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Sound Wave

By vladstudio
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Simple abstract wallpaper, inspired by the beauty of sound wave! As always, Photoshop only.
More: [link]
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I have seen this here: www.stardock.com/products/desk…
Not sure if you are the original creator and they have asked you to use it or other way around...
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Awesome ! I'm thinking about using this for a header for a smaaall website. Actually, it's only a school project so I hope you don't mind ? Obviously I will add your signature to credit you. I doubt you will ever answer but... Anyway, thanks for such art :D
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Dude awesome, can I use this for my Youtube Cover?
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Would you mind if I used this in one of my drawings? Also this looks really neat. ^^
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I'd love to use this image as a cover photo for my DJ page on Facebook, crediting your work of course.

Could you please respond to this comment if you do not wish me to do so.

Many thanks

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This is an amazing image, I will use this for my YouTube avatar, obviously giving you full credit. If you, by any chance, don't want me to use it as an avatar, please feel free to tell me and I will take it down. Thanks!
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Beautiful. I'd like to use this as a facebook banner for a sound-reactive art installation page (until we have more content of our own to use). Please let me know if you'd prefer that I NOT use this image.
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Really cool! Great work!
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This is absolutely incredible, great job!
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this is pure awesomeness! love this shit!
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Your artwork is so legit that I added it here:


Hover over the name of the song!
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Seriously though, I love the gradient and the concept :)
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I got something like that here the [link] Have you seen it before ?
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Hey vlad! Would it be alright if used part of this picture as my business logo??? I really love the design and my business is a Live Sound Venue and it would work perfectly!
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It looks awesome. I hope you do not mind me using this as the header in a report.
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Fabulous wallpaper. I would love a version with blue and green (replacing the red by green). Personnally I find blue/green tone calmer for the eyes.
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no mames ke chingon esta

Felicidades bro!!
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I would love to see you do something to do with the film corpse bride.
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Is that a random soundwave or is it actually a sound? ^_^
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