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October 3, 2007
Violin by *vladstudio is awesome. At the first view it looks like a shot, but in fact, this beautiful wallpaper is made entirely in Photoshop! A very great composition.
Featured by archanN
Suggested by pickupjojo
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It has been 2 super busy weeks, making the clocks! Now that clocks are published (see for details), I have some more time for usual wallpapers :-) This one is about the violin, the magical instrument. This is not a photo! Made entirely in Photoshop (except wood texture).
More sizes at


Woooow! Thanks for the DD! Thanks for suggesting, for the award, for your comments! I work for you :-)
I'd like to use this chance to let you know this wallpaper is one of musical instruments series - check for more! Thanks!
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PiedPiperProductions's avatar
Would it be alright if I used this photo but gave you full credit?
Mgrafix2011's avatar
" music is my eyes " Nice !
ABCSKW123's avatar
I play the violin. It is indeed magical.
Once you get past maintenance issues. ;P
KhrisKinner's avatar
I ran across this on Zedge (link to image: [link] ) looking for a wallpaper for my phone. The one there is horizontally reversed. I'm glad that I ran across it here so I could thank you for a wonderfully detailed image!
Universal808's avatar
Kick-Artist's avatar
Hi, first of all wow i never expected to find you on dA. I have seen this image on google all the time, and i drew this to get the basic outline of a violin drawing i was doing. I hope you don't mind, i just needed an image and this one was amazing, and i hope you like my drawing [link]
KennethSloane's avatar
my favorite string instrament :D :iconviolinplz:
TheGreenSprite's avatar
i have seen this image somewhere before..
theviolinnerd's avatar
thevainpeacock's avatar
I love this piece!
xMeganiumx's avatar
This looks like my violin except for the color, mine's red.
BunnyPopParadise's avatar
brookesterb93's avatar
Wow. I have seen this picture a million times in my life and I never realized that you made it. This is one of my favorites.
hefeigal's avatar
I love the colors! It looks beautiful!
Tchaikorsakovich1812's avatar
need it..Need It..NeeD IT!! NEEED IIITT!!!!!!!!!
Hussi12's avatar
This pic is EPIC! It's really brilliant.
OrangeJuice46's avatar
EPIC .i play a old violin that the school gave me dB and its really fun to play
RaWr-My-Friendz's avatar
I play violin! This picture is freaking amazing I love it with all my heartX88!!!!!!
SawInvesti's avatar
Wow. I love it.
I play Violin an this picture is so wonderful.
CedricKristian's avatar
I love it!
Myself I compose music and post that on youtube. I wondered if it's alright if I use this picture in one of my video's? That would be awesome!
Kind regards,
EzekielDanson's avatar
Why hello there new desktop wall paper.
Who loves you? I DO... YES I DO...
Slendymanstudios's avatar
You, sir, are an artist. No one else. Only you.
tchaikovsky4th's avatar
I saw this online and have used it for avatars before because it's so awesome; I never thought I'd find the actual creator of it on deviantart :)
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