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World Map - Upside Down

I stumbled upon this kind of map in souvenir shop in New Zealand. I immediately fell in love with this idea! Because I love maps; and I love when things suddenly go upside down; and I love when familiar things get unexpected look! This artwork is designed with large printing in mind - it will look perfect as large poster! On smaller screens, all details might look too little though. I hope you will enjoy it! As always, created in Photoshop, with Wacom. Work duration: 12 hours precisely (non-stop :-).

More sizes, download for mobile phone, play puzzle, send e-card, buy posters, bugs and more:

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This is currently my Desktop Wallpaper :) Wonderful piece of work!

What I have been searching for is a "middle earth" styled, modern, accurate map of earth with no political boundaries and this is the closest image out there and looks to be the only one as far as I could find. Though this piece does one better than what I was hoping to find in that I adore the upside down aspect - its nice to have a change in perspective that makes you rethink things :D
love this one!
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This is really neat :)
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Back in high school, a teacher of mine had a map of the world that was like this on her wall. Always nice to get a new perspective on things!
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:iconwhatifguyplz::iconsaysplz: What if North is South and South is North, and we've all been viewing the world upside down?
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woha, .. . that looks unusual ... i realy have to conzentrate to not loosing my orientation.
Niiice. I've been searching for a map like this for a while.
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nice map, tghou it would haved been more cool if the igloo from the maps Moskova would not be there ....its a more hotter climate on that position :), so no igloos in that russian land :)
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I made an account here so I could commend you on this beautiful work of art.

It is really nicely done. I love it how you kept with the older style of maps.
ohh.. one thing, the little island of new zealand is called "Stewart Island" not "Steward Island"
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Now that is a creative idea!
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Another thought: of course the problem is that it's more difficult to see continental drift. You would have to do some extra mental shifting I believe.
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The love to scan over maps, and you have so many cool ones that force us to view things differently.

New Zealand's should really like this one; it puts them into a central location. Australians as well! I guess we like maps that put us in the best spots.

China greatly benefits as well; they might even become the wealthiest nation in the world again in the future. Russia and Canada benefit a bit from the placement.

The USA gets pushed and warped into an sickly spot. We wouldn't like such a map at all!
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and where's sardinia?
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So wierd how something you see/think about nearly every day becomes so unrecognisable
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Thank you (:
Brilliant! I've been looking for a good upside down map for a long time. Thank you for making your work available in high resolution so that I can admire it on my large computer screen while I save up for the large print! :)
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YAY! Who says north has to be at the top!!! THIS MAKES AUSTRALIA THE TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

ps. you spelled Wilkes Land wrong...
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oh and, it's awesome too...
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It looks so weird our world, upside down. The top bit looks so empty. Great idea!! Did you do any editing or did you just flip it? It's a nice colour as well.
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It's cool to see the world from a different perspective. Great execution as always.
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