They had it coming, but you don't if you just run away." Demetrius said as he turned to walk up to where Cynder was lying. "You… horrible dragon!" Aqua roared as she charged at Demetrius. Without even looking he swiped her down from her attack. "Looks like you shall meet their same fate." He said with an evil chuckle. She attempted to get up again but became paralyzed from Demetrius' fear breath, also causing Cynder to cry. "Don't orry, I won't kill you, at first. I still need a message delivered to the other guardians."

Family Tree

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Spyro: Dark Descendants ending

 "You mean the egg's coming?!" Spyro asked. Cynder nodded as the guardians and elders arrived at their door. "Sweet ancestors it's coming! What do I do?" "Move over." Icis said as she walked in. "I've delivered many eggs in my life, I know how these work. Spyro, I need water and a towel, Glacia and Ember can stay but I need the rest of you out." Icis ordered. Glacia and Ember stepped into the room while the others waited outside. Gravel was looking at the door when he felt something at his side. He looked down to see a mole breathing heavily. "Sir Gravel… your mate Maka… she wants you home immediately, she's in labor as we spea

Dark Descendents

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RotI Final

Peace… For Now What the three dragons saw in front of them was none other than their worst fear. An army of around a hundred earth dragons filled the fields below with no signs of any apes with them. Even with the small number of dragons that were there they all knew this was the biggest army of dragons to ever attack Warfang. Flame turned to his personal guard, Aden, and ordered "get the rest of the soldiers here! We are going to need everyone we can get for this battle!" "Yes sir!" Aden replied before flying back into the city. While scanning the army in front of them Gravel spotted a familiar dragon at the front. It was none other

Rise of the Imprisoned

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Prince of Darkness Ch. 21

Ch. 21 Citizens of the Shattered Vale With everything else dealt with, Spyro and his son made their way towards the Guardians' council chambers. He knew that Phoenus was extremely nervous for the trial, so Spyro let him have his moments of silence. Even though he had reassured his son several times that everything was fine that small cloud of doubt hung over them. There was no guarantee that the Guardians would allow Phoenus to stay free, they could only hope for mercy. As they walked through the city Spyro received the same amount of attention he usually did, but received a second glance when the dragons noticed a similar looking red drago

Peice of Darkness

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TLoS Origins

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The legend of Cross: Origins 4

Chapter 4: Saphira the water dragoness The sun rose slowly above the horizon, a common morning in Menesteres, and despite being very early, the city was very active in the market area, where several dragons and other creatures bought and sold various items. In the central plaza were many young dragons playing with each other to chase or hide and others a little older, just walking around town. "Saphira, Zoey is waiting outside!" said a blue ice dragoness to her daughter, "I'm coming mom "said Saphira going down the stairs. She, unlike their parents who are ice dragons, was a water dragoness, her scales are blue and her belly a lighter blue,


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TLoS: A Bright Future Ch. 32

Ch. 32: Broken Souls The sun was started to show itself over the horizon when Spyro and Cynder reached the Cheetah Village.  Many of the villagers started cheering and crying out, “There’s Spyro, and Cynder!”  They started waving their paws as soon as the two dragons flew over the border of the small inhabitance, Hunter leaping over the wooden wall that surrounded the village.  Chief Prowlus came out of one of the hastily built shacks to see the two dragons. The village seemed even more desolate than before when Spyro, Cynder and Hunter were kidnapped by order of Chief Prowlus.  There was no more than a

TLoS: A Bright Future

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Spyro RoA: Ch. 10

Chapter 10: Trouble on the Homefront     "There's nothing left for me here,' Spectre thought to himself as he stalked for breakfast. He had lost confidence in himself, choosing now to go rogue other than try to redeem himself with the others. He sighed silently and snatched a fox off the ground, snapping its neck quickly. He threw the red creature on his back and headed back to the den. Spectre looked around and listened, wandering if anyone would've come after him. He figured, why should he go to them, when they could come to him if they really wanted to. He lied down outside the den and tore into the fox's side, gulping the meat down quic

Spyro: Revenge

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chap 19

LOSC: 19 Clouds slowly slid silently in the night sky above the forests of Avalar. Almost as silently a pair of cheetahs moved through the foliage on patrol. Their eyes able to use what little light they were given to scan around them. Hearing something the lead scout holds up a hand in a closed fist to have them stop. As they drew their weapons the group s attacked from all directions by black creatures, their screams echoed through the forest around them. Snapping his eyes open Shadowheart gazed in the direction of the Avalar panting, “some thing is coming...An oddly familiar darkness.” He mutters to himself, before walking

the new Guardians

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Bridge Across Worlds: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Sorrow Zach woke to an incredibly sore body, each part of his body expressing its unwillingness to do anything though searing pain and an inability to move.  He didn’t need to think about why his body hurt though, his dreams had been plagued with the anguished cries of his friends and the possibilities of what might have happened. But still those were only possibilities. He didn’t know what had happened for sure; he didn’t even know where he was. Focusing as much as he could, Zach cracked open his eyes only to wince at the light.  The setting of the room was familiar, but it wasn’t his normal room within t

Spyro:Bridge across worlds

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Spyro black dragon chapter 29

The Legend of Spyro Legend of the black dragon Chapter 29 healing pain "Hey, mind if I join?" "Oh, um, well we weren't-" "Weren't what?" "Well we can't play with you anymore" "What?! What for?" "Well, that dragoness said it to us" "Grrrr, her again!" "I'm going to call mom!" Cynder slowly opened her eyes as woke up from her voice dream. "Hmmm, now what could that have been about?" She whispered to herself. "It had some similarities between that one a week back but I can't be sure" "I'm sure it was the hatchling again this time around, but just why does that voice sound so familiar to me?" Cynder thought, still a bit frustrated th

Spyro black dragon

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Dark Legacy.

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TLoS: Dies Irae Pt. 1

"Huh, wha-ARGH!!!!" Not even two seconds from waking up and Dempsey is assaulted by a piercing headache. He hadn't felt something like this since that bout of dehydration he suffered from during his time in basic. "Damn it. Great job Dempsey, go ahead and drink all of your water before landing. And now your sitting in some cave somewhere at the mercy of fucking Tojo because you made the dumb decision of trying to refill at a pond." Dempsey looked at his surroundings. He knew he was in some dank cave on the godforsaken island of Peleliu, held prisoner by the Imperial Japanese Army. All he had to do know was overpower his captors when they c

TLoS: World at War

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AoH Karma and Convexity 37pt 2

Crona tried to scream but no sound came from her mouth. All around she could see flashes of color against the white energy she had summoned. The reeling was making her dizzy and she forced herself to shut her mouth in fear of vomiting all over herself. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping that the spinning would stop. All she wanted now was to be out of this forsaken time portal. Shortly after this silent plea passed through her mind, the white began to fade away. The young chronicler opened her eyes to see the world around her coming into focus. Before she could fully open them, she was flung from the portal and sent bouncing across cold ma

Legend of Spyro AoH

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TLOS TDJD: Trial by Fire Part 4

The Legend of Spyro The Double-Jointed Dragon Trial by Fire: Part 4 Fire Council     “Wait, Where is Sparx?”     One second of silence, then two, then three and finally…     “AAAAHHHH!!!!” And enters Sparx from the roof of the cavern. A portion of the roof that had a small quick moving stream of water coming from it and heading into the small lake.     A few in the group face palmed meanwhile Cynder sighed, “There he is, and ten gems say Marshal is right behind him.”     Harild was actually the one to counter, “Sucker’s bet.”     Cynder looked at him with a raised eyeridg


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The Spyro Chronicles Ch. 40

Chapter --: /ERROR/ /ERROR/ /ERROR/ /ERROR/ /ERROR/ [FATAL SYSTEM ERROR] [MAJOR POWER SURGE DETECTED] [SYSTEM OFFLINE] Rebooting… System Online Welcome to the United Earth Military Combat Network! (UEMCN) Terminal Interface WIN04 Version 23.1 Powered by Aerotek Systems ©2204 Please Login Now Username: jdamevand Password: ********** Welcome Jacob! Tier 3 Access Granted >>Load Operation Grand Shield Combat Entry 40 Access Granted Loading Entry… Loaded. Chapter 40: Dawn of a New Age Dragon Realms, Uncharted System May 8, 2204 0822 Hours Unknown Location Blue skies, that's all she could see. Cynder op

The Spyro Chronicles

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The Journey Home Ch 26

Author’s Note: To all who have watched this story since I began writing this in 2013 I thank you. It has been a long journey since I began this story, and it is far from over! What originally was just a spin off idea inspired by games of that year, Destiny, Last of Us turned into a little story that I fell in love with. I quit writing this story as I left college for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, I had lost the original flash drive that contained the rough draft I was working on, and I had hit a brick wall. The original ending I had chosen for this story simply no longer fit, and I found the ideas for the next chapter simply not working. It wasn’t until summer 2019 that I finally decided to dig my teeth back into this project and finish it. What follows is completely different from the initial ideas I wrote years ago. I have since reworked the old ending into an extended epilogue, and many ideas for the sequel I thought up have been roped in as well. I would consider the following

The Journey Home

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Awakened Volcano - page 76.

Awakend Volkano

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TLoTF: Rise of the King: pg 12

TLoS Comics

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